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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 119 > Articles > The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia

The Best Adventure Spots in Neopia

by neo_star_queen

TROPICAL FOOD SHOP - After a loooong walk around the beach, I find myself here in this tiny shop, poking sardplants. Are those things safe to eat? Anyway, this island is huge! Walking all the way around it was no easy task. But at last, I'm back to where I started. The reason for this hike? To make a guide on the best adventure spots in all of Neopia, of course! Well, enough of my rambling. With the help of my Kougra, the adventuring expert, here is the guide of the Mystery Island.

The-island-which-the-rock-pool-is-located-on: Yes, with no other name, the-island-which-the-rock-pool-is-located-on is a perfect adventure spot. Whether you take a boat, swim across, or attempt to lob yourself out of a tree that vaguely resembles a slingshot (such as my Kougra and I did), this island is not very hard to get to (unless you use my slingshot idea). Once you're there, a magnificent jungle awaits you, complete with a tribe of coconut-flinging Myncis, a very old and very large statue covered in moss, and a scenic crystal-clear lake. I recommend you don't wander too far in though, because that's where the tribe of Myncis is. I just got away….Skill Level: intermediate - advanced

Techo Mountain: Techo Mountain stands at an amazingly high height, and it sure isn't easy to climb. Very few Neopians have reached the top, and my Kougra and I only got about 1/4 of the way before we got too exhausted too continue. Techo Mountain is pretty dangerous, and very, very cold. If you do go up, remember to wear extra woolly socks! Unless Samrin the Kacheek comes running after you wanting his Babaa back, then you run… fast… Skill Level: depending on how far you go, advanced - extremely advanced

Palm Tree Beach: Palm Tree Beach is on the West side of Mystery Island. It's a relaxing place, where most of the sporting events take place. All day long there are Neopians surfing, playing beach-volleyball, swimming and doing a number of other activities, until the sun starts to set and the lovers come out (that's when my Kougra and I left). It you go further north, where less people are, you will find the real adventure: caves, tide pools, and an extremely large hold dug in the sand that I fell into. Perfect for the younger adventurer. Skill Level: beginner

Snuffles the Cave-rock Thingy: Since it had no name, my Cybunny took the liberty to name this cave herself. Out in the ocean, a bit closer to Maraqua, there is a strange cave on top of a rock. It seems to be abandoned from the outside, but on the inside there are stairs leading downwards, and a fresh set of muddy footprints. The torches are lit. It's obvious that someone has been there recently. The place doesn't seem to be too dangerous, but just to be safe, I'm practicing my NeoFu a bit before I go back there… Skill Level: intermediate, it's better safe than sorry.

Kougra Jungle: Named after its main inhabitant, Kougra Jungle is home to over 70% of the island's Kougras. The scenery here is breathtaking -- a wide river flows through the middle, the treetops brush against the sky, and the plant-life is beautifully green. The outer edges are quite safe, and it's easy to find your way out, but as you go in deeper, the trees crowd together, and less sunlight gets through. You can also meet some very territorial Kougras. It's a good thing we brought my pet's Battledome weapons. I'd advise you to always bring some sort of Battledome weapon with you when you go adventuring. Skill Level: depending on how far in you go, anywhere from beginner - advanced.

Cannibal Village: Cannibal Village is famous for hosting the game show 'Sacrificers' a few years ago, and it's been noisy and boisterous ever since then. Don't bring too many NPs with you, because the natives have a way to trick you into buying overly-priced items, and making unfair trades. That's what happened to my Eo codestone. Well actually it was stolen when I tripped over my untied shoelace, but that's not the point. Anyway, Cannibal Village may not seem like much of an adventure spot, but they say that the Coco's buried treasure deep beneath the ground…. My Kougra even found an Eo codestone there! Oh….. wait! Skill Level: Beginner

Well, that's it for Mystery Island's adventure spots! Now for some equipment and other things you might need to remember whenever exploring on this tropical island:

- Water, and plenty of it. Mystery Island gets pretty hot, even in the winter, and you don't want to have to crawl back to your Neohome due to dehydration.

- Bring a Silver Butter Knife if you go into the jungles; there are lots of herbs there that would be good in healing potions. Or poisons, if you cook the way I do. Your choice.

- Try not to make Jhuidah mad. Ever since she got stuck in a bottle during the Mystery Island mystery, she's been rather upset. Well, annoyed is more appropriate. Anyway, after she wouldn't give me my prize when I made what should be a successful mixture in that cooking pot, I got the hint and stayed away. She never really did like me anyway…

- Visit the Island Mystic before you set off. When he's not in a bad mood, he'll give you a special prediction about your adventure. Sometimes it can be really useful! Once he told me that we were going to drown, so we stayed away from the water. But we ended up almost drowning anyway, if it wasn't for the Tombola man saving us only to try and sell us Tiki tack junk. When the Island Mystic makes predictions, there's no changing them.

And that's all for Mystery Island! Read my next article for more of Neopia's best adventure spots! See ya!

Today's random adventuring tip: Always bring your sense of direction, and trust your second instinct. I meant first instinct. Or… just bring a map.

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