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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 120 > Articles > Writing Hard, or Hardly Writing?

Writing Hard, or Hardly Writing?

by taipeiss

Wandering aimlessly - The Neopian Times is a collection of many writers and artists. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you've made a wrong turn: Hubert's stand is about a block back. Now, for those who have been following, the Times hosts many new authors, along with those who have claimed their fame through their work. Those belonging to the latter group are sometimes called "regulars" because, surprise surprise, they are published regularly. Which means they also write regularly.

Now now, don't roll your eyes yet, because that paragraph, which would be classified under "Um, duuuuh," was needed for me to say this next part... do you want to hear it? Are you ready to hear it? Are you suuuuuuure? Okie dokie: Many people never reach the rank of "regular" because they don't write enough. I know, I know, all that build for another obvious statement, but it's more important than it seems. It's not as easy as typing something up, sending it in, and BAM, you're published. You're also fighting against a kajillion other people for a spot in the Times! The key to handfuls of publishing is, simply, write enough that if your weekly entries were plastic and Mynci-shaped, you'd have enough of them to play a full game of "Barrel O' Monke-- Mynci."

219 words later, and I still haven't gotten to the grand poobah of the topic: It's hard to make yourself sit down and write so much. After all, there are so many other things you can do. Plus, typing all the time will just give you carpal tunnel and a numb bottom. Oh, quit your whining already! It's a small price to pay for the recognition. Yes, the recognition that you shouldn't ask me about, because I really haven't experienced it yet. If you could see me now, I'd be nodding. Nod. Nod. Nod. So here's a few ways to get the keys clicking!

Getting Used to Writing

Perhaps you're not used to writing a lot of stuff, as in anything that's not required for a grade. So before you attempt Times Regularness, try something at a lower scale! They may not seem as big and shiny as the Times, but there are some places out there that will happily and readily accept your written Neopets stuff. A few guilds have their own online newspapers, so you can probably check into that. Okay, so it's not The Neopian Times, and you may not get throngs of obsessed stalke-- erm, fans, but it's good experience. Anything that you write, even if it gets rejected, gives you a little more experience. Every little bit contributes to your skill and style! The more you've thought about writing, the quicker the ideas tend to come and the stronger the urge to compose. Once you've built up your writing fantasticness, chances are, it'll be hard to keep your bajillions of masterpieces out of the Times!


Now that you're cool with writing, it's time to find something to actually write about. Start by writing down a bunch of random ideas that are tackling each other in your head, even if they don't seem too great at the time. Pick one and figure out how it would work. Add plots, details, and all sorts of stuff, all before you type a word. Soon enough, you'll be so excited to write your great new stories that you'll forget it ever bored you! Maybe. Or you'll just think up some insane idea that trails off to breakfast cereals. Mmmm. Cereal.


Perhaps you've just got no motivation to get your lazy bum moving. Let's say that it's the beginning of the week, and the newest edition of the Times has just come out. Now is a great time to tell yourself, "Billy Sue Bob, I am going to try to write (insert feasible number here) things and send them in for the Neopian Times!" Frankly, I don't care if your name isn't Billy Sue Bob, and it probably isn't. It should be. Anywho, with that wonderfultastic number in mind, sit down and do your best meet that goal. It should be something reachable, but also that will challenge you a little. Focus on producing some good, quality work, which means you don't want to speed through just so you can get to the number. The point of even having a number at all is so that you get in some good practice on lots of different subjects. So flex your typing muscles, and reward yourself when you do well! Or, you can look at it the other way and say, "I didn't try at all this week. Bad me! No more breathing until NEXT week!" Okay, so maybe not THAT extreme... Having trouble with ideas? Then you didn't read my last paragraph. Shame on you, Billy Sue Bob!

Little Anubis + Big Attack Fork

Yes, this is exactly what that title says it is. Get an Anubis, preferably red, and give it an Attack Fork. Now chain it to your leg and sit at your computer. Anytime you stop typing, it'll jab you in the side. Hey, if you're lucky, it'll even nip your heel too! When your friends ask you why you have so many scabs, you can reply with a big grin and a loud "I'm lazy!" That'll teach you, you slacker!


If this article helped you in any way, then yahoo for you. If it didn't make a difference, then try a can of Prune Juice. That'll make you nice and regular! Heh heh heh... Also, if writing is a chore for you, and you're only writing for the popularity, then I'd advise you to find something else to do. Creating vivid stories and helpful articles should be fun, not drudgery! You should also have a passion for writing, not just recognition. Well, this is taipeiss running off in circles. And remember: When in doubt, an Organic Leek always makes a cool whapping thingy.

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