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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 121 > New Series > Gelert's Pride: Part One

Gelert's Pride: Part One

by softcouch

MysticDream was an only pet, thus she was spoilt rotten . Her owner, Ashley, was no different. Ashley had won the jackpot at the Scratchcard so many times, and the same with the Lottery. Coltzan had granted her millions of Neopoints, and whenever she went to Tombola, she always got at least one codestone. They lived in the most expensive place -- Merridell. Ashley and MysticDream had built up a huge castle, showing all their wealth and glory.

     Mystic was padding along the marble floors, wondering what to do. She looked outside of a window and spotted some Neopets playing outside. She hissed as she stared out into the grassy field. "Ugh look at them, Diamond!" She glanced over at her Kadoatie. "They're playing outside! Don't they care whether their coats get all dirty and messed up?" It was just then that one of her butlers came from behind and tapped her on the shoulder.

     "Madam, your owner would like a word with you," he said to the cloud Gelert.

     "Okay, I'm coming," responded Mystic, who was now leaving her spot at the window.

     A few moments later, she had arrived in the parlour, where Ashley was sitting, drinking some tea.

     "What do you want to talk about, Ash?" Mystic inquired. Ashley set the cup of tea down onto the marble table in front of her and pulled out two boxes. She handed them to Mystic.

     "Well you see, I was out shopping when I came across these. Here, open them!" Mystic took off the lid of the biggest box first. Inside there was a beautiful diamond collar, shinning brightly. Mystic's eyes were dazzled; it was one of the most stunning collars she'd ever laid eyes upon! She signaled to the butler, who delicately slipped the collar on for her. Then she opened the smaller box. Inside was a collar that was exactly like hers, only smaller.

     Ashley explained, "That one is for Diamond."

     Mystic carefully put the collar on her petpet, who was now beaming with joy.

     "I saw these collars, and I immediately thought of you, Mystic!" Ashley clarified. "So… What do you think?"

     "It's lovely!" Mystic smiled.

     "Now you run along and play!" Ashley said.

     Mystic treaded over to her bedroom. The walls were covered in pictures, the shelves were full of items and trophies and her bed was the rare Heart-Shaped Bed. Mystic flumped on the bed and looked up at the ceiling where a gorgeous chandelier hung. Diamond was sitting on the windowsill inside the house when a ball came hurtling in from outside. It landed at bottom edge of the wall outside. Mystic jumped at the noise, but then walked over and looked through the window to see what had happened. She glanced around and saw that a red Aisha girl threw the ball. She didn't notice Mystic at first, and then she saw her.

     "Oh, I'm so very sorry Miss MysticDream! I didn't mean to step on your property! I was just trying to get my ball back so my friends and I can play Neoball!" she said weakly.

     Mystic was about to answer when the Aisha ran away, back to her friends. She sighed. "Why does everyone fear me, Diamond?"

     Diamond raised her head and gave Mystic a sassy look. Mystic slammed her fists on the windowsill making Diamond jump.

     "You're right Diamond! Why shouldn't they be afraid? After all, I am MUCH richer than these peasants! I don't know how we'd live without money, Diamond!" She picked up Diamond; that Kadoatie was her only friend in the world, besides Ashley of course.

     "I'm bored!" Mystic complained to Ashley, who was sorting out some important paperwork to enter Mystic in the beauty contest. Ashley placed her pen down and looked at her Gelert.

     "Well... why don't you play a game? Maybe even read a magazine?" Mystic sighed. "Alright, I'll see if the fashion magazine is here." As Mystic walked down the long corridor, she started to talk to herself. "I don't get it; I'm one of the richest pets in the world, yet I'm not happy! I don't have any friends, and my owner's always WAY too busy to spend time with me!" Her ears drooped down low as she entered her bedroom. Picking up the newspaper, she began to flip threw the pages. When she saw an page that said "More and more Neopets starving out in the streets! We need more people to adopt! Please, don't create! In other news, the Soup Faerie has been awfully busy lately. Neopets and their owners have lined up all the way from the Bookstore in order to get free food. Ms. Soup Faerie asks you-the kind people of Neopia-to please help her at the kitchen! Volunteer and make a difference! Thank you." Mystic put down the paper, sickened.

     "Boy... I'm glad I'm not them! I can't even believe they would ask for help! Yeah right, like I'm going to help and get my paws all dirty!" She yawned and checked her clock. "Oh my, it's 9:00pm! I better get to bed! Goodnight, Diamond." The Kadoatie jumped up onto the bed, curled up in a ball, and fell fast asleep.

     Mystic had a restless night. She dreamt that Ashley had lost all her money, and they had to live on a farm, growing beans that would die every summer. She jumped out of her bed with a loud scream that woke Diamond up. The Kadoatie leapt up and grabbed at the chandelier with her claws. Mystic was sweating like crazy. She carefully got out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom, her whole body shaking. She splashed icy-cold water on her face to revive her from her terrible nightmare. "Whew! That was some nightmare! But it could never happen! After all, Ash has so many Neopoints, that... that... She could buy all of Neopia!" Mystic exclaimed proudly. She slipped under the envelope of her sheets and dozed off.

     The next morning, she woke up to the sound of someone crying. Her ears rose up as she picked up the sound; it was Ashley! Oh my! Mystic thought. I hope everything's alright! She raced down the hall, almost knocking over some very expensive piece of pottery from the Lost Desert. She came to a sudden halt in the parlour to see the whole room looking much different than it had looked before. The rugs, furniture, paintings, pottery, everything had been striped out of its original spot and was being carried out by some Jetsam movers. Sitting on the bare floor in the middle of the room was Ashley. Endless tears were flowing from her eyes and hitting the floor, making a big puddle around the girl, and her face was deadly pale. Mystic slowly walked over to her owner.

     "Ash... What happened?" she softly inquired. Ashley raised her head and looked straight into the Gelert's big blue worried eyes.

     "Mystic... we were robbed this afternoon, I found all my Neopoints and items were gone!" Mystic glanced over at her Kadoatie, who was now shaking with fear. Mystic picked up her petpet and cradled Diamond in her arms. "We're going to have to move, Mystic. I can't afford our house anymore." She glanced around at the bare room before she spoke again. "We'll have to move into Neopia."

To be continued...

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