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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 119 > Articles > Is Everything a Competition?

Is Everything a Competition?

by sugar6248

GAMES ROOM - It seems like everything in Neopia is a competition nowadays. Just click on Pet Central and you'll know what I'm talking about. There's Pet Spotlight, Site Spotlight, Petpet Spotlight, Neoadventure Spotlight, Neohome Spotlight, Caption Contest, Story Telling Contest, Beauty Contest, Pictures, Book Award, PPL, Gourmet Club and Gallery Spotlight are mentioned. There are also countless trophies to be won, including the two newest: stamps and avatars.

I never usually see great pictures in the Pet Spotlight, so I think it is more about the story you tell about your pet. As if we didn't already have enough competitions about writing. In fact, The Neopets Team just made a category for writers under the chat boards. Petpet Spotlight also has a lot to do with the story that you tell. You must be original, because thousands of entries are received, and you must have one that stands out from all of the other look-alikes.

Other competitions that focus on writing ability are the Neoadventure Spotlight and the Story Telling Contest. For an example of what a Neoadventure is, you can either visit the Neoadventure home page, or go to the Haunted Woods and go into the Haunted House. Neoadventures are very complicated, so be prepared to spend a long time on that one. Not that the Story Telling Contest is any easier, you must write the next paragraph to a story that has already begun. And it must be interesting enough to grasp the reader's attention and make them want to read the next part of the story.

If you are good at art or know NeoHTML, you could enter the Beauty Contest, Pictures, or Site Spotlight. You must draw a picture of your pet, or modify a Neopets image of it to enter the Beauty Contest. Your pet must also give a short speech. If you need help getting votes, visit the Beauty Contest chat board. If you want feedback on your site for the Site Spotlight, visit the Spotlights and Galleries chat board.

If you are a Neopian millionaire and want trophies, I suggest entering the Neohome Spotlight, Gallery Spotlight, Gourmet Club and try for the Book Award. You will actually need to possess some creativity for the Neohome Spotlight and Gallery Spotlight, though. If you think your Neohome has what it takes, enter the contest and explain why you think your Neohome deserves a spotlight. For the gallery spotlight, you must come up with a theme for it and be willing to spend lots of Neopoints on it. You should also look for an appropriate background and cursor, if possible. Do not bother entering a purple, blue or green gallery. I promise tons of other Neopians have a gallery just like yours. You have to think of an original theme, such as weather, which was the theme of the newest Gallery Spotlight.

For the Gourmet Club and Book Award, you don't need to possess any creativity. Just spend your Neopoints on lots of books and gourmet foods. This will get very expensive, though, so save up if this is your goal. Currently, you need 489 gourmet points to receive a gold trophy for the Gourmet Clubs. One point is equal to one gourmet food. Your pet will need to read at least 808 books to receive a gold trophy for the Book Award. You can find the list of books and gourmet foods at

There is only one competition which only requires you to be funny, which is the Caption Competition. I suggest to think of a caption before looking at the other entries. Also, try to incorporate the objects that are not in the center of the caption competition, as these seem to be picked a lot. For example, have the tree in the background say something funny. And if you win, you automatically receive a gold trophy for your cabinet. Pretty cool, huh? Now, which activities are left as just hobbies with no rewards? I would say avatars, but a competition has been made out of this, too. Trophies for the Neopians with the most avatars, and if you are on the hi-score table for having the most avatar, you get a secret avatar! Confusing, right? You'll get used to it. Some avatars can be bought, and others you must win by playing the flash games. For example, to get the Meowclops avatar, just equip one to your pet and refresh. Therefore, this avatar can be bought with a hefty sum of Neopoints. The Math's Nightmare avatar must be earned, because you have to land in the hi-score table to get one. Stamps have even adopted the trophy fad. You can get a trophy by having the most stamps, as well as an avatar! The avatar can be gained by having one page of the stamp album filled up. This is very costly, though.

So, why is everything becoming a competition? Because Neopia craves individual attention and competition! It's exciting to see your name declared a winner in a competition. Also, trophies are nice to get, because the Neopian world is the one in which you have more of a chance of earning a trophy for something. You can also earn Neopoints for winning certain competitions. For instance, the winner of the Caption Competition will receive 10,000 Neopoints! This may not seem like a lot to some Neopians, but I am awful at games, so this would help me out greatly. Soon, we will probably have a contest for the most populated guild or how many toys our pets have played with.

Well, there you have it-the scoop on the most common competitions. I've been guilty of entering a few, but the thought of another trophy tempts me, as well as the quick Neopoints, which could be used toward the next competition I plan on entering. Good luck in your quest to win a trophy for them, and remember to be original!

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