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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Continuing Series > Al vs. Aliens: Part Two

Al vs. Aliens: Part Two

by al_the_chia


The streetlights had been left on in Furgleton, but there was practically no need for them. The lights had gone on in every house, and there were thousands of faces pressed against windows, but not a single Chia had dared to venture outside and oppose the mysterious figures now lurking through the streets. The alien Lupes were prowling, under orders to find a blue Chia with a blue Cobrall.

     The Princess, holding the important Chias hostage within the observatory, had begun setting up a sort of mini-palace in which the only welcome people were her prisoners, her guards, and the band, which were still playing music calmly.

     She waited patiently, drinking the punch and nibbling the crackers and cheese that had been served to the guests earlier. She had all the time in the world, and she knew that Al could not have wandered far...

     Deegribblepaw had only been half-heartedly searching. He was eager for a good meal, seeing as he hadn't eaten in days, and he had noticed there was a rather tasty looking tomato Chia amongst the important people being held hostage. He had a special fondness for tomato juice, and if the Chia, Phil, hadn't been so significant, he would have been happy to dispose of him.

     He was also horribly sleepy, and still had jetlag from the flight to Neopia. His temporary partner, Glaperwanapaw, constantly had to cuff his ear to keep him alert as they patrolled the road between Furgleton and Lupe Forest.

     Deegribblepaw froze as he saw a pair of headlights coming up the highway towards them. He nudged his partner, and the two soldiers leapt into the cover of the nearby trees.

     Sure enough, Al's blue jeep was zooming up the road straight towards them. The Chia inside was looking up at the dozens of Lupe heads swarming into the city like bees, wishing he could take their pictures. Fluffy was keeping a wary eye on Al to make sure he kept driving straight as he listened to Jazzmosis, his favorite music

     Deegribblepaw nodded to his partner, and as Al passed by their trees, he removed his blaster, aimed it at Al's tires, locked on, charged it up until it gave a musical little twang, and then fired. A purple bolt similar to the one that destroyed Clarence's flute blasted forth, and Al's tires were instantly gone. The car almost comically flopped onto the ground, bouncing twice before careening off-road.

     Al screamed and Fluffy screeched as the car scraped against the ground, sparks leaping into the air. The lupologist looked particularly distressed.

     "Ooooh, Piffle, the paint job!! MY POOR CAR!! Don't worry, baby, daddy will buy you new legs!"

     Fluffy rolled his eyes.

     Out of control, the tireless car crashed noisily into a nearby peachpa tree, shattering the windshield and activating the air bags. They puffed out of the dashboard, engulfing the perplexed Chia and breaking his glasses and nearly breaking the nose of the stunned Cobrall.

     Deegribblepaw shot his arms up in the air in a little celebratory dance before reattaching his weapon to his belt. He and Glaperwanapaw jogged up to the jeep, puncturing the air bags and seizing the dazed Chia and Cobrall.

     "Geeze, this was almost too easy," Deegribblepaw noted.

     "Don't EVER say that!" Glaperwanapaw grunted, dragging the Chia along on the ground. "Whenever you say that, it automatically becomes harder."

     "Oh, well, okay." Deegribblepaw paused and thought for a moment. Al muttered something about pineapples in his unconsciousness, but other than that the only other noise was more Lupes flooding into the city. He looked back at Glaperwanapaw.

     "Well, is it any harder?"

     His partner looked around. "Well, no. This Chia isn't any heavier, but he sure isn't lighter. But maybe..."

     They were silent for a minute more, as if expecting some horrible misfortune to come down upon them while they were off guard.

     Glaperwanapaw's eyebrows went up. He cautiously smiled. "You know what? I think you were right. It's safe to say that this was, in fact, too easy!"

     Confident, they dragged their captives to their ship. Deegribblepaw stubbed his toe on the way in, and Glaperwanapaw rammed his head on the doorway, but other than that it went without flaw, simply too easy.

The Mother Ship, Outer Space...

Al blinked blearily as he looked around. Without his glasses, all he could make out was a rather large, reddish blur. Confused, he reached into his pockets, placing a spare pair of glasses over his eyes to make the scene around him a bit clearer.

     "Oh, hello Phil!" Al beamed, finding himself trapped inside a round red force field prison. He tapped on the side, listening to the glassy sound it produced.

     "Ah, hello Al," Phil scowled, brooding in his own force field prison.

     Al turned towards the other direction and caught sight of Fluffy, who was still dozing. He sighed and examined the round wall of his force field prison with interest.

     "Everything is red tinted through this thing, did you notice that?"

