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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 115 > Articles > CHEATER!


by psychotic_illusion

GAMES ROOM - Yes, this is an article on Cheat, the loved game in Neopia. An easy game and is a lot of fun. But ever wonder? If it is so easy, why don't the citizens of Neopia have a trophy? Well, for the simple game with the fairly simple rules here is a little kick to get you going.

First of all, go and enter the games room and find Cheat. Then you must click on it to start a game, don't worry it is only 50 NP.

Game information:

It only costs 50 NP per play. So, why not play?

Rules are important, knowing them will help you win. So here they are, in easy to remember form.

- Get rid of all your cards, all means can be used… even cheating!

- On your turn, pick 1-4 cards of the same, done by clicking on them, then select the card and enter. Remember, you can cheat.

- If you get caught then you take all the cards in the pile.

- When the computer players take a turn, you can accuse them of cheating (if you think they are!) or you can let them get away with it. If you accuse them and you're wrong, you have to take the pile! But if you're right, then THEY have to take the pile, and you get some Neopoints for catching them!

Next, let's meet the characters and there personalities. Knowing what they are like and how they act will help you determine things on whether to cheat or if they are cheating.

First up, Capara the Kyrii. (Worst) Capara uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top; however it hasn't worked yet... she is a hopeless cheater and nearly always loses. She is not a very hard player to beat. She is only in the first round.

Next is Little Timmy the Tuskaninny.
Timmy is very young and inexperienced. He started playing cheat as he thought it would make him look cool... however he is pretty useless at it, to be honest. He is in the first and second rounds.

Next is Branston the Eyrie.
Branston is the lord of the dance floor, and when he isn't strutting his stuff, he loves to gamble. Self-obsessed and egotistical, Branston's mind tends to wander, so he isn't the best player in the world. He has been known to throw down his cards and leave in a huff in the middle of a game. He is in the first, second and third rounds.

Next is Chuffer Bob the Meerca.
Chuffer is a good player, but his voracious appetite often gets the better of him. When he is hungry he can't concentrate, and this leads him to fidget. People like to play against Chuffer Bob because it's easy to know when he is cheating! He seems to like accusing people of cheating and he does it a lot. He is found in the second, third and fourth rounds.

Next is Brucey B.
Brucey B is a Bingo caller by nature, but in his nights off he likes to play the odd game of Cheat. He is still learning, but by no means a beginner; Brucey will catch you out with the old triple-bluff maneuver. He also tends to hide his cards under the table, so you will not know he has won until the last minute! He is found in the third, fourth and fifth rounds.

Next is Kalora the Kau.
Kalora is on holiday, and has decided to take in a few games of Cheat to earn some money. She considers herself an above-average player, and she knows when to quit! Her left ear sometimes twitches when she is cheating... but then again, you never can tell! She is found in the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds.

Next is Princess Fernypoo.
Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing. Back in her father's castle, anybody who beat her at any game would soon be thrown in the moat. Now the young Acara has left home and does not have her father to protect her any more. She is found in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds.

Last is Spectre. (Best)
The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement... watching every move in your face. If you cheat, he will know, there is no doubt about that. Spectre is a Neopian millionaire, and only ventures out of his mansion when inexperienced players are up for a fleecing. He is found in just the last round.

Each time you catch one of the above cheat you get some Neopoints for doing it. The Neopoints prizes for catching them are different for each level. Here are the prizes for catching a cheater in each level.

In round one you receive four Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round two you receive eight Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round three you receive twelve Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round four you receive sixteen Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round five you receive twenty Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round six you receive twenty-four Neopoints for catching a cheater.
In round seven you receive twenty-eight Neopoints for catching a cheater.

As you can see each round the prize for catching a cheater goes up four Neopoints.

Popular phrases you may see after a players turn:

-No one accused [Player ones name] of cheating.

-[Player ones name] accused [Player twos name] of cheating, but [Player twos name] was NOT CHEATING!!! - D'OH!

[Player ones name] gets the pile added to their hand!

-[Player ones name] caught [Your pets name] cheating!!!

You get the pile added to your hand!

-[Your pets name] caught [Player ones name] cheating!!!

[Player ones name] gets the pile added to their hand!

You win [Number of Neopoints, depending on what level] Neopoints for catching the cheater!

Information on the setup of the game:

Number of cards in the pile is the color red.

YOUR HAND: ([Number, depending on how many cards you have in you hand] cards)

In bold under your cards is the last play. It tells you who played the cards, what cards they were and how many they played.


You have beaten the third round of Cheat, now give yourself a pat on the back, you are now a proud owner of a bronze trophy for third place. After you gain that then go and continue on until you beat the fifth round and you will receive a lovely silver trophy. Now, everyone will take notice, but don't stop there, go and further. Play until you finally beat the seventh round and gain yourself a gold trophy.



When someone accuses the player before you it will make it so you can choose to play any card you wish. This tip comes in handy.

If someone is playing their last card, accuse them of cheating whether you think they are or not. Chances are you will be right and if you are wrong, the game will end anyway because they have won.

Don't go accusing player that have a large amount of cards in there hand. Most likely they may actually have the cards they play. Only accuse them if you are sure!

When one plays a card with t he same value of yours, take into the count of how many are played and how many you have. Then you can determine if you should accuse one or not. This why is tends to be better then just accusing everyone, as fun as that is it doesn't work when one wants to win.

You don't have to cheat to win, but it is always fun.

Don't forget to be cunning and it always helps to have a good poker face.

Also, don't forget to have some fun.

(Authors Note: This is written with a bit of humor and fun. I hope it will help anyone with the game and I hope it was fun to read.)

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