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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 114 > Short Stories > Flames: A Flaming Halloween

Flames: A Flaming Halloween

by teghan62

It had been a while since anything had really happened. Life was boring. There was nothing to do, no crime going on, everything was just perfect, everyone was happy. It was sickeningly sweet.

     "That's it! Sweet!"

     I looked up at Mira. "What do you mean, sweet? You aren't supposed to pay attention to my rantings. You never pay attention to me, anyway," I shrugged.

     Mira shook her head at my absent-mindedness. "Sweet. Candy is sweet. Candy is given on Halloween. Halloween is tomorrow. There's bound to be some activity going on! Maybe that's why it's been so quiet, they're planning something! I just know it!" The Gelert's eyes shone with excitement as we walked down the Neopian Bazaar.

     "I highly doubt it," I said, playing with my ear stalks. "There wasn't anything going on last year. Why should there be this year?"

     "You weren't even two months old last year," my sister replied as she brushed off some mud that had landed on her blue fur at the bottom of her paw. "There was plenty. Me 'n Kyle went out Trick-or-Treating, had a good time too, but there was a lot of cackling and screams. Nothing serious, just because it was Halloween."

     "Mmyep." I suddenly started jumping up and down, pointing with my silver-and-very-dark-blue-flames paw. "Ooo! Ooo! Look! Looklooklook! Candy! The shops are full of candy! Even the ones that don't sell any!"

     Mira raised an eyebrow. "And…?"

     "To the bank-mobile! Do-do-do-do-do!" ***

     Later that night, me and my three siblings had grouped together to decide on our costumes.

     "What were you two last year?" asked Rina, a red Gelert with a blue stripe under each eye, the third oldest out of us all.

     "Forgot," Mira and my only brother, Kyle, mumbled at the same time.

     "Okay, here's an idea," Rina continued. "Me and Mira will pick two different famous Gelerts in Neopia. Kyle will pick a famous Chomby, and Jade can pick a famous Aisha. Howzat?"

     "Whoo! I get the easiest one!" I grinned. "Of course, you do realize that there are pretty much no famous Chombies or Gelerts though, right?"

     Rina groaned. "Alright, Lost Desert Daggers, desert attire, and I'm going as a desert warrior."

     "Perhaps I could go as a… a… erm… maybe a… Does anyone have any objects to a… Oh, I'll just go as Sabre-X!"

     I stroked my chin in thought. "I should go as an Aisha Thief! I can just dress in black… I'll need a partner, though…" I glanced over at Mira, who was already my partner for Flames. "We just need to make you another set of ears; we can use your Gelert ones as the stalks. And you're already black. Besides, we only have one black suit."

     "No way. Nuh-uh. No way! None! Nata! Zip! I'm not going as an Aisha!" Mira cried out in protest. Too late, though.


It was finally the night of Halloween, and we were in the Haunted Woods. Rina was in her desert warrior costume, but I feel we should have taken her Lost Desert Daggers away from her. She was a bit… threatening.

     Kyle had an easy time making a costume for Sabre-X. He got some non-permanent paint and made himself a green colour, making his spikes brown and belly white. This required him to move his iron rings, though, but he didn't really care.

     After some… umm… 'persuasion', I had convinced Mira. We got some material and made her another set of ears, and that was basically her costume.

     I myself had gotten a black sweater, black pants and black hat.

     And off we went, among tons of other pets, running up to houses and yelling "Trick-or-Treat!" and then receiving candy. It was great, up until…

     "Hey Jade, did you see that?"

     I nodded at my sister. "Yep. Lupe sneaking around us. Ghost-y colour. Lupes can't be painted ghost. You thinking what I'm thinking?"

     We quietly slipped away from Kyle and Rina, and some other pet that had been trying to steal Rina's candy. One of her Lost Desert Daggers was a bit too close to their neck, in Rina's 'I'm not going to hurt you just threaten you until you cry' pose.

     It was difficult to follow him, since the Ghost Lupe was able to go wherever he pleased. But eventually we found him, talking to thin air.

     "Found them."

     After a bit closer examination we could tell it was the Shadow Usul he was talking to. Me and my sister noiselessly slid over to a bush, and parted it a bit so we could see out of it.