     Phil gritted his teeth. "Yes, Al, I did. I noticed a few OTHER things, too, like the giant monster Lupes HOLDING US HOSTAGE!!."

     Al nodded. "Yeah, the Alien Lupes, or as I like to call them, Lupus Freakus. I haven't seen too many of them in a while, of course they tried to murder me a few times, but they lead a fascinating lifestyle..."

     A vein popped out of Phil's head. "Just eat me now!" he yelled to the Lupes guarding them.

     The Princess carefully tossed her paper punch glass into the trash before turning to her newly caught prisoners, catching a hiccup, and then smiling.

     "Ah, hello Al! We haven't met, but my father's told me all about you! I'm Princess Ginniyakamirklepaw of the Purple Planet, daughter of King Meerkadoodadhorfadorfapaw and heir to the throne. I was adopted off this pathetic planet called Neopia to see my true potential, and I've come here to compress you and the other Chias into a health snack for my father, he's recently had a bit of trouble with his hearts."

     "Oh, that's a shame," Al said.

     "Yes, quite," Phil droned. "Do go on."

     The Princess smiled at Al and scowled at Phil. She grabbed another cupful of punch before continuing.

     "I'm a fair person, and I'm going to tell you exactly why we're here. Now, Al, you've defied my father many times, and Phil, you're the one who sponsored naming out planet 'Furgleworld.' My father would very much like to see both of your heads on a platter, but since it was just too easy to catch you..."

     At this point, Deegribblepaw and Glaperwanapaw dusted off their uniforms and puffed out their chests proudly.

     "I'm going to give you a chance to save your friends and family with a test!"

     Al smiled. "Oooh, a Lupology test? Judgement of character? Will you send me off on a grand and noble quest?"

     Ginniyakamirklepaw raised an eyebrow. "No, none of those. This will be a test of your PHYSICAL ABILITY, in the ARENA OF DEATH!!"

     A ring of purple fire burst from the ground, and a crowd of alien Lupes began cheering and jeering, their multicolored eyes making them appear like an huge aurora borealis in the stands. Glycopaw stood at the opposite side of the arena, clad in a sumo loincloth and a mechanical monocle that seemed to have weapons capabilities. He stamped his feet and roared, and the crowd went wild. Next to him stood what appeared to be another evil clone of Al and Fluffy. The Imposter Al in the black lab coat cracked his knuckles, and the pitch-black Rocky the Cobrall snarled menacingly at his counterpart.

     "Awww..." Al whined. "I detest these tests!"

     The Princess nodded. "That's part of the reason I picked it. Now, take a look here…I'm going to allow you, Fluffy, and Phil to compete against Glycopaw, our clone, and Rocky being given only one weapon each. Should you manage to defeat them, I will agree to leave Neopia. After that, we'll have an ultimate round of death, in which you'll compete against the strongest fighter we have, and should you defeat THEM, you'll get your OWN freedom. Should you happen to fail this final test, your decapitated heads will have the opportunity to meet the King."

     "Er, sounds fair, I guess," Al spluttered.

     Phil, by this time, was looking more like an avocado Chia

     "What weapons do we have to choose from?"

     Ginniyakamirklepaw held up a stick, a stone, and a broken bone.

     "What," Al mumbled. "No words? Ah, well, they'd never hurt 'em." The Arena of Death, minutes later...

     Al bravely waved a stick, Fluffy clutched the stone in his mouth, and Phil carried the broken bone. All looked dwarfed in comparison to the gigantic competitors before them. The Princess stood up and waved her paws.

     "I want a good, clean fight from you all. Now, START!"

     (Due to violence of a graphic nature, the following depiction of the fight sequence has been edited out by the Neopian Decency by Censorship Committee. Remember, we're here to improve, not muffle!)

     "Woah, all this blood, gore, and violent messiness is making me queasy!" Al moaned, poking the ooze that used to be his clone with his stick. "Thanks for saving me there, Fluffy. We probably would have lost without you."

     "I'd have to agree with you there!" Phil nodded, as Glycopaw tearfully regrew his limbs. "I thought they almost had us there, but then Fluffy just got that look of blind fury…"

     "Hiss!" Fluffy exclaimed, tightening the knot that his opponent was now in.

     The Princess blinked. "Well, then, I guess that's over. Congratulations, you've saved your planet. BUT, can you now save YOURSELVES?"

     She stood up, a smile forming on her face as the Lupes all began wildly cheering.

     "For now, you must face our planet's ultimate warrior..."

     She threw her hands up into the air, and the spotlights wove around the audience. Al, Phil, and Fluffy cowered in terror as they began to close in on their subject, and finally, all the lights were on...


To be continued...

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