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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Continuing Series > To Fly When You Can't: Part Two

To Fly When You Can't: Part Two

by worldcool

Odesseous sighed heavily as she was lying in her bamboo bed. She had been here for a week, and though she enjoyed being with her friends, she had never been this much bullied before. After laying thinking a rather long time, she decided to just run away to her NeoHome, on Mystery Island. It would be hard, but probably worth it.

     Odesseous was climbing out the window when something moved beside her. Quickly she turned around, but nothing was there. As she continued to climb out, she thought of how on earth she would get back to Mystery Island, when her thoughts were interrupted by a sound behind her; something was there. She turned around again, and when nothing was in sight, a shiver began to run down her spine. Slowly, she hopped down on the floor again, looking nervously around her. Then suddenly, from behind a dusty old armchair, a dark shape jumped out and landed in front of her, only ten meters away. Odesseous wanted to scream, but didn't wanted to wake anyone. She fumbled for the torch she had brought down beside her, and clicked on the light. There, arms crossed and a puzzled expression on her face was Boomerang. Odesseous gulped as she saw that Boomerang looked slightly sad at Odesseous wanted to leave.

     "What is it Odi?" Boomerang said carefully, not at all her cheerful self. "Don't you like us?" Odesseous quickly nodded, then shook her head, and then nodded again. Her ears lay down flat as she spoke again.

     "Of course I like you all, Boomernag… I mean Boomerang, it's just that… well I don't like Queenie that much." Boomerang tried to hold down a laugh.

     "Then I understand. Nobody likes Queenie," Odesseous sighed.

     "But at home, in Mystery Island Native Neoschool, I'm bullied too because I can't fly."

     "So you can't fly!" Boomerang smiled. "I'm sure Music and I can teach you. Let's start tomorrow."


Early next morning, Odesseous, Boomerang and Music were standing outside the house in a small valley. Music was reading a book, How to Fly When You Can't, and Boomerang was measuring Odesseous' wings. Finally, she sighed and shook her head.

     "You're wings are smaller than I thought. There must have been something wrong with the paintbrush…you are supposed to be able to fly once you've got painted." Boomerang thought a while. Music sighed and put the book beside him.

     "We'll just have to do some flying exercises to get you started."

     A bit later they were standing in the same spot, the only difference being that Odesseous was flapping her wings with all her might. Boomerang and Music were standing beside her, Boomerang holding a stopwatch and Music still reading his book. However, Boomerang never had to bother about seeing how long Odesseous was in the air. She only was standing on the ground. After ten minutes or so, Boomerang interrupted Odesseous, who was exhausted.

     "You can stop now. It's clear that you can't fly… and I'm not sure you ever will," Boomerang declared. Odesseous burst into tears.

     "But I need to learn!" she cried. "Otherwise I'll be bullied the rest of my life!" Boomerang shrugged.

     "Paint yourself again then."

     Odesseous frowned at this idea.

     "I don't want to. And worldcool doesn't have enough money." Boomerang rolled her eyes.

     "But she's rich! She has a NeoHome at Mystery Island… and you've got your own room!" Odesseous thought longingly about her chocolate room worldcool had built for her.

     "But she hasn't got that much money. And I don't want to paint myself again." Music, who probably hadn't known what they were talking about, slammed his book shut.

     "I've got it!" The other two stared at him.

     "You've got what?" they asked in chorus. Music clicked his beak excitedly.

     "How to get Odi to fly of course!" At this Odesseous and Boomerang started listening intensely.

     "How? How? How?" Boomerang shrieked. Music looked very smug as he explained.

     "It says right here." He read aloud, "If a pet has been painted with a Faerie paintbrush, a Halloween paintbrush, or, in a Zafara's case, a Christmas paintbrush and can't fly, then there is something you can do." Here Music stopped for effect before he read on, enjoying the look on Odesseous' and Boomerang's faces. Then he started again. "Using this exercise for an amount of time (depending on how useless at flying the pet in question is) will help the pet fly.

1. Stand in an open area.
2. Spread your wings widely.
3. Flap your wings.
4. Get a partner to lift you.
5. Get the partner to throw you about four meters.
6. When you are in the air, stop flapping your wings.
7. You should now sail in the air.
8. Before you hit the ground, start flapping your wings again.

     Music ended dramatically. He looked at the other two, who were staring at him. Odesseous spoke carefully.

     "That's all I have to do?"

     Music nodded. "The book says so."

     Boomerang smiled.

     "Then, let's get to work!"


In a larger valley not so far from there, they all were standing, Odesseous feeling a bit nervous, ready to try out the high-flying exercise that the book had recommended. Odesseous spread out her wings, and started flapping them. Music slowly lifted Odesseous (lucky she was light) and threw her five meters. Odesseous panicked, but stopped flapping her wings. Just before she hit the ground she started flapping them again. She closed her eyes as she hit the ground. Except she didn't hit the ground. She floated some inches above it. Slowly she opened her eyes again, expecting to see Queenie standing under her, holding her up. But she wasn't. She was flying.

     "I'm flying!" Odesseous shouted. "Look at me! I'm fly--" She hit the ground with a thud. Boomerang clapped and Music was smiling.

     "Good job, Odesseous! You flew… well, at least you hovered. You need to practice on that. Maybe soon you'll be flying!" Odesseous smiled.

