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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Articles > What the Back-To-School Items Really Do

What the Back-To-School Items Really Do

by princess_artemisia

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOP - It's almost time for Neoschool to start, the Back-To-School shop is sold out of it's goods seconds after it's restocked, and the Back-To-School shop is packed with owners ready to pounce and whisk the items out the door before anyone else get their grubby mitts on them.

But lurking under all the shining new surfaces of the products available at the Back-To-School is a clever plot created by the Neoteam to transform unsuspecting pets into strange characters with the help of the hidden abilities of the stationary that everyone is so eager to get.

Keep in mind that this plan is for the good of the Neopets, the Neoteam would never intentionally hurt a pet. Each of the new Back-to-School items has a different power.

For example, the Sloth Ruler. Not only will it gross out your classmates, annoy your teacher and make your notes illegible, it will also start to affect you pets in other ways. Using the latest technology this ruler has been fused with mutant paintbrush ability, the Sloth Ruler has the power to transform your pet into what many would consider a slimy geek. Your Neopet's fur or scales will become slick and covered in slime, giving the greasy appearance. Their skin will be affected by the slimy grease as well and will be plagued with a teenage pets worst nightmare, zits! Your pet will also appear to be suffering from a dreaded cold, making them drool and ooze bodily fluids from various places. And did I mention, this slime has a terrible stench. This ruler will make your pets terribly unpopular.

Or the Drackonack Back Pack, it may be cute and have a mouth for a zip, but in reality it is a menace. This Back Pack has in its possession a rather frightening set of chompers, quite capable of removing an unsuspecting Neopet's limb if they are not fast enough to remove their belongings from within this Back Pack. How are you supposed to do your homework if you are missing the limb you write with?

The Tatty Notebook and Pencil will not make a very good first impression with your teachers or classmates. You will appear untrendy and uncool, and eventually the magic properties of these items will make your pet appear scruffy and unkept. Who wants to be friends with a ragamuffin?

The Dark Faerie series, including the Back Pack and Pen, (did anyone other than me spot that the Neoteam spelt Stylish wrong in the summary for the Dark Faerie Pen? It reads, A very stylish pen that writes in dark purple ink ^_^, I did let them know but they haven't changed it yet.) This series has a rather devious magic surrounding it, which infects Neopets with the need to be troublemakers. Your pets will disrupt classes, cause mayhem in the playground, and be an all round bully. Teachers will be sick of your pet, and your classmates will shake when they see your pet coming.

Not all effects could be bad, like the Fire Faerie Back Pack, it's so cute it's bound to get you noticed, you'll soon be centre of attention and popular in no time. But with popularity comes the disadvantage of enemies. The last thing you want is to attract attention to yourself if pets are planning to flush your head in the toilet.

And the Shimmery Notebook, it shows your class with its sparkly-ness, and it's functional, making it possible for you to do all the work you need to do and still impress not only your classmates, but your teacher as well. This book has more advantages over an angelic notebook as an angelic notebook will make you appeal more to your teacher and you will be labelled a teacher's pet. What a way to send you popularity spiralling down the drain.

The Yellow Star Notebook is there to help the Pets with low confidence who feel they cannot be popular. With this charming little Notebook your pet will be brilliantly happy and attract friends with its radiating smile, like moths to the flame.

The Fancy Pen shows how classy your pet is, how much style it has, and how wonderful it is. It will reflect the light and show everyone just how much of a star your pet truly is.

The Air Faerie Back Pack is a wonderful bag to have. It's magic allows your pet to have a back Pack as light as clouds no matter what they choose to keep in there. No more aching backs and necks, no more earthquakes when your pet drops their bag on the floor, and more manoeuvrability when playing with your friends who will admire you for your great sense of style and choice.

The Romantic Notebook has good and bad effects, on the plus side it helps your pet to have great social skills and attract numerous friends and maybe even a lover. It also allows homework to be done. On the bad side… it is quite a distracting item, which makes its owner think about love through all their lessons, and forget they have work to do.

There are many other items I could list and I could tell you how they influence your pet, but I have to leave some surprises for you to find out for yourselves. Just remember, you are what you use, just hope your pet doesn't become a snivelling nerd but instead becomes a social butterfly and attracts lots of friends. Until next time, watch out.

(This story came from the imagination of princess_artemisia all items listed are Neopets related but in no way incorporate the magical abilities talked about here.)

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