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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Articles > The Secrets for the Success of Guilds

The Secrets for the Success of Guilds

by beau_lis

GUILD HEADQUARTERS - Guilds! Now that your attention has been caught, we can continue on about this subject. Some of you may be thinking, Oh no! Not another guild article! The response to that is actually yes, here is another one. However, this one may be a little different.

What exactly is a guild? It’s nothing more than a community of Neopians who have similar and sometimes scary interests. There are thousands of guilds out there based on a variety of topics. There are fan guilds, pet guilds, Faerie guilds, silly guilds and even dung guilds (I did mention scary above right?). There are so many others that they can not possibly be mentioned all in one article. The trick is to realize the secret about guilds and guild members.

What’s the secret, you may ask? Then again, you may not have asked, but it made a good transition into this bit of information. It’s simply knowing and understanding that there are thousands of great guilds available to Neopians. Most of these guilds tend to offer the same thing as another guild may have. Again, it is simple, yet many do not even think about this aspect. The challenge is to make one’s guild stand out just a little bit more.

So many times, Neopians have seen guild leaders trying their best to bring in new members. We’ve also seen how many times these efforts have failed or brought disastrous results. It’s not as hopeless as it seems though. There are some things that guild leaders can do to improve their guild’s chances for new members.

1) Keep in mind that there are thousands of great guilds out there. Don’t advertise yours as ‘the best’ because its cliché, it’s not sincere and it’s just plain old not true.

2) Successful guilds take a lot of effort, time and work. Each guild leader needs to be willing to put in what they want out of their guild.

3) Focus on your council first. They will be a key factor in the success of your guild. Choose only those people you know and trust to be on your council. They also need to be willing to put into the guild as much as you do.

4) Have your guild layout and design ready to go. Make it appealing and inviting. To much clutter is a pain to read through and not enough info on the front is dull. There are a vast number of places that you can get layouts and such for your guild look. Be creative, be original and do not copy someone else.

5) Once you have your guild in place and running, look to increasing your membership. This is the point where you decide if you would rather have quantity or quality of members.

The most common event to take place for recruiting new members is the ‘bribe’. Many guild leaders will offer ‘grand’ gifts or a council position or something else just to get a new member in. This action tells prospective members two things about your guild. First, your guild isn’t good enough to gain members on its own merits. Second, you are inviting the ‘abusive rare breed’ of Neopian into your guild. Guild leaders need to ask themselves if this is really what you want your guild to show or be about.

Lastly, show patience. Successful guilds are not created over night. It takes time to become a ‘great’ guild.

The truth about prospective guild members is that each of you is a highly sought after Neopian. Many guild leaders will do what they can to gain your membership. All too many times, this has ended with those ‘scamming rare breed’ of Neopians showing up in a guild and then leaving once the damage has been done. So if you are a Neopian who is seriously looking for a guild to be a part of, then here are some ways to increase your chances of finding the guild right for you.

1) Know what you want. There are thousands of great guilds out there for you to choose from. Narrow it down by having a list of what you desire in a guild.

2) Be choosy. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to speak with the guild leader. It’s your time and fun. So go to the place that you will have the most fun.

3) Don’t accept gifts or bribes just to join a guild. That’s nothing short of cold and heartless. Not to mention you will become one of those ‘scamming rare breeds’ of Neopian.

4) Be alert for the ‘scamming’ guild. If they are requiring a member to pay ‘fees’ for membership or offer you something that is to good to be true, then just tell them to take a long walk off a short plank on a pirate ship. Chances are the new member will be scammed in this kind of guild.

5) A guild is only as good as its members. So be a good and active member.

Now on to actually finding a guild, there are a few ways you can do this. The best way is through word of mouth. Talk with others about their guilds. Remember, a guild is only as good as its members. Guild members are the ambassadors to their guild. So how the members behave is a major factor in your decision. For instance, if the member is annoying you or begging, you probably won’t want to even visit their guild. However, if the member is friendly and nice, then the guild may be worth a look.

Another way to find a guild is to look it up the different neighborhoods. You can do a search with your interests and come up with possible matches. Or you can go through and look at the different guilds. When you find one you like, talk with members, visit it, and decide if it really is something you would like to join.

A third way is to check the notice board located on the menu bar of the main shop map. You can find a lot of wonderful guilds in there. Again, don’t be afraid to ask the guild questions.

The last way is to visit the chat board with the subject of guilds. In most cases, the guilds will find you there. However, be careful if you choose this method. Unfortunately, this is also where some of the ‘scamming rare breed’ of Neopian likes to hang out as well.

This leaves us to find out what Neopians look for in a guild. So if you are a guild leader take some notes. If you are a prospective guild member, know that you are not alone.

“Personally, I think guilds are a good way to make friends with the same interests as you.” - hbkprinc3ss

“Well, I'd want it to be about something that I'm interested in...” – insanity

“Guilds can be such a hassle, all the people that only join for council spots and newbie packs.” - lime_flavouring

“A guild I join MUST be active. I also look for a guild that holds lots of contests and tourneys.” - uchibuchi3

“They are definitely fun to lead! But it’s sometimes hectic, confusing and definitely expensive. And they are fun, but if you want to make a guild, you have to be prepared to lead successfully.” - queen_velvet

“The most important thing in a guild is its members and its helpfulness. Personally, I look for things that interest me in a guild.” - ne_shai

“I think a guild should have active members, otherwise, there really isn't any point in being in a guild.” – wizardtikki

“I look for a guild with friendly members who will listen to you and give you tips or suggestions.” - keyring_gallery230

The number one ingredient in a successful guild is activity. Members want some place they can go to ‘do’ things and have fun. Toss in some helpfulness and similar interests and you have the makings to be a ‘great’ guild.

Just remember, nothing is set in stone. Join the guild you like the best. If it turns out that a member wants to move on, that’s okay too. For guild leaders, remember, these are your fellow Neopians you are dealing with and not just another number.

Hopefully this article has helped out some who are looking to enter the world of guilds. Good Luck to you all and may you all find the fun you are looking for!

Author’s Note: This article is written with humor for a bit of fun. I am in a lovely guild and have no intentions of making a change. I hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to offer comments.

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