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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Articles > Decorating your Neopets Bedroom

Decorating your Neopets Bedroom

by arden_starr

NEOHOME - So you’ve had a tough day. You come home from working very hard at earning Neopoints, and all your Neopet does is whine about the newest Plushie and get under your feet. So what do you? Tell them to go to their bedroom, of course!

Not only is a Neopet’s bedroom the perfect place for them to sleep, but also they can spend a lot of quality time in there too -- if you have the right furniture. Getting the atmosphere right is absolutely essential- and that way your pets will be willing to spend their time there, and you can lazily flop onto your Luxurious Sofa and relax, safe in the knowledge that your pets are happy and enjoying themselves! But how to get it right?

First of all you have to think about your Neopets personality. A vibrant, outgoing pet might like the bright, shocking Electric furniture, whilst a laid-back, relaxed pet might want to chill out with the Zen styles. Quiet, withdrawn pets might just like the simple Wooden range, a Tyrannian or scruffy pet might like Dung, a girlie, feminine pet could like the wide range of pink furniture, or a Mystery Island loving pet could like the Bamboo beds and tables- the list goes on! There are many different sets on the Neopian Market at the minute- however, not all of will suit your budget.

The next big step is, of course, Neopoints One of the cheapest sets is quite… well… stinky, to be honest. Dung furniture might suit some of us, but the majority of the pets would hate sleeping on a bed that can be smelt a mile off, and not for the right reasons. The really exquisite sets tend to be rare and very expensive. For instance, the other day I thought I might decorate my pet Landri’s bedroom in the beautiful Kauvara Furniture, but I looked it up on the Shop Wizard and found out that just a Kauvara Bed costs around 37,500 NP alone! To decorate the whole bedroom would cost a pretty penny, and I don’t that sort of Neopoints just lying around. For the majority of us, this would be too much.

I spent a fair few hours using the Search engine on the left, as well as frequent visits to the Furniture Shop, revising the different furniture on the market, and have come up with some very good buys that would be worthy for your pets bedroom. These all are, of course, just suggestions.

Furniture Sets

There are some really sturdy, cheap sets on the market at the minute. A good one is the Funky Blue And Orange range, which, though reasonably cheap, looks modern, stylish and up to date. The bed is slightly more expensive, at around 13,000 Neopoints, but it is so worth it. The Zen set is amazing too, because most of it is cheap, and the colours are very relaxing. The Wooden furniture is cheap but quite boring- ideal for someone on a tight budget, with most of it 5,000 NP and under. It lacks originality and fun. The Tiger set includes wacky orange with black stripes. This is appealing to many outgoing, loud pets but some think it is too garish. I am not keen myself, but it is quite a personal choice. The last one I will mention is the Bamboo furniture, which I personally love! Extremely cheap, sturdy and fashionable; of course it’s not for everyone, but I live on Mystery Island and I like the atmosphere.

Recommended Buys

There are some great buys out there! One of the best is a Cream Rug, which is plain but cosy and comfortable, and looks great in the centre of a bedroom, or nearby a bed. At 500 NP, it’s a cheap and worthwhile buy. A Tall Table Lamp (approx 300 NP) looks good on a Furry Table (650 NP) next to a bed, and a Violet Shelf Unit (1000 NP) is a good place to store your pet’s toys and books. A pet will be kept occupied by an Entertainment Center (2000 NP), which is probably one of the best buys out there. It prevents your pet from being bored and complaining to you! However, they must do their homework, and a Wooden Desk (2500 NP) has room for all pens and pencils. To keep clothes I recommend a Royal Oak Wood Cabinet (450 NP) or a Purple Wardrobe (500 NP), which are spacious and sturdy. A Full Length Mirror (350 NP) and Pretty Pink Pillows (600 NP) add the finishing touches to a cheaply decorated but beautiful room.

For big spenders

An Italian Style Recliner (approximately 1800 NP) is a great way to relax in style, whilst listening to some music. There are many different (but expensive!) speakers that can be added to your Neohome. Two such, Coconut Bongo Speaker (16,000 NP) and Country Music Speaker (10000 NP), are really special and look stylish too. One set I adore (but cannot afford, unfortunately!) is the Osiris Pottery. They are from the Lost Desert and are handmade, as well as being very beautiful. A Black Osiris Plate (6500 NP) and Black Osiris Vase (4,500 NP) are just two from the range. A Fire Cushion (approx 30,000 NP) is very expensive but you can show it off! A Pastel Cot (13,000 NP) is good for a little baby Neopet, but soon they’ll grow out of it and need a bed too… Lastly, I recommend an Ultranova lamp (15,000 NP) because it’s a pretty purple and I would love to have one if I could afford one!

There are no fast rules to decorating a pet’s bedroom, but I recommend asking your pet what they would like. They will probably ask for 100,000 NP worth of furniture, but hey, you can get a rough idea of what they like! Add rugs, cushions, lamps and tables for style, as well as storing space for clothes and toys, and certainly don’t forget the bed! I hope this will help with decorating your very own pets bedroom in your Neohome, I certainly did. It’s not just a question of money- style is needed too. Well, what are you waiting for?! Have fun!

Authors Note: All the prices in this article are according to the Shop Wizard, and are only approximate. A special thanks to The Neopian Times Forum!

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