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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Continuing Series > Dawn of Darkness: Part Two

Dawn of Darkness: Part Two

by supergirl309

Sirasine glared at him. "Sir, I don't remember you at all, and you're claiming you were my mother's closest friend and have been searching for us for five years." She shook her head. "I'm not dumb enough to believe that."

     Ryussin bit his lip. "Sirasine, would I lie about something like this?" he said, looking hurt.

     Sirasine tilted her head and stared at him. "I don't know you, but judging from the 'information' you've given me, yes -- you would lie about something like this."

     Ryussin shook his head. "I'm not lying, Sirasine! Why do you think I'm lying?"

     Sirasine sighed and rolled her eyes. "Because I have absolutely no memories of you."

     "When you met me you were very young. That's probably why you can't remember me," Ryussin said, an almost undetectable glint of annoyance and fear in his eyes.

     Sirasine slid her claws from out of her paws and started looking them over. "Ryussin, when did I meet you?"

     "When you were only five months old."

     Sirasine nodded and continued looking at her nails. "Was that the only time you met me?"

     Ryussin nodded. "It was the only time."

     "And you claim to have been one of my mother's best friends." She shifted her gaze to Ryussin's face. "Then why did you never visit her?"

     Ryussin looked rather annoyed. "My dear Sirasine, your mother and I did not live near enough to each other to get together often. I was only there for the important events in her life -- your birth, for example."

     Sirasine leaned forward. "Why weren't you there when Brak was born?" she spat.

     Ryussin's temper was rising. "Are you trying to play investigator, or something?" he said, his voice thin with suppressed anger. "I wasn't there because I was unavoidably detained. Now no more questions! I have already taken the liberty of signing your adoption papers, and you should pre--"

     "Adoption papers!" Sirasine hissed. "Don't you need our consent before you can fill those out?"

     A thin smile spread across Ryussin's face. "Since you have no other home, your opinion is unimportant, unless you know someone else who's willing to take you in."

     Sirasine went into a silent rage. Her face grew red, and her paws were shaking. Brak, who'd been quiet the entire time, used to his older sister doing most of the talking, spoke up. "Sirasine, I think we should go live with Ryussin," he said quietly.

     Sirasine snorted. "We don't even know him! We probably never did!"

     Brak sighed. "Sirasine, which would you prefer -- living on the streets, or living in a real home?"

     Sirasine glared venomously at Ryussin. "Any house he lives in could never be a home," she spat angrily.

     Brak shook his head slowly. "Sire... don't you think mom... don't you think she'd be content at least if she knew we were... in a better predicament than when she left us?"

     Sirasine stopped pawing at the tiled floor. She looked up at Brak, her eyes glinting with anger. "She broke her promise. She said she would come back for us. She promised."

     Brak's eyes were full of pity. He had never really known the white Kougra, but he suspected that she wasn't the type to leave her children out on the streets without a good reason. He knew what her reason was... "Sire... you still haven't accepted it." He shook his head. "Here's the straight, the bleak, the cruel truth -- Sirasine, she's dead! You think she wanted to leave us there?!"

     Sirasine glared at him. "You don't know anything," she spat angrily. She touched the gold band around her neck and sighed softly. She turned to Ryussin, a look of grim resignation on her face. "We'll live with you," she said stiffly. "But if I ever find out that you weren't friends with my mother..." her eyes glinted cruelly. "You will regret ever lying to me."

     Ryussin's smile twitched for a moment, then grew wider. "It's so nice to hear that you... believe me," he said happily, throwing his paws up and laughing. "You can move in immediately! And I'll have the adoption papers ready in less than a week!" He grinned. "You'll like my house."

     Sirasine felt the cold golden neck band again. "I'm sure I won't," she muttered under her breath.


Ryussin's house was something more like a mansion than a house. It was in the residential area of Faerieland atop a fluffy purple-pink cloud. The front doors were wide and made of polished thick oak. The floor of the great entrance hall was pale milky off-white marble. At the center of the hall, a great oaken staircase sloped up, branching off and leading to two hallways on the second floor. Ryussin's office, his lounge and the kitchens were on the second floor. The great hall, a dining room, and a sitting room filled the first floor, and there were four bedrooms on the third floor. There was a fourth floor and a basement, but neither Brak nor Sirasine saw them.

     Brak and Sirasine's new bedrooms were at the top of the third floor stairs. There was a narrow hallway connecting them. Brak's room was quite large, though he didn't know exactly how it compared to other bedrooms as he'd only lived in a house when he was very young. There was a queen-sized bed against the east wall of the room, and a shelf full of books stood at the south wall. There was a door to the hallway connecting his and Sirasine's rooms, and a TV near the door to the main hallway.

     Sirasine's room was the exact same size and set-up as Brak's. The only difference was that the room were painted different colors. Brak's was a warm minty green, and Sirasine's a creamy peach color.

     Brak flopped down on his bed, wondering why Sirasine disliked Ryussin so much.

     He said he was mother's best friend, so how can he be bad? Brak thought as he stared at the ceiling. And really, it was pretty nice of him to take us off the streets like that. Sirasine should be more grateful. He grinned widely. And how can she possibly keep being mad at him when he lets us stay in this huge house!

     But then he sighed. "But she knew mother better than I ever did," he said aloud. "I guess maybe she has a good reason not to like him if she never saw him with mother."

     There was a knock at his door. He sighed and jumped off the bed. "Who's there?" he called.

     "Open the door, Brak -- it's me!" said Sirasine's sharp voice.

     Brak reached out and swung open the polished wooden door. "What do you want, Sire?" he asked.

     "I want to tell you," she said, slamming the door shut behind her, "I know now for sure that that Ryussin character is our enemy."

     Brak cocked an eyebrow. "Eh? And how, dear sister, do you know that?" he said suspiciously.

     Sirasine glowered and gestured at her neck. "Look," she commanded angrily.

     Brak stared at her neck for a moment, trying to figure out what Sirasine was telling him. Then it hit him like a block of lead. "Your bracelet," he whispered. "Where is it?"

     "They took it!" Sirasine spat. "Those dirty thieves stole while I was out of my room. I put it on the bookshelf, and when I came back it was gone!" Her pretty features were twisted dangerously into an angry snarl. "And do you have any idea why, Brak?" she said, lip twitching.

     Brak shook his head slowly. "No..."

     "It's because it's magic!" she spat vehemently. "Why do you think mother gave it to me? It's for protection against ignorant brutes like Ryussin and his lot." Sirasine's face took on a darker, even angrier look. "And you know what else Brak?" she hissed dangerously.

     Brak gulped. "No," he said quietly.

     "They're the ones who killed mother."

To be continued...

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