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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > How Much Is That Avatar in the Window?

How Much Is That Avatar in the Window?

by im_kokopelli

CHAT BOARDS - Now we have these new Chat boards, we all have some questions about those cute little pictures -- yep, we're talking avatars here. Questions like, "What are avatars?" "How do I get them?" and, of course, "Which one should I use?" Well, this article is here to help. We'll go over the basic types of avatars and those who use them, and finish up by helping you find your inner avatar. To begin with, there are four-- no, five-- no, six basic types of avatars. Default, Pet Species, Faerie, Rich/Poor, Hard, and Staff. First up:

Default Avatars

This is the one that you start out with. Mainly used by: New people, people who want other people to think they're new people, and people who (horrors!) haven't been on Neopets since the new chat boards were released. So, if you are new, or for some unknown reason, want people to think you are new, try this avatar.

Pet Species Avatars

These, of course come in all 46 species. Acara, Aisha, Blumaroo, etc., etc... used mainly by those who feel... er, rather taken with (*cough* obsessed *cough*) one particular species. People using them for this reason will usually have at least one pet of that species, unless it is a species like Draik or Krawk, which can also be used as the fourth kind (see below), or as a begging tool-- "Would you please give me a Krawk/Draik, look, I have the avatar and everything!"

Also used by those who do not want themselves to be labeled new/Faerie- loving/rich/poor/medium/good at games... etc. Not surprisingly, this is probably the biggest class of people!

Faerie Avatars

Used by those who like specific kinds of faeries, and also by those who -- well, see the second bit of Pet avatars, above, that don't want to be associated with a specific type of pet. Mainly used by girls, but also sometimes by boys. Also for those who want a Fyora avatar, but have not saved enough; or a Illusen or Jhudora avatar, but have not done enough quests yet.

Rich/Poor Avatars

This class contains only two avatars, but multiple can be associated with it. These two are Fyora and the Soup Faerie. Fyora is used by those who have bought something from the Hidden Tower, and don't care if they get lots of Neomails asking, "WOW U R SO CUL!?! HOWD U GET SO MUCH NPS $$$$$?!?!?! U R SO LOOCKY!!! PLS ANSWER!?!?!!!!". Well, maybe not quite like that... also by people who have blocked Neomails and NeoFriend requests.

The Soup Faerie avatar is used mainly by those who: Are rich-ish, and store their riches in items rather than Neopoints, and those who are poor-ish and fed their Neopets at the Soup Kitchen anyway. Oh, and those who specifically like the Soup Faerie, and so bought items until they had under 2,000 Neopoints and then got it. And those who just wanted a special avatar and that was the only one they could get.

Hard Avatars

This category contains four avatar(s). The Illusen one, the Jhudora one, the Babaa one, and the Meowclops one. Let's start with the Illusen/Jhudora ones. They are used by: people who like Illusen/Jhudora in particular, not just Earth or Dark faeries, and those who have done it anyway and wanted a distinctive avatar. Oh, and those who want to show off that they had enough levels before the new chat so they could get it in that short length of time. These could have been put into the Rich/Poor avatar category, as you must have some amount of riches to get that far.

The Babaa one. Sorry Neopets team, but I have to reveal the secrets! It's my job... *sudden sounds of clunking* Wow, I never knew they employed a team of apes to keep people from spilling the beans on their new, secret avatars... well, let's just say it's a real "nightmare" to figure out! *Another loud clunking noise* Have I ever told you I'm terrified of apes? Well, I am... so let's just go on to the next one!

Another Petpet one: This time, though, the actual Petpet gets in onto the whole deal. As I can't tell you precisely how to get it (the apes will come back!), let's just say that it's no wonder the price of Meowclops has soared, and that the refresh button was a very good invention. Okay, so there are two other categories this could have been in... Rich/Poor and Pet Species... only we would have had to create a new category, Petpet Species. But since the Meowclops's price has soared, we find that it belongs in the Rich/Poor category... but since we've already had that part, we're putting it here! Also by those who want to show their... liking (*cough* obsession *cough*) for Meowclops. Okay, next avatar! Er... category.

Staff Avatars

Okay, okay, so there's only one staff avatar, but it's so amazingly cool that we just had to make it its own category! This one, amazing avatar is none other than the astounding Adam, a.k.a. Number Six. Now, I'm going to tell you how to get it because, at the time of printing, it is astoundingly hard to get... oh... it seems that Adam uses baby Neopets instead of apes. Ah, well, the Neopian world will have to live without the knowledge of how to get the magnificent Number Six/Adam/Borovan avatar. The ones using this avatar either: especially like (*cough* lurve *cough*) Adam/Borovan, or those who like saying or thinking "Muahahaha!" This might be put into the Rich/Poor category, or even the Hard category... but it was so amazingly cool that we just had to make a new category!

So take your time and choose whether you wish to appear obsessed with a certain pet, petpet, Faerie, or staff member. Or rich/poor. Or really good at games. (*cough* maths *cough*) All feedback is appreciated, whether it be questions/comments/fan mail/hate mail. Send to im_kokopelli. NeoTitles? We'll save those for next week. Oh, and for those who would like to know? I currently use the Number Six avatar, and I am one who always thinks/speaks "Muahahaha!"

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