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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Articles > Neopian Holidays That Should Be

Neopian Holidays That Should Be

by stoneman3x

Recently Neopets celebrated the Annual Chocolate Ball. I don't know about you, but I rented a white chocolate tuxedo for the occasion and then sat by my Neomail box all day waiting for an invitation. For some reason I never got one. Of course, this isn't the first Neopian holiday I managed to miss. Take "National Talk Like a Pirate Day", for example. I didn't even know about it until too late because in my NeoHome every day is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". Of course, it should have been a clue when ALL my pets started talking like a pirate, not just my pirate Krawk.

Anyway, the point is Neopian holidays in general just seem to sneak up on you when you least expect it. And I think I have figured out why. There just aren't enough holidays on NeoPets. We need a LOT more holidays. That way, if you accidentally miss one, you know they'll be another one just around the corner.

So what kind of new holidays should there be? Well, by an odd coincidence, I just happened to think up a whole bunch of them. And I'm pretty sure that with all of the new holidays I came up with, there should be at least one holiday in the batch to please even those Neopians who are pretty picky about the holidays they celebrate. So here they are, my list of Neopian Holidays That Should Be:

Veggiebogen Festival : There is a Gadgadsbogen Festival that celebrates fruit, so how come there isn't a holiday that celebrates the new vegetable harvest? I figure the place for this event would be Meridell. The place has so many turnips and potatoes that the citizens count them and stack them for amusement. If you ask me, that's just plain sad. They definitely could use a decent holiday. We could have an art contest to chose the Asparagus King and the Asparagus Queen of the day. Of course, we would need a mystery to solve, so I figure we could just bump off the Asparagus King and the Asparagus Queen. That way we don't have to worry about people bragging about it on their pet pages.

Deju Vu Day : All of the updates on the News Page will be exactly the same as the previous day. This means if you forgot to read the news the day before, you'll have another chance to read it while it's hot off the presses. This holiday will soon be as big as "National Talk Like a Pirate Day", I just know it.

Deju Vu Day : All of the updates on the News Page will be exactly the same as the previous day. This means if you forgot to read the news the day before, you'll have another chance to read it while it's hot off the presses. This holiday will soon be as big as "National Talk Like a Pirate Day", I just know it. Whoa! Did that actually just become a holiday?

Destruction of Maraqua Carnival : It was a pretty big event when an entire world was sucked up by a whirlpool. That certainly doesn't happen every day, even in Neopia. So why don't we toss a big party to celebrate it? There are a bunch of things we could do with a sort of destroying-pillaging-angry mob theme. We could dredge the Mysterious Statue up off of the ocean floor and drag it down Main Street. Then we could all storm the kitchen of the Cooking Chef Flotsam and demand he give out decent rewards for the items we fork over for his quests. After that, we could all lay a trap for Jacko the Phantom Painter and force him to actually give out a whole bunch of Maraqua Paint Brushes. Won't that be jolly fun?

Dung Day : Who wouldn't want to celebrate a holiday devoted to that most precious of all Neopian items-- DUNG? This holiday is ripe with possibilities. In fact, it's pretty much ripe in general. Just think of all the lovely pictures of dung there would be in the Art Gallery special for that day. The whole idea takes my breath away... thank goodness. And it would be the one-day-a-year that you could actually donate your dung to the Money Tree. Now that's an opportunity none of us would want to miss.

Dr. Sloth Appreciation Day : Without Dr. Sloth, Neopia would be a really happy, peaceful, no-ray-gun-to-turn-your-stuff-into-a-Pile-Of-Sludge place. Yeah, I know, the idea of a Sloth-free Neopia nauseates me too. So we should show our gratitude for his wonderful evilness by setting aside a day to make even more fun of him in our comics, stories and poems than we already do. I know he will be very honored by this.

Bored-Stiff Staff Day : Well... I suppose that's just about every day of the year... but at least we could have some sort of a special holiday devoted to it. Of course, no one but the Neopets Team would even know when it was, so I guess we'll have to wait for some sort of banner about it to pop up on the Webcam. But we may get a hint about it in the News Update. When more than one Neopet can be painted Sponge, we'll know that the staff must be REALLY bored that day.

Upside-Down Pet Day : Of course, this could also be an event for Bored-Stiff Staff Day rather than a separate holiday. Basically it involves every single Neopet in everyone's pet lookup being turned upside down for a day. It's kind of a pointless event, but so was having all of the Petpets disappear for a week-- so why not?

Red Sports Car Racing Day : Okay, so Nigel the Chia is the only one in Neopia that has a red sports car. In fact, Nigel the Chia is the only one in Neopia that has a car period, so it might be a pretty dull race. But at least we could finally bet on a race that doesn't involve feeding something first-- like a Turdle, a Poogle or a fat pirate.

Good Old Days Day : This will be the most cherished holiday of the Neopian Calendar, I guarantee. For one whole day, you'll be able to read a book to your Neopet and then sell it, Codestones will cost 500 Neopoints apiece, Maraqua will resurface, and all of those retired Hidden Tower items will pop up in the Hidden Tower again. It also means that pets like the Zafara, Acara and Bruce will go back to looking the way they originally did, but you can't have everything.

Eata Loafa Bread Day : Ummm... I don't know what this day will be all about. I just liked the sound of it.

Your Neopets Birthday : This wouldn't technically be a Neopian general holiday, but it would be a special day for everyone sometime during the year. Every year, on the anniversary of the day you created your account and on the birthdays of your Neopets, you would actually get a gift from Neopets in your item box. Personally, I don't care if it's a Ruined Ptolymelon-- as long as it's SOMETHING to show that at least the Mega-Neopets-Computer noticed. Okay, so maybe I'm sounding a little whiny on this one, but at least I can stop bugging my Neofriends with hints about it.

Jelly World Doesn't Exist Day : This will be a whole festival devoted to a place that doesn't even exist. That means that the shops will be filled with jelly-themed items that don't exist. There will be an Art Gallery special and Poetry Contest that will give out prizes that don't exist. And the News Update will announce Neopets that can now be painted Jelly-- that won't actually exist. Won't this be a fun-filled day?

Rename Your Stupid Pet Day : I really really really and even really hope that this really becomes an annual event. All of those people who named their Neopets something dumb like spiffyneatcoolneo5789473 will have the chance to go back and rename their Neopet spiffyneatcoolneo5789474 instead.

I don't have space to talk about all of the holidays that should be, but here are a few more candidates:

Dress-up Like Meridell Gravy Day
Absolutely No Bad Random Events Day
Useless Item Swap Day
Mootix Infestation Stomp 'Em Flat Bug-Off Day
Coltzan Actually Blesses Your Pet Instead of Laughing Manically At You Day
Half-Price Hidden Tower Day
Battledome Challengers Come Out of Hiding Convention
Lupe Banquet (Chia Clown Carnival)
Bloat the Turmaculus on Something Other Than Petpets Day
Free Swim For All in the Rainbow Pool Day
The Snowager Slips into a Coma Day

So there you have it. Some of the possible new holidays that would make Neopia more fun. Or at least a little more interesting... okay, okay, a little more bizarre. Sheesh.

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