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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 117 > Articles > A Guide to Winning Trophies #8

A Guide to Winning Trophies #8

by solidus_snake

Some of you may have noticed that this article was a little late and I have a perfectly good explanation. You see… umm… there was a storm… and… the… uhhh... power went out… then… I got lost in the Lost Desert… and then… err… Nick Neopia took my article! Are you having trouble getting trophies? Well this guide can help you improve your game scores. This week’s article is on Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, Usuki Frenzy, Faerie Cloud Racers, and Chia Bomber.

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

This game requires patience and good reflexes. Hey, guess what? You get to control an X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bot and blast away metal devouring evil fuzzles. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Set the quality to low before you play so the mouse doesn’t drag. Click on the fuzzles to blast them away and make sure you blast any mines that are in your way. You get a consecutive kill bonus depending on how many fuzzles you’ve blasted without missing. You can claim the bonus at any time by shooting it. Normally, it is a 2 times bonus, but if you manage to get 20 or more fuzzles in a row, it becomes a 3 times bonus. Make sure you get as many bonus points as you can in the beginning. You’ll need the credits to buy stronger weapons. There are a variety of different things you can buy at the end of each level. The most important are the side radar and the weapons upgrades. You can play Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars here.

My strategy: I like to keep my consecutive bonus until the very end of the first levels. I then buy weapons upgrades and the side radar. When there are no more weapons upgrades, I buy hull integrity, then repair droids, then I fill up on the other weapons. When I notice fuzzles on the edge of the screen, I use the ‘b’ and ‘n’ keys to look left and right. If I’ve turned all the way to one direction and still can’t see the fuzzle, I know it will pop out from the side quickly and I’ll have to blast it quickly.

Usuki Frenzy

This requires a lot of luck and some practice. The object of the game is to pick up the indicated Usuki sets before time runs out. If you pick up the wrong set, you will lose time and points and you will have to put it on a shelf. Use the arrow keys to navigate. There are a total of 5 rooms you must explore. You can play Usuki Frenzy here.

My strategy: I like to go counter-clockwise, that way, I don’t have to revisit any rooms. It mainly requires a lot of luck. Once, all of the sets I needed appeared in the first 3 rooms I went in.

Faerie Cloud Racers

Here’s another classic game. Some people may remember this game as Laser Cycles. The object of the game is to make your opponent crash into a wall or into its own cloud path. Use the arrow keys to control your racer. Playing on Hard gives the most points. The game area is a large square. You make cloud trails wherever you go and they become walls. If you crash into the walls or into a cloud path, you lose. Instead of trying to rush through the game and beating your opponents as fast as you can, you should try to take as long as you can. You get more points for taking longer. If you find the game too fast, you can always make the window bigger. If you find that making 180 degree turns are too hard, here’s a little tip. Let’s say you are heading right. If you hold the left arrow and tap the up arrow, you will make a nice sharp 180 degree turn. There are a total of 7 rounds to beat. If you are playing on hard, you earn 50 points per round + bonus points depending on how long it took to finish. You can play Faerie Cloud Racers here.

My Strategy: I like to head straight up at the beginning. When I am 1 space away from the top wall, I make a 180 turn going left to down. When I am 1 space from the bottom wall, I turn right. When I am 1 space away from the right wall, I head up. After heading up for a short time, I head left and just keep trying to last as long as I can. By making this little trap, I can make the opponent last a lot longer without killing itself. I do this on every level. If you find it hard to imagine what I am talking about, look at the diagram below.

Chia Bomber

This is a game that requires fast fingers, and good reflexes. You control Geoffry the Chia and your job is to splat all of the Chia Bombers with your water balloons. You get 3 lives and 5 mines for each level. A mine will instantly kill any Chia Bomber regardless of how many hits it has left. I have only seen 6 colours of bombers, even though they claim to have 7. They are:

  • Green 1 hit
  • Blue 2 hits
  • Purple 3 hits
  • Red 4 hits
  • Black ?
  • Gold ?
Whenever a bomber sees you and fires at you, it will not stop chasing you until it dies. Black and gold bombers do not have to see you before they start chasing you. They move very fast and will chase you right when the level starts. There’s no way you’ll shoot them down, so just put mines down to stop them. You can only fire 1 water balloon at a time, so be careful. The score for the level is calculated by this formula: Score = hit % / time * 10. So keep in mind that you have to be fast and accurate. Don’t just fire water balloons randomly. I’ve noticed that the bombers try to avoid your shots if you fire at them from long distances, so don’t try to predict where they will move to.

My strategy: At the very beginning of the level, I will place all 5 of my mines along the walls at each intersection. The bombers like to hug the walls, so it’s best to stay away from the walls after placing the mines. I like to get as close as possible to each bomber before firing to ensure a hit. Just make sure you don’t go head on or they’ll fire at you. If you’re worried about accuracy, then go right up to a green bomber and fire twice. The second shot will still count as a hit if you’re close enough. The bombers can see further as each level passes, so try not to be sighted by any of them. To get close to the bombers, you have to intercept their path at a perpendicular angle. That means if the bomber is going up and down, you will have to move from the left or right and vice versa.

You can play Chia Bomber here.

Dubloon Disaster, Extreme Herder, Maths Nightmare, and Cheeseroller will be next.

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