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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 116 > Continuing Series > Race for School President: Part Two

Race for School President: Part Two

by saneeya1000

The rest off the week, everything became hard to focus on, especially for the candidates. Melissa would hand out pins, candy, and pencils to random people, which all had Vote For Melissa inscribed on them . Luke, with Sireana, would start making speeches about why voting for Sireana is good, in absolutely random places, at random times. Tory would go around to people all over the school, and shake their hands, and get to know them. John would also go around school, and help people with their homework a little bit.

     "Well what should we do next?" Sireana asked at one of her campaign team meetings.

     "Well I was thinking I could do a big banner, and put it in the cafeteria, that might grab people's attentions," said Jane.

     "Yeah that's good," Sireana said nodding, "We have a week left to campaign, and this week's going to decide it all."

     The next day, a beautiful banner by Jane was put up, the writing was in gold sparkly paint, and the border, and various designs were in green, and blue.

     "Oh, it's wonderful!" Sireana said admiringly, as she helped put it up.

     Even though it was put up, pretty low, people who passed by, always gave it a glance, which pleased Sireana very much. However the next day, when Sireana walked into the cafeteria, she let out a long, loud yell.

     "What happened!" Lana came rushing in.

     "Look, it's gone!" Sireana said pointing to the empty space in the wall where the banner had been.

     "Calm down, we better go to Mr. Brown, " Lana said soothingly, leading her down the hallway.

     Mr. Brown was reading his newspaper, when Lana and Sireana walked in.

     "Well good morning, how can I help you?" he said putting his newspaper down.

     "Good morning sir, umm, my banner in the cafeteria has been stolen," Sireana said through her angry breath.

     "Oh, that's terrible! Unfortunately, we do not know who did it, so until then, I'm afraid, we can only wait," Mr. Brown said sorrowfully.

     "I bet it was Tory," Sireana said as they walked out of the office.

     "You have no proof, and that just wouldn't be fair to go around accusing her," Lana said.

     They were at Sireana's locker when Tory and her gang came along.

     "Well, if it isn't Ms. President-wanna-be," Tory said with a sneer. "Heard you scream this morning. Geez, it was just a banner, really there was nothing special about it. I bet my 2-year brother could come up with something prettier than that."

     Before Sireana could reply, Tory and her friends went off laughing.

     "See!," Sireana hissed. "I told you she did it! Who else would be so cruel and annoying?"

      "Well even if she did, you have no proof," said Lana with a sad face.

     "Proof or no proof, she's not going to get away with this!" Sireana exclaimed through clenched fists.

     The next few classes were boring, and useless in Sireana's mind. Because the only thing on her mind was how to get even with Tory. It was in a bathroom stall that Sireana heard girls walk in, and she automatically knew it was Tory and her friends.

     "Hey Tory, you going to the party at the bowling lane today?" a voice asked.

     "Nah, low on money right now, and my parents won't give me a single Neopoint," Tory said in a disappointed voice.

     "Aww, to bad," the voice replied, and a couple minutes later of chatting about fashion, the girls left.

     Sireana left the bathroom and was walking to art class, when she heard a yell from the kitchen. She quickly flew to see what had happened. When she got there, she saw a cafeteria lady, Mr. Brown, and another teacher all standing still with grim expressions on their faces.

     "What's wrong?" Sireana said peering around. Everything looked normal.

     "It seems somebody has taken the lunch money," Mr. Brown said gesturing to an open, empty cash register."

     "Oh!" the cafeteria lady said tiredly. "This is terrible!"

     "Do not worry," Mr. Brown said in an assuring tone, "we will get to the bottom of this."

     Later at lunch, she told all her campaign team what happened in the cafeteria.

     "Oh, this is bad. First the banner, now this. Maybe they're both connected?" Luke said, drinking his juice.

     "Yeah, and you know what, I bet Tory was the cause of both of them!" Sireana said flatly.

     "Oh come now, Sireana. We've been over this, Tory did not take you banner, and she did not steal the lunch money. Stealing is beneath Tory, even," Lana said indignantly.

     "Oh really? I overheard Tory telling her friends that she couldn't go to a party tonight, because she couldn't afford it. And it looked to me that she really wanted to go. So there is a perfect motive for Tory stealing the money," Sireana said factually.

     Lana grumbled, but did not reply, for she couldn't come up with something to top that. After school that day, Sireana was putting her books in the locker, when Charnel, a skinny, white Zafara, came up to her. "Here you left your pencil I math," Charnel said, holding out a blue pencil.

     "Thanks, I thought it had been stolen, of course it wouldn't surprise me if that were true," Sireana said taking her pencil.

