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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > Neopian Government: Part Five

Neopian Government: Part Five

by englishladygodiva

KIKO LAKE, NEOPIA CENTRAL - In this final edition of Neopian Government, we'll take a look at the little-known worlds of Neopia. These realms have remained hidden for much of Neopia's history, but only recently have been accessible to the ordinary Neopet and visitor. As many Neopets are exploring new lands and trying to relieve the population crunch through out the discovered lands of Neopia, doubtless many more new lands will become available to visitors. The lesser known worlds we'll look at today are Kiko Lake, Lilac Isle, and, believe it or not, Jelly World.

Kiko Lake-This land has long remained uncolonized and explored by most of Neopia. It is the homeland of the Kiko race, and some other aquatic species of Neopets have chosen to reside there as well. Like much of Neopia, Kiko Lake is ruled by a benevolent monarchy. The king and queen of Kiko Lake are both recluses and have seldom appeared before their subjects. However, they have still remained very active in the governing of their kingdom from within the palace walls.

The monarchy of Kiko Lake started up the Kikoughela Factory, which produces many medicines for Neopets, their most notable being the Kikoughela Syrup. This has been one of the main reasons for the prosperity of Kiko Lake. Tourism also makes up a very large portion of their economy. Kiko Lake posts Neopia's third highest gross domestic product of 560 million NP every year.

The serene lake has not participated in any wars since its conception. Their largest security risk is the Jetsams that inhabit the seafloor and occasionally try to raid the homes of Kikos. This caused the formation of the Kiko Lake Navy, which now patrols the entire kingdom, searching for these roving bandits.

Summary-The monarchy of Kiko Lake has used the tranquility and isolation of the realm to create economic prosperity for its inhabitants, as well as protecting them from their natural enemies.

Lilac Isle-This tiny wintery isle is actually a province of Happy Valley. Designed and sculpted from ice by the efforts of only one Lupe, Zairiu the Swift, Lilac Island is very small, but very scenic. Though technically under the jurisdiction of Happy Valley's Parliament, Princess Lilac, for whom the island was named, gave the governorship to Zairiu as thanks for creating such a masterpiece.

Since the island is so small, it has very few inhabitants. It is one of the premiere vacation destinations in all Neopia and many flock to Lilac Isle to see the land that one man created. Zairiu said, "It is my pleasure to be governor of Lilac Isle after having labored over its creation for so many years. There was no better reward for Princess Lilac to have bestowed upon me than this." The governor's office on Lilac Isle has had relatively little to deal with, other than seeing to it that the tourists enjoy their stay.

Summary-Lilac Isle's provincial status under Happy Valley has made it a serene refuge for Neopets without the diplomatic red tape that can be found elsewhere.

Jelly World-Many learned scholars for have debated the very existence of this land over a year now. While some say that this land doesn't exist, others offer pieces of jelly as proof that they must be coming from some source. Most people have discounted the ramblings of Prisoner Number Five in the dungeons of the Darigan Citadel as proof of Jelly Land's existence. Only the Jelly Chia himself has been a stronger supporter of the existence of Jelly World.

I was privileged enough to be shown snapshots by the Jelly Chia himself of his homeland, but unfortunately was unable to witness it myself. "Jelly World does exist, trust me. I was born there and it prospers to this very day. We enjoy our privacy and intend to stay hidden from the main paths of Neopia for quite some time now.

"The government of Jelly World is essentially a communist government. That is to say, there is no government, really. We meet and decide on matters by a general vote, always acting for the betterment of our land. A Giant Jelly gives food to everyone so there is no hunger. There is no private property in Jelly World because everyone simply accepts that we live on the land as equals and nobody tries to take it from others. To be honest, we are living in a utopia, a paradise! Impossible you say? That's because the evil capitalists of Neopia Central, who have exploited Mystery Island, Tyrannia, and other defenseless realms, have not been able to find Jelly World yet and destroy its people and society with what they call 'civilization'. And if I have my way, they never will!"

Though we have no way of proving the Jelly Chia's claims, it does seem probable that Jelly World exists. How else could we have jelly food, jelly furniture, stamps depicting Jelly World, and a Jelly Shoyru? Could the Jelly Processing Plant have something to do with it? For all we know, it's just one big conspiracy…

Summary-If Jelly World does exist, then it's a perfect communist paradise for all Neopets where no one owns anything, but live in harmony with others and their environment.

We hope that you have enjoyed this look into Neopian government. As you can see from looking at all five articles, Neopia has many different diverse forms of government, which have had varying degrees of success for each realm. Doubtless new and interesting forms of government will emerge as Neopets spread out through Neopia and discover even more uncharted lands. What's the best way to govern in Neopia? That's for you to decide.

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