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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Eating, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 115 > Articles > Neopian Diseases: How to Care for Your Sick Neopet

Neopian Diseases: How to Care for Your Sick Neopet

by lastdimtwilight

WHEEL OF EXCITEMENT - Everyone knows that as winter comes around, so do common ailments such as Achy Head, Sneezles, D'achoo, and other illnesses. The best way to protect your Neopet (and yourself) is by being aware how Neopian diseases are contracted, and by being prepared in case your pet becomes ill. Before we look at ways to cure your pet, let's look at the many ways in which your Neopet can become ill.

Random event:
Although this does not seem to happen very often, diseases are sometimes given out in random events. The random event disease is completely random and can be anything from Neopox to Blurry Vision. Most random events that give you a disease will appear along the lines of: Something has happened! (Your Neopet) has come down with a sudden case of blurry vision.

The Wheel Diseases:

The Wheel of Excitement:
The Wheel of Excitement has a huge impact on the prices of medicines in Neopia. This wheel gives out a specific disease for a certain amount of time. For example, if you land on the skull on the Wheel of Excitement, and you contract Neopox, that means that Neopox is the current disease the Wheel of Excitement is programmed to give out. Chances are, when you look up the cure for the current Wheel of Excitement disease, the price is very expensive. This is because when players first learn that a new disease is being given out at the Wheel of Excitement, there is a rush to buy the cure cheaply and resell it in user shops to make a quick and tidy profit. It's good for those that have stockpiled the cure in advance... and bad for those of us who get sick and don't have a small stash of the cure in our safety deposit box.

The Wheel of Mediocrity:
You can get a disease two ways on the Wheel of Mediocrity. The first way, is by landing on the Aisha skull. Landing on the Aisha skull can give your pet a random disease. The second way to get a disease from the Wheel of Mediocrity is by landing on the space that looks like a pterydactyl head. Although it is not a common occurrence, sometimes when this creature bites you, he doesn't just take a bite out of your pet's health points, he gives you a disease.

The Wheel of Misfortune:
If you can't afford to cure a sick pet, it's not a good idea to play this wheel. The Wheel of Misfortune has a prize wedge marked: Pox. Landing on "Pox" will give you a random disease--and not necessarily a cheaply cured case of Neopox, either. Because there are overall fewer prize wedges on The Wheel of Misfortune, your chances of becoming diseased are greater than it is with the Wheel of Excitement.

Questionable food items:
It is rumored that eating certain rare mushrooms and some Neopet items labeled as poisonous can make your pet sick. I have never personally given my pet an illness from feeding it an item, but if you are unsure about feeding your pet a questionable item, then do the smart thing and store it in your safety deposit box or sell it instead.

Now that you know the most common ways your pet can become sick, let's look at how to cure your Neopet.

The fastest way to cure your Neopet is to buy the medicine from either the Pharmacy in Neopia Central, or by going through the shop wizard and getting the medicine from a user's shop. If you are not sure what medicine your Neopet needs to cure it's illness, first take your pet to the Hospital in Neopian Central. The Hospital contains an easy to read list of diseases and the medicines required to cure them.

Another way to cure your Neopet is by taking him or her to the Healing Springs in Faerieland. Healing your pet at the springs is free, but before you go, there are a few things you should do. For one, make sure that your sick Neopet is your "active" pet. Your active pet is listed beneath your name on Neopet's yellow navigation bar -- on the left side of your screen. If your sick pet's name is not listed beneath yours, go to Pet Central, and click on your sick pet. This way, your sick pet is the one that the Water Faerie sees. You will know your pet is cured if the Water Faerie says to you: (Your pet's name) has been fully healed. The drawback of using the Healing Springs is that you may not receive this message the first few times you take your pet. In fact, it may take several trips before your pet is cured.

If you go to the healing springs and the Faerie doesn't heal your Neopet, go back to the every 45 minutes until your pet is cured. If you cannot spare the time to do this, go once then wait until the following day to try again. Holding out overnight usually gives the Water Faerie plenty of time to "recharge" her healing powers. Whichever method you choose, stick with it. She will heal your pet eventually!

Another way to cure your pet of a disease is to spin The Wheel of Excitement and land on the light Faerie. However, considering the number of prize wedges that are on the Wheel of Excitement, this is not always easy to do.

Contrary to popular belief, those old-fashioned, home remedies to prevent/get over illness--bowls of hot soup, Vitamin C tablets, and glasses of orange juice, will not work on your Neopet. (Please note that this statement has not been approved by the Neopian-FDA). By far, the best way to keep your Neopet healthy is to have extra "emergency" medicines stored away in your safety deposit box. No one likes to spend their hard earned Neopoints on medicines, so it's best to buy the medicines when the prices are low. As I mentioned above, The Wheel of Excitement usually dictates the way a the price of a medicine rises and falls. When a certain disease is given out by the wheel, the price of it's cure will be very expensive. However, this means that during that time most other medicines will be affordable to the average Neopian. This is the best time to stock up on those affordable medicines. If you go into a shop and see a medicine with a reasonable price, buy it and put it in your safety deposit box. You never know... it could end up being the cure to next month's popular disease.

Another good time to buy medicines is right after The Wheel of Excitement disease changes. Many players who went out and bought ten Neomites Injections to make a profit will now be stuck with an item that is no longer in demand. To sell off this excess stock, they will have to lower their prices in competition with other "medicine hoarders" to get rid of their surplus. Usually this is a significant drop of in price... and this is good news for you. While the price is low, buy several of the formerly-popular medicines and put them in your safety deposit box. Now you will have them should they ever become the cure for the wheel disease again.

I hope these tips help you find a healing method that works for your budget and your Neopet. Remember: there is no Neopian disease that cannot be cured. Good health to you and your Neopet this season!

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