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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 113 > Articles > Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Princess Sankara

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Princess Sankara

by wubba_tha_lop_minion

Also by alsartahs

LOST DESERT - When the whole 'Life Styles Behind Neopia's Rich and Famous' activity launched up in The Neopian Times Appreciation Guild's front page, my immediate thought was to write all about King Coltzan III. His history and childhood memories and such…

Then I thought: There's already plenty of information on him. He features in books, cards, legends, and in the shrine. I know for a fact I'm almost sick to death of hearing about him, despite my sympathy towards the fact he is dead. People could gain any information on him if they wished to…but what about his killer?

At first it was challenging, and I was inclined to spend about a fortnight in the local library reading up on all the guests that attended the dinner party on the night of Coltzans murder. (Seeing I didn't pay much attention when the actual thing was going on.) The librarian eventually banned me, because I always left with the books without paying. The library was practically useless anyway. It rendered me with the prime suspect of who the Usurper was which I had entered with anyway. With a bit of help from Wubba (I hate to admit) we became certain that is was Sankara. Princess Vyssa was pretty suspicious also, however she didn't strike me as intelligent enough to plan a murder.

I digress... here's the hefty load of information I gathered about the usurper.

Princess Sankara…

You've probably heard about her from the infamous Usurper game that was played out a few years back. However the main purpose for this article is to see what Miss Sankara is like behind the conniving, suspicious reputation she upholds. What is this Aisha like behind the pout?

The Lost Desert has two halves. There is the 'Upper Lost Desert', known to its natives as Khemet, meaning 'Black Land'. This Half of this Neopian world is the one King Coltzan III ruled over for a great deal of his life.

The other division is 'Lower Lost Desert', also known as 'Deshret', or, 'Red Land'.

Just for the record, red land was the more barren and dry (actual) desert area. The Black land was named so for the Great River often flooded and rendered Khemet as a temporary ocean, leaving the land (once dried) very fertile and worthy of growing crops.

More to the point, Princess Sankara's life began somewhat smoothly. Her father, King Sobek the Wise, was ruler of the Deshret. Her mother, Queen Ubekh-t, was very famous for her line of popular jewellery craft and her singing talents.

Sankara was born on the 12th of the Month of Gathering; and although Khemet had all the food and water needed for survival, Deshret was rich with minerals and valuable stones, which could be used to buy needed necessities.

Sankara's full title, is: Heiress to the throne of the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty.

From the ages of 3-9 she received daily tutoring lessons by the King's most trusted and intelligent scholar, Heksas. Heksas came from the humble lower region of Mentu (A Deshret city), and qualities such as ambition and determination which was passed on in his teachings to the sombre mind of the young Princess.

She took an interest in anything sweet, Desert PetPets, Tchea Fruits, Cheops juice, Gems, Gold, bright colours… at one stage she even got given a rare PetPet on her 7th birthday. The name of the Petpets' species is unknown, and remains it today. However, recent findings show she nicknamed the creature 'Ah,' or sometimes 'Aha' (Which means Cow, or any cow-goddess; could this be a hint? *hint hint*).

Sankara hasn't changed much physically during the years. She's fairly pale for a Lost Desertian; her hair is straight, jet black and almost shoulder-length. Her eyes are fairly dark and she prefers to wear drape-like white linen with the traditional gold trim.

She took up the hobby of gem collecting. You'd often find the short princess wandering the desert sand dunes with a white-linen cloth and a free hand digging around for rare gems or stones. Often her mother used some of her findings for jewellery or trinkets. All of these along with her growing influence over the Deshret were valuable to her life. At the age of 9, however, Heksas rallied against the royal family with an army of his own. If a faithful watchman had not alerted King Sobek, Sankara would not have been able to flee the palace before the forces reached their home and overthrew the Fourth Khonsu Dynasty. Heksas became king.

"Of course I didn't want to leave my family, but we didn't have much of a choice. My father insisted that, as his only heir, it would be up to me to continue the Fourth Dynasty." (A quote from Sankara herself.) She was told to seek refuge far up north in Khemet, where a kindly stoic king by the name of Coltzan would care for her.

Sure enough, when she arrived she was taken under Coltzans wing. Sankara was raised alongside Coltzans' own daughter Princess Vyssa. When Sankara aged into a mature 19-year-old, she became somewhat dark, silent and distant, and her heart was set upon one thing and that one thing alone: To avenge her family and reclaim the Deshret.

Coltzan III had refused any pleas of hers to gather an army and attack Heksas and his followers. It was at this point Sankara knew any hopes of revenge while Coltzan still lived became apparent.

How did she solve the problem?

She poisoned the food the King of Khemet ate at a feast he and all his closest workmates and family were invited to.

Even now she still hopes Vyssa will allow her an army. A personal interview was unfortunately unavailable seeing I ran out of time… however, if you as the reader, have any further information on Princess Sankara, look her up in the Neopedia, or ask someone.

Preferably not me. I don't like mail.

Wubba might not mind however.

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