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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 110 > Articles > Article Aftermath

Article Aftermath

by glowing_dreamz

DEEP CATACOMBS - Thousands of young writers in Neopia are currently working hard on their computers/laptops, as they are in the process of creating their own original written masterpieces known as Neopian Times articles, which are the pieces of work that you read weekly. But… to these avid and hardworking writers out there, do you ever wonder what interesting things happen after you have had your article published?

Unlike the many other factual articles that I have written in the past, I have decided to write this one article based on my own experiences as a Neopian Times writer. In this article, I will be discussing about all of the different things, the good and the bad, that have happened to me each time I have published an article! Enjoy, and have fun with my new article!

The Positive Aftermath:

A Neopian Times Trophy: One of the great results of successfully publishing a Neopian Times article is getting a shiny gold trophy! If your article is accepted into the next Neopian Times issue, you will often get your new, sparkling trophy a few days before your article is officially released in the upcoming Neopian Times. Out of the many trophies you can earn on Neopets, I believe that the Neopian Times trophy is probably one of the easier trophies you can acquire, if you have a wonderful strength for writing. It is unfortunate that you don't receive any sort of NP/item prize along with your Neopian Times trophy, but spending the time to write a well-written article is still worth the effort.

Positive Neomails: Another wonderful thing about publishing a Neopian Times article is receiving friendly and encouraging Neomails that are complimenting and congratulating you on your article. It's always nice to know that your hard work has paid off, and that at least someone in Neopia appreciates the labor and time you have chipped in to create such an article. Out of the many things that help me write, I believe that the inspiration and encouragement from this positive Neomails really help me to continue to work hard writing articles for fellow Neopians who take the time to read them.

Constructive Criticism: Receiving constructive criticism is one of the better aftermaths of publishing an article, in my opinion. It's wonderful to know that some people take the time to read through your articles, so that they can give you this helpful criticism. Though criticism may be interpreted as something negative, constructive criticism from a reader is the only way to know how to improve on writing your own articles. It's touching that some people do take the time and effort to read your articles and to help make friendly suggestions that will help you in the future. Be open to constructive criticism!

Inspiring Others: In my opinion, I believe this is probably the best result that comes from publishing an article. Writing articles and inspiring others because of your work is a wonderful and beautiful thing, it's nice to know that others out there feel inspired when you write your well-written articles. Just as you feel inspired and content when people praise you for your work, other people are just as inspired through the commitment you put to create entertaining and helpful written works that the Neopian population read weekly.

The Negative Aftermath:

Hate/Negative Neomails: Unfortunately, not everything that results from publishing an article is positive. Out of the many negative aftermaths from publishing an article, I absolutely despise hate mail the most. Getting hate mail is the most repulsive and insulting thing ever, especially if you have worked so hard on your article. For most of the articles I have written, I have always received one or two hate/negative mails of some sort. You wouldn't believe some of the most ridiculous and pathetic hate/negative mails I have gotten.

An example of one of the more pathetic hate/negative mails I have gotten was related to the last article I have written, The Guide to Petpetpets. A certain someone had rudely Neomailed me saying that I should be ashamed at myself for revealing the "secrets" of Petpetpets in my article, which this user had claimed that only certain people of Neopia should know. If you get any ridiculous and negative Neomails of this sort, just block that user, since replying to these kind of people are a pure waste of your time.

From experience, it is quite ironic that the only people Neomailing me negative things were people who haven't even been published in The Neopian Times once. If anyone plans to insult people's articles, at least give a valid/decent reason, or prove that you can do any better. Otherwise, I suggest that anyone who rudely degrades other writers for the sake of it should stop, because everyone should be grateful that others take their precious time and effort to write articles for you.

Random Neofriend Requests: Another negative result from publishing Neopian Times articles is receiving random Neofriends requests. In my opinion, I honestly don't think that it is that bad… but it tends to get annoying at times, especially when 25-50 people you don't know Neofriend you without even giving you a reason. Getting Neofriend requests is okay, but getting random Neofriend requests from nowhere is something else. If you plan to Neofriend any Neopian Times writer, at least tell him/her why you have requested to be his/her Neofriend.

Beggar Mails: I have honestly no clue how people get the idea that if someone publishes an article, you have the right to go and beg them for items. I am particularly baffled as to why so many users send me annoying beggar mails asking me for NP/items, after one of my articles has published; it is just plain annoying. The best anyone can do is ignore these Neomails, and hope that these people get the picture that if they want something in this world… they have to earn it themselves like everyone else.

Stupid/Pointless Questions: This is the second thing I hate out of all of the negative results from publishing articles. It's one thing to get insulting Neomails, but it is another thing when people start asking stupid or pointless questions that completely waste your time. It's very depressing and disturbing when others Neomail me asking if they could take parts from my article. I'm sure that I'm not the only person in Neopia who doesn't appreciate others taking their original written works; please don't plagiarize other people's hard work. And it is just as depressing when people ask you questions that you have clearly answered in your own article, making it seem like that your effort on your written work was a complete waste of time. If you want to ask questions to a Neopian Times author, please make sure that they are reasonable questions that are not insulting, or haven't been already answered.

I hope that you have enjoyed my newest article… Article Aftermath! I do hope that you take some of these things that you have read to mind, before you go requesting to be a Neofriend or Neomailing either myself, or any other Neopian Times author. Like any other Neopian user, the Neopian writers are also busy at times, and if you take these different considerations in mind, all of us writers would truly appreciate that. Until next time, see you!

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