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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > A Guide to Winning Trophies #6

A Guide to Winning Trophies #6

by solidus_snake

GAMES ROOM - So you want to win some trophies? Here is your guide. This week’s article is on Nimmo’s Pond, Jelly Processing Plant, and Raiders of Maraqua.

Nimmo’s Pond

This is a game of action and some luck. You play the Nimmo and you have to shoot all of the lily pads. Use the left, right, and up arrows to move. Use the ‘v’ key to catch flies, use the ‘b’ key to use a bomb, and hold the spacebar to shoot. There are 2 bars at the bottom of the screen. The left bar is life. You lose life if you bump into a lily pad. You lose more life if you bump into a big pad. The bar on the right is your paddle power. You use paddle power to turn, and move forward. If you run out of either bar, you die. Life can be replenished by eating red flies and paddle power can be restored by not moving or shooting. You can turn in smaller increments if you tap left then quickly tap right before you finish turning. The same can be used to turn left.

When you destroy a pad, it will split into 3 smaller pads and it may sometimes release a fly. Each fly has a different colour, and effect. Red flies replenish life, blue flies replenish paddle power, yellow flies change your weapon to Spread, green flies change your weapon to Rapid, orange flies change you weapon to Launch, and black flies give you an extra bomb. You can only hold 3 bombs at a time.

You start off with Rapid-1. You can increase the level and effectiveness of your weapon by eating the same coloured flies as your weapon. Generally, the higher the level the better, but if you are using Launch, and you have too high a level, you may shoot past your enemies. Rapid will shoot a lot of small shots in a straight line. Launch will launch a shot a certain distance and the small splash will damage any close pads. Spread will shoot 3 shots outward. There is brake, so the only way to slow down is to turn around and head straight. If you are ever in a tight space, don’t be afraid to use a lot of paddle power. Paddle power can be replenished easier than life. The pads get faster for every level you beat and an extra pad is added for every 10 levels you beat. There is a little bug when you get to level 30 or above. Sometimes the pads will disappear and you can’t beat the level. You can play Nimmos Pond here.

My strategy: When I play, I like to use Launch-5. It has high power and a good distance. I try to stay moving slowly at all times. I always go for the fast moving pads first because they are the most dangerous. When there is 1 small pad left, I stop moving to replenish my paddle power before moving on to the next level.

Jelly Processing Plant

Wow, this game is sooooo boring. It requires little thinking and a ton of patience. Basically, you sort three colours of jelly into their containers and feed the Skeith the ice cream. You get bonus points for every 4 ice cream cones the Skeith eats. You get a higher bonus if they are the same colour. You have 3 lives. You can lose a life by placing a jelly in the wrong place, or by letting the Skeith eat a jelly. You can play Jelly Processing Plant .

My strategy: Put on some music and sit there playing for a couple of hours. I played this game for more than an hour when this came out. You will probably have to play longer to get a trophy.

Raiders of Maraqua

In this puzzle and action game, you control Karpoh the Koi. Your goal is to avoid the underwater inhabitants while moving the treasures into the chest. When you push a regular bubble, a black bubble, or a treasure, it will keep moving in the same direction until it hits another object or wall. If you push a regular bubble when there is an obstacle directly in front of it, it will pop. Black bubbles cannot be popped this way, they must be popped by pushing a boulder at it. Boulders will keep moving through bubbles until they hit another boulder, immovable object, or wall.

Enemies will appear randomly from time to time if there are enough bubbles in the level. You will be able to see them in the bubble before they come out and they can be trapped while they are still in the bubble. Once they are out of the bubble, they will be able to hurt you by bumping into you or pushing objects at you. You must be careful to stop them before they can push any of the treasures.

There are four types of enemies in this game, and three of them tend to follow the same sort of pattern. The first is a Slorg. These slugs move at the same speed as you do. When they hit a wall, they will turn left or right. After they hit about three walls, they will start moving back and forth in straight lines. It is a pain to cross these lines, as they will probably follow you and block your path. Next, there are red Jetsams. These behave exactly the same as Slorgs, but will not try to block your path. The third type of enemy is the red Ghoti. This appears to move faster than you, but it actually moves at the same speed. These behave similarly to the other two, but they seem to try to follow you when they turn. The last type of enemy looks like a hammerhead shark. This enemy moves very slowly and can create regular bubbles. This enemy was very useful to me when there was no point limit on levels.

I’m not sure what the limit is exactly, but it looks like it is either: 25 points from enemies, or getting points only from the first 5 enemies. There are also random pick ups you can collect. Small treasures and life bonuses are placed randomly at the start of each level and can sometimes cost you a life if it blocks the path of a treasure. There will also be occasional 10 point bonus bubbles which float up the level. You have to touch these to get the points.

Point breakdown:

An enemy traps another: 1 point

An enemy traps two others with one shot: unknown

You trap one enemy: 5 points

You trap two enemies with one shot: 5 points + 10 points

You trap three enemies with one shot: 5 points + 10 points + unknown

Random treasure pickup: 5 points

Getting a treasure into the chest: 5 points

Random 10 point bonus: Hmm, I wonder…

When you get hit, you lose a life and restart the level. You also lose a life when you restart the level. You start the game with four lives, but you can pick up extra ones along the way. When you are trying to get through the puzzle levels with no enemies, you can think your way through it. Just remember that you must never leave a treasure against the edge of the level, and you have to remember to give yourself space to move the treasure in the next direction.

My strategy: The key thing to understand here is that you need points to get a high score. This means that you must get all the points possible before moving on to the next level. I trap enemies until they no longer give points and then collect any bonuses lying around, then complete the level. It is as simple as that. That’s all for this week’s article. Next time it will be on NeoQuest, Fetch, and the Dark Faerie Quests/Illusen’s Glade.

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