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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Continuing Series > The Missing Gelert: Part Fourteen

The Missing Gelert: Part Fourteen

by buddy33774

Tetra looked down nervously at the ground, restlessly kicking the dirt at his feet.

     "Don't worry," Pianto reassured his Pteri pal. "I'm sure everyone will be glad to see you come home!"

     "Yeah, they'll love you!" Aryll continued, patting the green pet on the back.

     It had been two days since the defeat of Stanto at the castle and now, the trio stood at the edge of Tetra's old village.

     "Thanks, guys. Do you think I'm really a true warrior?"

     Pianto only flashed him another reassuring smile. "You really are a true warrior. I mean, you helped save the world! I don't think I've seen another pet who's more of a warrior."

     Tetra gave another smile, glad for the reassurance his friends was giving him. So, not sure how everyone would react to his unexpected return, Tetra walked back to his old friends and family, thinking he was returning a hero.

     Walking through the main street of the village, all the other Pterii turned heads. Whispers began circulating. What was 'this' Pteri doing back? Why was 'he' here?

     All along the street, many were astonished to see 'him' return. Pterii of all colors, shapes, and genders watched as the trio, the Pteri in particular, strolled down the street to the town hall.

     Up and into the town hall the group walked, Tetra holding his head high the whole time.

     Proudly, Tetra strolled up to the chief elder, a smile on his small face, and gave a deep bow.

     "Elder, I have returned a great warrior."

     The elder looked up from what he was doing, a look of astonishment coming to his face. "Tetra? What are you doing here?"

     Tetra only continued beaming. "You said I may return when I was a warrior. Well, here I am!"

     The chief only continued looking at Tetra, as though trying to find the right words to say what he was thinking. Pianto couldn't help to feel some tension in the room. The chief didn't seem overjoyed ay the Pteri's return.

     "Tetra, Tetra," the elder looked sadly at the Pteri "I'm afraid I have some terrible news. I'm afraid we didn't necessarily leave you out there so that you would become a warrior."

     Tetra's smile faded, as did those of Pianto and Aryll. Both Gelert's exchanged worried glances. Aryll sensed the tension too. Something was definitely wrong.

     "We left you out there," the elder continued, "because, well, you were just becoming too much of a nuisance."

     Tetra opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. "I…I don't understand." He finally managed to coke out words.

     The elder gave a deep sigh. "If we hadn't done something, you would have destroyed the entire of the village! We had to do something. We left you out there in the hopes that you would never return."

     Tetra just stared back in shock. It didn't make sense; he had just helped save the world! How could they just send him back out into the cold like this?

     The elder gave another deep sigh. "I'm sorry Tetra, but we would appreciate it if you would leave. Please, just leave and never return here again."

     Tetra just looked down at the ground. This was surreal.

     "C'mon," Pianto consoled, helping the now-homeless pet to his feet. As he did so, he continued to glare at the Chief Elder.

     As they walked outside, Pianto continued to console his friend. "Don't worry. You can come stay with me and my owner, Mason."

     This brought back memories of Mason. Pianto realized it would be great to return home and see his owner again. It had been a long journey.

* * *

After a four day return journey, it was now Pianto's turn to be nervous. His paws shaking, he knocked on his front door. He could only imagine the look on his owner's face when he appeared suddenly on his doorstep. Aryll and Tetra had left, wanting to give Pianto a little bit of time alone with his owner.


     Mason opened the door, his face the perfect image of surprise, seeing Pianto standing there, smiling awkwardly.

     "Hey Mason! I'm home!"

     Mason just stared at Pianto, not really knowing what to say. "Ummm… Pianto. Hi, I… umm."

     Pianto was now as confused as his owner was surprised. What's wrong? he wondered. What's he trying to say?

     Then, all become clear. A small, cute, new-born red, Gelert pup wondered up and licked Pianto on the foot. Pianto could only look up at his had-been owner in confusion.

     Pianto had been replaced. The Gelert didn't cry or throw a fit. He just stood there, stunned at these new developments.

     Mason bent down and picked up the irresistibly cute Gelert pet, Pianto's replacement. He turned and walked inside. "I'm sorry, Pianto. But the whole adventuring thing, stealing, running off into the night… it was just too much."

     Mason closed the door. Now, like Tetra, Pianto had been left out in the cold.

* * *

Sitting on a beach, Pianto stared out at the sunset. But he did not notice its beauty. And when Aryll came up and sat beside him, he did not notice her beauty, for once in his life, either.

     He was too entrapped in his own thoughts. His thoughts of Mason, the new pup, of how he had been replaced, of how everything he had had was now gone.

     The green, female Gelert spoke. "I don't have a home, either. If I go back, my brother would lock me up in a room forever. He would be too afraid to let me even step foot out of the house."

     Pianto spoke slowly. "Then where do we go? We all just saved the world, but there's no home for the heroes."

     "I might have an answer. I once met a bunch of traveling thieves and I hear they're in town. Perhaps we could join them. Then, at least we would have a home. At least, for now."

     Pianto sat there, Aryll next to him as they had done on the Tyrannian Plains, then again the night before the attack. It seemed to become a tradition, sitting together, just trying to figure things out.

     Pianto nodded numbly. "Than I suppose we have no choice."

* * *

The thief gang was run by a Grarrl. The trio, along with about thirty other thieves, set out on a train of four wagons. The 'homeless heroes' sat on the end of the fourth wagon. Where they were heading, none knew.

     The sun was setting beautifully behind the hills as they set out. "You're welcome to stay with us for as long as you wish," the Grarrl spoke loudly, talking mainly to the Pianto, Aryll, and Tetra.

     "With a new day, come new adventures," the Grarrl continued, "but for now, rest easy heroes. Rest easy."

     Aryll leaned her groggy head on Pianto as he leaned his on her. Tetra leaned against both of their backs. And Pianto did just what the Grarrl suggested. And he wished that this moment would last forever as they headed off into the sunset.


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