     "Great," the Usul hissed. "They're gaining experience fast. Too fast for my liking. They'll be upon us soon. Remember when Balthazar told us about what had happened to him a couple weeks ago? With the Aisha and the mallet."

     "Shoot," I said under my breath. "I didn't bring my mallet."

     Mira put a blue, green and then purple flamed paw over my mouth. "Shh. Let's wait."

     We watched the two talk to each other a bit more, but we couldn't hear them. Mira was patient enough, but I felt my eyelids drooping. This was boring; I needed some action. Just before I dozed off, I got some sudden energy and jumped, legs in a kicking motion.

     I hit the Shadow Usul right in the back of her head.

     She fell down to the ground, but was up instantly, whipping her tail around fast enough to catch me a stinging blow.

     I gritted my teeth in pain, but didn't back down. I jogged backwards a bit, then charged. Instead of continuing my charge like the Shadow Usul expected, I forced my ear stalks under me, pushed them on the ground and gained some high elevation.

     One of my rock-hard ears at the end of one of my ear stalks hit. The black Usul fell.

     It had all happened so fast that neither the Ghost Lupe nor Mira had a time to make a move. My sister and I watched the Ghost Lupe flee from the scene.

     "Leave him," Mira murmured to me. "You can't fight him anyway. He's ghost. Leave the wuss."

     "But what do we do with her?"

     Mira motioned to the rope I had added to my costume around my shoulder. I nodded and tied the Usul to a tree. We then waited for her to recover.


It had been about half-an-hour, I couldn't really tell for sure. The one thing I was sure of, though, was that the Shadow Usul was finally awake. She glared at us with her yellow eyes, and didn't look too pleased.

     "We heard you talking."

     The Usul ignored my Gelert sister, snorting as she glanced around. Mira pulled her face closer.

     "What were you planning?"

     She turned her head away, it was obvious that she wouldn't talk. I grinned maliciously as I brought my face right in front of hers.

     "Y'know, I can always beat you up again."

     The words came out so quickly that it was a bit hard to understand the Shadow Usul. "We were planning your downfall. Like every other villain hasn't? You're going to get at us eventually, and we figured that you wouldn't expect us on Halloween because it would seem too obvious. Can you let me go now?"

     Mira smirked. "I don't think so. You get to be the first to stay in a cell in Sakhment Palace."

     "But first," I continued, "you get to tell us if anyone else is out there."

     She shrugged. "Not that I know of."

     I shook my head. "Then tell us how you were going to make our downfall."

     The Shadow Usul sighed. "We were just going to try to lure you into a cave and lock it up, sealing you two in there."

     "Alright, then. Which cave exactly? And what would you do to make sure we stayed in there and didn't escape?" Mira prodded the black Usul none-too-gently.

     She smirked. "Just try to get it out of me. I'll tell you what cave, though. It's right behind you."

     Mira and I slapped our foreheads at the same time. Then, we left the Shadow Usul, and walked over to the cave. After examining the entrance, we confirmed that there were no traps there. So we entered.

     And we saw how the Shadow Usul and Ghost Lupe had been planning to keep us in the cave.


     I stood there, paralyzed with fright, watching as Mira instantly took charge and attacked it. She almost succeeded in biting a leg off, but the Spider Grundo kicked her away. Mira flew up onto his head and scratched, kicked and bit at him in a furry. He collapsed.

     "L-l-let's j-just l-lea-leave it he-he-here," I stuttered, my teeth chattering.

     "No way!" Mira protested. "We should lock him up along with the Shadow Usul!"

     "But I LIVE there!"



     Mira looked at me, giving me her 'I really don't care' look, then left the cave. "Okay then, you can stay there and wait for it to recover. Halloween's over, anyway. We should be getting back home now."

     I turned around, took a backwards glance, and ran out of the cave as fast as I could. I caught up with Mira, who was already leading the Shadow Usul on a rope. It was light outside.

     "How can Halloween be over already?"

     "Relax. Kyle and Rina probably got plenty of candy, and we did too."

     "Good. They better, or else…"

     "Spider Grundo."


The End.

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