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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Gathering, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Articles > Saving Your Neopoints From Yourself

Saving Your Neopoints From Yourself

by slyvnan01

NEOPIAN BANK - The best way to be wealthy in Neopia is to keep the Neopoints that you already have. Here’s a quick guide of 12 common issues that could cost you much Swag! They're the issues I most hear people complaining, forgetting, or are puzzled about!

1) Protect your Coffer by protecting your Account. If you have a ‘High Profile’ Account (Trophies, High Scores, great Items, or powerful Pets) you are a good target for ‘Guess-ers’ or people who try to guess your password. Protect your password by changing it occasionally and not using common words. If you have a gallery account, use a different password. If someone is lucky enough to access one account, they can't use the same password to access both. There are helpful web pages that list the most common words that people use for passwords so you can avoid them! They are the words ‘Guess-ers’ most try, like Password or Enter. Never use Neopets terms, Pet names, or information that can be found by following links to your website and personal information. Never share your password with anyone. Always sign out when on a public computer. Read through all the most common scams in the Help section.

2) Underpricing an Item dumps Coinage right out of your pocket. Not knowing what any Item is worth is easily solved, use the Shop Wizard or Trading Post to find out! Never trust past searches, because prices change constantly. Do more than one search; remember that the Wizard searches different part of the marketplace each time. Your Shop is listed by two criteria by the Wizard, first by price and second by size. If there are many shops with the same price for an Item, the largest shops are listed first. A larger Shop does not always guarantee a quicker sale, however. I usually go to the lowest on the list with the same price to load a smaller shop and avoid the chance that the Item has already been bought by somebody else. Never trust a person you are trading with, a buyer, or a person posting in chat to tell you an accurate price. Lying is rotten, but not illegal.

3) Not paying close attention to what price you put on Items in your Shop at can result in a number of Items worth 800 NP being sold for only 80 NP! You could lose a lot of Lettuce by forgetting a 0. If a person buys Items from your shop at the improper price, they did not cheat you. It’s your own mistake. You can’t expect the person to give you the Items back or pay you more. On a rotten note, looking for people who have under or improperly priced Items is a good way to make profit. If you don’t want to sell an Item, make sure that it’s priced higher than 99,999 NP.

4) Not shopping around when you want to buy Items will cost you much Mazuma. Don’t just check the Shop Wizard; check the Auction Genie and the Trading Post. Don’t forget the Igloo Garage Sale. Waiting for a good price is well worth it. You can find a Draik Morphing Potion for less than 2K if you keep searching! I save more shopping around for the smaller Items I buy regularly. Saving a hundred here and there will soon build up enough to buy you a nice Orange Jelly Couch! Check the official Shops against the prices of the Shop Wizard, Auction Genie and the Trading Post. Some items are more available or cheaper elsewhere.

5) Here’s a big word; Devaluation! Any newly revealed Item (look in the News Section) will be in high demand and cost much more than it will later. If you want to sell, remember that the Item will devalue. It’s better to sell for a bit less now than wait and sell for much less. If you want to buy, wait for demand to go down. You could save thousands! On the other hand, Retired Items are no longer in supply. The demand for them should go up over time.

6) Not knowing which Quests does what will peel off the Rubles. If you’re not a big Battledome fan, or don’t want to battle you precious Pet at all, then Quests that help by raising your Pet’s abilities (IE: Hit Points, Defense, Speed) is not worthwhile because that is where your Pet uses those abilities. Illusen, Jhudora, and the Brain Tree give out preset rewards at preset levels. Competing to a certain level will earn you the bragging rights of a Chat Avatar, but there is no guarantee of a profit. Some activities in Neopia are not very profitable, but are completed for Prestige.

7) Put your Lucre in the Bank and you Items in your Deposit Box or Shop. Items don’t need a price to sit in your Shop. That way nothing can get to 'em! The Pant Devil can’t steal what you don’t have in your Items Menu. Remember to update your bank account type to reflect the upward amount of your savings. Also notice that even if you remove money, your interest rate stays the same. Having little Pocket Change keeps the Tax Beast away.

8) Never BUY information from people or send them Items in exchange for Neo-know how. There is somebody who will tell you for free. Post a message in Chat, ask a Neofriend, check old issues of The Neopian Times, or ask the Editor. There are a lot of Neohelp web pages out there. Don’t forget to check Guilds. Save your Clams!

9) So you want to change your Pet? Find the method that costs the least amount of Jack. If you want to change species and paint your Pet, a Morphing Potion of the specific effect (IE: Christmas Grundo) might be more expensive than buying the Morphing Potion and Paint Brush separate. Sometimes a Morphing Potion of the same species in the effect you want is cheaper than buying a Paint Brush. Shop around and find the cheapest method. If you are really patient, collect map pieces to the Lab Ray and zap your Pet into the look you want.

10) When you are poor, healing and feeding your Pets can exhaust your Means. You don’t need to abandon a beloved Pet when times get hard, remember that there are kind-hearted Faeries that will happily help out! The Soup Kitchen is always open to those with less than 2,000 NP. The Healing Springs will work nicely if you have patience.

11) There are games that can be played once every 24 hours for free. Not having a daily To Do List can have you losing out on serious Green. Forgetting to spin the Wheel of Fruit or check your Bank Interest is money lost. There are some activities that seem hard to win at, like Guess the Weight of the Marrow, but you should still try! It’s only a 1/600 chance!

12) Some games have a high consumption rate. Never shell out Wampum(money) on games that you don’t understand or haven’t read the rules for. If you are not lucky, then use the Games page to avoid the games of chance. Try sneaking up on the Snowager while it’s asleep for a free toy or weapon, or have a Petpet try and wake Turmaculus for a great Book to expand your Pet’s intelligence. You can also try playing free or sponsored games to improve your fiscal situation.

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