     "Hooray!" Boomerang cried. "You can fly! You can fly!" Music tried to calm his sister down.

     "Not flew… at least not yet. Soon. We have to practice first."

     Music made a scheme for Odesseous to practice. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. This worked well the next day, though Odesseous was exhausted at night.

     After one weeks of training Odesseous still couldn't fly, just hover some inches over the ground. Sometimes Bee would come and help them, and sometimes Queenie would come and laugh at them. And to show that she could fly.

     The seventh night, after training, Odesseous was lying on bed thinking. She couldn't stand this anymore. She wanted to fly so badly. Then, suddenly, without knowing what she was doing, she rose out of her bed and ran outside. She managed to find the valley they had been practicing in and made herself ready to practice flying again, when she realized she didn't have a partner. She sighed and unwillingly trotted back to the house to wake up one of her friends.

     She crept in to the kitchen as silently as she could. Just as she was going up the stairs, a flash of light came from behind her. She screamed and turned around. There frozen on the spot, stood Bee, with the refrigerator door open in front of her, light bathing the room. Bee looked shocked.

     "Why did you scream?" she asked, bewildered. Odesseous let out a sigh of relief that it hadn't been someone from Queenie's gang.

     "Sorry, I was just startled, 'cause I thought nobody would be here."

     Bee closed the door and took a bite of the sandwich she had been taking out of the fridge.

     "Why are you 'ere in the middle of ze night?" she asked curiously.

     "Well, I sort of was lying in my bed, and I really, really, really wanted to fly, and so I sort of wanted to train a bit more, so I went out to the valley, but then I had nobody to help me…"

     "I'll 'elp you," Bee said casually, eating up her sandwich and licking the crumbs of her paws. Odesseous sighed of relief.

     "C'mon, lets go! Maybe I'll be able to fly tomorrow!" Odesseous yelled, laughing, as she ran out into the hills, Bee following her in her floppy pyjamas.


"Okay, Bee, now you have to lift me up and throw me about four meters," Odesseous explained. Bee nodded, but looked doubtful.

     "Ready? When I say now… NOW!" Bee lifted Odesseous, who was flapping her wings in an almost maniacal way. Odesseous made herself ready for stopping, when she suddenly fell to the ground.

     "Huh?" she exclaimed. "Am I that bad at flying?" From underneath her, Bee was lying, puffing and wheezing.

     "No," she wheezed. "You're just very 'eavy, that's all!" Odesseous looked down at the small figure of Bee and sighed heavily.

     "You're right," she sighed. "I probably need someone stronger and heavier to lift me up."

     Bee shook her head angrily. "I'm strong enough," she muttered. She took some deep breaths and lifted Odesseous up again.

     "Hold it there," Odesseous said encouragingly as she flapped her wings. "Throw me…NOW!" Bee threw. Odesseous stopped flapping and floated for a while in the air. Then, as she was beginning to speed downwards, Odesseous started flapping again. As usual, she hovered, but somehow she seemed much lighter than usual. She looked at Bee and saw her clasp a paw to her mouth.

     "Odi!" Bee yelled. "Odi, you're flying!" Odesseous looked at the ground beneath her and jumped when she saw that it was far under her, and that she wasn't hovering at all, but moving around, higher and higher. She kept at it until she felt she had control, and then hovered a bit and shouted at the top of her voice so that everybody could hear.

     "I'M FLYING!" she yelled. "LOOK AT ME, I'M FLYING!"

     They didn't have to wait long until abba_music, Boomerang and Music ran out of the house and were standing beneath her. Queenie followed grumpily, and looked up at Odesseous as though there could be nothing worse than her flying. Boomerang laughed happily and clapped her hands.

     "You did it, Odi!" she laughed. "You really did it!"


Odesseous trotted happily up to the door of Queenie's gang's hideout, accompanied by Boomerang, Music, Bee, abba_music, and me, Kamrate, Agrai and Vivoline who had arrived as soon as we heard the news. Odesseous knocked happily on the door and the same, grumpy Skeith opened.

     "What?" he grunted. Odesseous flapped her wings happily. "I just thought that your gang would like to see something!"

     Once again, the Skeith looked very suspiciously at Odesseous before calling out to Queenie.

     "Hey, Monga!" he called. Queenie arrived at the door, accompanied by several members of the gang. As soon as she saw Odesseous, she knew what was going to happen, and called the rest of the members to come as well. Odesseous grinned sneakily at Queenie.

     "I suppose you know why we're here?" she asked politely, and taking the surly look on Queenie's face as a 'yes', spoke to the members.

     "I, your teasing toy, has finally learnt how to fly!" she declared. All the members booed disbelievingly. "I have learnt how to fly," Odesseous repeated. "And I will show you."

     Odesseous made herself ready on a patch of grass that was of clear view to everybody, and flapped her wings hard. She pushed of with her feet, stopped flapping, floated a bit and then started flapping again.

     "She really can fly!" a Faerie Kyrii yelled as Odesseous did a couple of loop-de-loops to impress.

     "That can't be right!" a Halloween Nimmo said in disbelief. "I want an explanation!"

     "You can get one," Boomerang said haughtily. "We all helped her and encouraged her, unlike you!"

     Queenie was moody for months afterwards. My pets and me decided to stay for a while, having great fun. The gang split up, now that their leader was sulky and never would come to the meetings. Yes, everything was great… not for everyone that is!

The End

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