     "Oh I know, can you believe that somebody would have stolen the lunch money? It's terrible."

     "Yeah," Sireana said putting on her backpack. "You know, I think Tory did it."

     Then Sireana went on explaining to Charnel, how she had overheard Tory in the bathroom.

     "Oh my, I can't believe Tory could have done that!" Charnel said shocked. "Wow, I better tell my friends this!"

     The speed of how one person could spread something to the whole school was unbelievable. The next day, everybody knew of how Tory could've possibly stolen the lunch money. And it was also said that Tory had gone to the party, which confirmed the accusation. Tory traveled through the hallways with her friends around her like bodyguards, as people tended to giver her nasty remarks, and throw paper balls at her. Tory's friends kept telling everybody that the rumors were false, and that the only reason Tory was able to go to the party was because she had gotten an allowance raise. But nobody believed that.

     Sireana however was very delighted when she heard remarks such as, "I can't believe Tory could do something like that!" or "Now way is Tory getting my vote!"

     Lana, on the other hand, was very frustrated.

     "How could you spread something like this Sireana!" she said marching up to Sireana.

     "I didn't! I just told Charnel after school, and now everybody knows. Not my fault, I didn't tell her to tell everybody else!"

     "Yeah, well we all know Charnel has to tell everybody everything!"

     "Look, it's not my fault!" Sireana yelled angrily.

     Sireana and Lana did not speak to each other at all the rest of the day, and ignored each other at the meetings.

     Then it was the next day, which was also voting day. Sireana woke up early, and arrived at school early. And was pleased to pass some people who said they would vote for her. Sireana felt bright and cheery, and felt almost confident that she would win. She got back on speaking terms with Lana, but they didn't say much to each other. It was at lunch, right before the students would vote, that Sireana decided to use the bathroom when she noticed on the storage closets were wide open.

     She peeked onside and gasped, inside were Neopoints litter throughout the whole floor, and there was a crumpled piece of paper that she realized was the banner. She immediately went and called Mr. Brown. "Now who put all this stuff here?" he said.

     Then all of a sudden behind a pile of Neopoints, a Doglefox jumped out and started playfully hoping around Mr. Brown.

     "Oh, well I see who the little thief was now," said Mr. Brown stroking the Doglefox, "This is my petpet, I thought he had run away. Who would have thought he was here all along?"

     And that moment, for the first time in he life, she felt sorry for Tory. She couldn't believe that she had been so dumb, and clueless in accusing Tory. And now the whole school thought she was the crook, and they were voting the very moment, and it was too late to change their minds. Sireana still voted for herself, but felt bad for Tory's unpopularity.

     "See, I told you!" Lana said after Sireana had told her what had happened.

     "Don't start, okay? Trust me I feel bad, real bad. And I admit you were right, so don't start lecturing me now," Sireana said grumbling. They were at the assembly an hour after they had voted, where the winners would be announced.

     Sireana was getting ready to up to make her speech, because she was sure she would have won, but it was a surprise when she found out it was John who had won.

     "I can't believe he won," Sireana said as she and Lana were making their way to their lockers.

     "Well, he was the second most known person who was running, and since Tory became unpopular all of a sudden, he had a good chance of winning," Lana replied.

     "Yeah I guess so," Sireana said, as Lana turned to her locker.

     As Sireana walked down the hallway, she saw Tory standing in the corner, putting things in her backpack.

     "Hey," said Sireana walking up to her, "sorry you didn't win. I guess it's my fault, since I did kind of start the rumor that you stole the money, and I'm very sorry. And I'm also sorry for thinking you stole my banner."

     Tory sighed, but there was a small smile on her face, "It's all right. To be honest, I never wanted to be president, I just thought it would be fun to annoy people like you by saying I was the president. I never really looked forward to winning and doing all the work I would have to do."

      "Me too, I never wanted to win, I just wanted to defeat you, 'cause I wouldn't be able to stand it if you won, Sireana said.

     "Well, um, bye," Tory said starting to walk away.

     "Uh, yeah, bye," Sireana said as she saw Tory walk around the corner, she hoped that maybe they could try to get along, but she didn't count on it.

     Later, when Sireana was walking out of the school, did she see Luke, Jane, and Lana run up to her.

     "Come on, we're going to get ice cream to celebrate!" Luke said excitedly.

     "But I didn't win, what's there to celebrate?" Sireana asked.

     "We're going to celebrate the fact that we survived these last two weeks, they were pretty crazy," Lana said.

     "Yeah I guess so," Sireana said with a smile, and with that they set off down the road.

The End

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