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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Continuing Series > Toshiba's Quest: Part Two

Toshiba's Quest: Part Two

by inkdroplets

Toshiba soon found out that Kolioo and his female partner had been out together, when they were both caught… she had been taken away, but he was thrown in a cage. Toshiba could now see why he wanted revenge on the Grundos. She also told Kolioo about her weird dream, and her sister being inside of this building. 'You're a sightseer.' He had told her. A sightseer was someone who could see into the future, by using his or her dreams. Toshiba just shrugged, not really believing this odd Kougra. He said that the new captives (3 months or less) were held inside… that's where Toshiba's sister was… if she was here.

     "Well…" Toshiba looked deep into the opening, still standing outside, "we better get a move on…"

     The Kougra nodded, and padded in, leading the way. Toshiba followed right at his tail.

     Kolioo carried his marvelous 'keys' on his tail. Toshiba had slipped them on, and they jingled every step he took. Finally Toshiba told him he needed to quite them, so he carried them in his mouth.

     The place was dark and eerie. More 'doors' branched off the hallway.

     "Offices," Koli said through shut teeth.

     Toshiba was amazed at what these Grundos built! She learned they were all under command by 'Dr. Sloth'. She sure didn't hope to meet him. The building was horrid… but it filled Toshiba full of curiously. If it weren't for Kolioo, she would have gone into almost every single room there was, even the ones that had loud snoring sounds coming from them.

     "We are here for your sister… not for the Grundos," Kolioo reminded her.

     Toshiba nodded seriously, "But what about the other poor Neopets… what do they do here? I want to help them as well…" she eyed the keys.

     He nodded, "So do I…"

     Back at the pack, the elders had already arrived from hunting. Rei also found out that little Toshiba was missing. Toshiba's mother, Skye, was terribly worried, as well as Ryat and Chip. After a long meeting, the three decided to go out, following the scent of their family member.

     "Where in Neopia could she have gone!!" sighed Skye worriedly as she sat down, after long hours of searching.

     "Wait! I got it!" Chip's tail wagged back and forth, his nose to the ground. He had caught the scent again.

     The other two jumped up excitedly, following the rampaging Chip through the grassy plains of Mystery Island. He suddenly stopped.

     "What is it?" Ryat looked at his brother in confusion. Why had he suddenly stopped?

     "That smell…" their mother raised her nose to the air.

     Yes indeed, the three pups smelt the same smell Toshiba smelt. Death, pollution, and all the Grundos. Ryat reluctantly poked his head through the bush, to see the same horrid site that Toshiba saw. He drew it back in fear, "What the-"

     He mother glared sharply at him, then looked through the bush as well, recoiling back in shock, "S-she must be there…"

     Chip whimpered, "We have to go in and get her?"

     Ryat nodded, "Yes… we have to go in…"

     Each Lupe shuddered as the stepped into the clearing. Every cage held a neopet (except for the one Kolioo was in). Each neopet was asleep. Skye spoke, "Well… lets begin our search…" Each Lupe had wondered what this horrid place was, but were determined to find Toshiba.

     The other two creatures were still padding down the corridors of the Grundo's building. Sometimes they would try the keys in certain doors, but it never worked.

     "Hmpf…" Kolioo sat down at a dead end, "I don't know really where we are… it has been a while since I've been in here." He turned to go the other way.

     "Wait!" Toshiba's ears perked up at some sounds, "Do you hear that?"

     Kolioo's ears shifted forward as well, "Yes… I do!"

     They both listened to the scratching sound they heard. It seemed to be coming from inside the wooden walls.

     "What is it?" Toshiba sounded frightened and excited.

     Kolioo shook his massive head in wonder.

     Toshiba's head scanned the wall, and to great amazement, there was a hole in it at the bottom! "Look!"

     Kolioo looked at the hole in wonder, and suddenly a creature popped his head out of the hole. The Usul's large ears twitched constantly. His beady black eyes glared at the Kougra, and he jumps in fright, turning to run back into his hole. Kolioo bounded over, putting a paw over the Usul's tail.

     "Don't hurt me!" The Usul squeaked as Kolioo opens his large jaws (the keys falling out) to gobble up the poor creature.

     "STOP!" Toshiba yelled. Taken by surprise, Kolioo lifts his head, but kept a firm grip on the Usul's tail.

     "What are you playing at dog?" Kolioo was definitely hungry, for is showed in his voice.

     "Well-err-maybe we could get some information from him… I mean, he lives here."

     "Good idea kid…" The Kougra glared at the Usul. "SPEAK!"

     The Usul shuddered, frozen with fear. Toshiba bounced over, "Kolioo, shut it." She looks to the Usul. "You live here?"

     The Usul nodded, still shivering, "In the walls."

     Toshiba found it odd that he lived in the walls. She went on to explain that her and Kolioo couldn't find where they were going. She told the Usul about Azrel as well.

     "Azrel… she a young rainbow Lupe pup?" the Usul had calmed down by now.

     Toshiba nodded excitedly. The Usul spread his whiskers in a small grin. He explained to them that Azrel was kept in a small room in the northern part of the building. Kolioo and Toshiba were in the west part, they needed to go through a red door back a ways to get to the northern part. Toshiba grinned in relief as the Usul finished.

     "Thanks a lot! I guess you can go now…" She shot a glare at Kolioo.

     The cat reluctantly let the Usul go, who ran out of site into his hole.

     "Now aren't you glad you didn't eat him?!" Toshiba smirked as she pivoted to go down the hall in the opposite direction, to find the red door.

     Kolioo sighed, picked up the keys, and padded after her.

     "Oof! Get off me stupid." Ryat shoved Chip off of his back.

     Chip fell over, landing with a thud. The three Lupe had ventured inside the building, by using a ventilation vent. Each Lupe was cramped in the vent tightly. Their mother looked upon them with dismay, "Come on you two… we need to get a move on."

     "But mom, he's pushing me!" Chip shoved Ryat into the side of the metal vent. Ryat yelped, and then growled.

     "STOP IT" Skye barked angrily, and cuffed them over the head with a paw, "Toshiba is in here somewhere…"

     The two pups shut up, and continued on.

     "There we go!" Toshiba stopped at the red door in front of them.

     Kolioo stepped up beside her, and dropped the keys at his paws.

     They both took the keys, trying several keys until one fit into the lock of the door, and magically, it swung open. The two Neopets hesitantly stepped inside to this new part of the building.

     It seemed colder in the north wing. The two wandered through the corridors aimlessly. Kolioo had never been in this part of the building, so they were oblivious.

     Toshiba's ears shot forward, as she heard another sound. This time it seamed to be coming from the ceiling. She sits down, looking straight up, "Do you hear that?"

     Kolioo has also sat, twitching his tail back and forth slowly, "Yes…"

     A muffled sound from the ceiling started, "This is where the scent stops…." A lot of rattling sounds were heard. Toshiba was afraid that whoever was in the vent was going to wake everyone up!

     "Err, who's up there?" she said in a loud whisper.

     "TOSHIBA!" another voice barked piercingly, echoing in the vents.

     Some more clanging was heard, and the metal grate door to the vent flung open, and out fell two Lupes. One more jumped down, but with more grace.

     "Mom? Ryat? Chip?" Toshiba wagged her tail happily, rushing over to them, while Kolioo watched the 'reunion'. Toshiba nuzzled each one happily, and then proceeded to tell her story about getting here, and Azrel. The Lupes were very surprised and thrilled to hear about Azrel being alive.

     Skye turned upon Kolioo, and said with narrowed eyes, "Who is that?"

     Toshiba bounded in front of Kolioo, grinning slightly, "This is Kolioo, my new friend… he helped me get through this horrid place, and agrees to help find Azrel!"

     Once again, the Lupes came over, introducing themselves to the large Kougra. Chip was cautious at first, but soon began to like the large feline. It seemed Kolioo liked the attention.

     After the second meeting, Kolioo jumped up, ears back, eyes narrowed, "Do you guys hear that…"

     The other four turned their heads in the direction it was coming from. Lights flicked on, brightening the entire hallway. Each of them heard strange voices, and strange footsteps. The voices got louder and louder. Kolioo hissed in hatred, "GRUNDOS!"

     He dashed off, motioning for the others to do the same. The four Lupes powered off, racing after Kolioo. They soon found themselves in a chilly room, and Kolioo shut the door by using his front paws. He took on paw and flipped something on the door (locking it).

     "You learn a lot when living with the Grundos for a year…" he explained quietly.

     Toshiba sat down, breathing heavily, and looked around the room. It was pitch dark, and her eyes could only see a few feet in front of her. This room seemed like pure metal. Shelves were lining the walls, and they were stacked with many strange glasses and bottles of some sort. Some of them had things floating in them, and Toshiba recoiled, shocked.

     The sound of claws against metal was heard, and something shifted position somewhere. Chip's eyes grew wide. "There is something in here!"

To be continued...

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