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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 23rd day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > Your Guide to Pirate Land

Your Guide to Pirate Land

by ziesolles

KRAWK ISLAND - Welcome to Krawk Island, the island that was basically named after the strange inhabitants, the Krawks. The island is located about 80 miles or so from the larger 'Mystery Island', and was found by a gang of pirates on the run from the law. The island soon became populated after the pirate's discovery, and now there is a wide range of huts, taverns and disused pirate galleons that make up Krawk Island.

A lot of stories have been told over the campfire and on the decks of old ships, and now I share that tale to bring to you your one and only guide to the wonderful land of the Krawks.

So get set now as we set sail to Krawk Island to explore each and every place that makes up this strange, but totally amazing island.

Little Nippers:

You come swinging around the bend, and pass the docked boats and the 'Food Club', and then dock in the small cove alongside, or near at least, 'Little Nippers'.

'Little Nippers' is a wooden building that rests upon poles and into the water, and here cute Pirate Petpets are sold to the likes of you. But you must have dubloons! Dubloons are basically plain, ordinary items, but on Krawk Island it is the currency.

There are many ways that you can get a dubloon; one of the easiest ways is to simply purchase one at a Neopian Owned Shop. Also you could try the Auctions or perhaps you might even be given one from a nice friend. Another way is to try your luck at Coltzan's Shrine, as it is said that there are dubloons buried in the sand around the shrine, but I wouldn't rest all my luck on that and I don't think you should either. But, it's worth a try anyway, you never know do you?

But once you have your dubloon, or enough dubloons rather, you can purchase any of the Petpets on sale, so then all you need to do is pick the best one for your pet.


This very interesting machine lets you exchange your dubloons for higher denomination coins, but you must make sure that you enter the exact amount of dubloons! Otherwise I'm afraid if won't work and you'll have to do it all over again.

Smugglers Cove

In a roughly Southwest direction of the Dubloon-O-Matic, there lies 'Smugglers Cove'. This place is where the smugglers and pirates of Krawk Island meet and sell plundered items on the market; all they ask for is dubloons which is the currency on the island so no complaints there I would presume.

Just make sure you aren't arrested by the Chia Police Officers on your return to Neopia, as these were once stolen items. But most of the time you should be fine, unless it happens that your mysterious item once belonged to King Skarl. Then that would bring trouble and you can bet your Strawberry Milkshake on it that you'll get a lot of it.

Fungus Cave

This place really exists you know! It's amazing really, SO many Neopians think its just codswallop… well, this is a secret place you know, and even more secret than the 'Smugglers Cove' actually. This small cave happens to be the home to the most mystifying fungus that you would ever come across of in Neopia. But it's there, and so we'll just have to cope with it.

At first site there doesn't appear to be anything of much interest, just some fungus really, and to most it isn't really the most fascinating place to be, when your on a holiday in Krawk Island.

But some will find it of use, but I'm afraid I can't tell you too much otherwise that spoils the secret for those that want an adventure. I'm not saying that this place really gives you an adventure, but I just don't want to give the game away, you understand. Don't you…?

Krawk Cup

The championship has ended! But that doesn't stop hundreds of tourists visiting the site where the cup was held. So why not stop by and have a look at what is left? It's a great place you know… Hang on; I think I just saw a ship up there…


Deckball is a great game, and it is played on a disused pirate galleon just off the island. To play, just head over to Krawk Island and follow the directions to the galleon, and to get to the disused pirate ship just hop aboard one of the small vessels that are used to transport contestants to and from the island. Easy really.

Oh, and one tip of advice. It helps to actually prevent the opposition from scoring in your goal, that way they won't score much. Then with your goal covered all you need to is to just make sure you push the ball into your opponents goal, while making sure your not accidentally whacking it into your own. You know, I find a lot of people win when they follow those few and very simple tips.

Krawk Island Fashions

When you arrive at Krawk Island, you probably noticed that all the pets wore what is called, 'Krawk Couture'. This happens to be the latest design that has been sweeping through Krawk Islands pets can you believe it. And apparently, red with white stripes and spots is totally IN this year.

To get more information on how to obtain any of the latest designs, or to see for yourself just how good they are, or how bad they are if that's the case, just visit 'Krawk Fashions'.

In case you're wondering where 'Krawk Fashions' is, well it's located on the western side of Krawk Island. The area has many small buildings but you'll work out where you need to go easily once your inside.

Buried Treasure

Treasure, Treasure! I am hidden, can you find me! Treasure, Treasure! Where am I! Hmm, that was bad… okay then, so it's not that simple? To right it isn't.

The 'real story' is a very long one, and it happened a great deal back while the Pirate Ship, the 'Black Pawkeet' still roamed the high seas. But nevertheless I'll try and give you a hopefully brief recount as to what happened.

Well the whole drama began on one day during a storm when the captain of the ship, old Cap'n Bloodhook, was tossed overboard.

Most people thought that he had died, but his crew was a little wary of him, as they knew that he could survive almost 'anything that nature threw at him'. And therefore the crew formulated a plan and in the end they decided to bury all the treasure somewhere on Krawk Island. And by doing that they could say, if Bloodhook ever survived and came back that is, that they were raided and the treasure was stolen.

And it was just as the crew did not want it to happen, that the captain did survive, and he had also found out what his crew had done. So then when he clambered back on board he gave a thunderous roar, and leapt into the attack… and by the time he had finished, not a single member of the crew, had survived…

Bloodhook had survived, but the whereabouts of where the treasure is, well nobody actually knows really. Although now it has turned into a great game! And Neopians from all over flock here by the whatever of numbers, to try and find the treasure, or at least some of it. So can you? Well try it; you never know your luck.

Oh yes, your probably wondering as to how to make a guess, well that's easy. Just wander over to the western side of the Island, near the small lake, and you'll see a big sign with 'Buried Treasure' on it. There you'll meet a friendly Krawk who holds a large board with a map of Krawk Island pinned on it. The board happens to be divided into even squares like a grid, and each square has a hole with a piece of parchment, containing of course the result of your finding.

So for 200 NP you can pull out a ticket and see if you've won, and the best of luck to you!

Deck Swabber

Swab those decks now!! Errm, yes, well anyway, welcome to the Krawk Island non-special but highly enjoyed game, Deckswabber. All you need to do is 'swab' the deck, by turning all the squares the same colour, while gathering loot as you go about it.

You can collect the gold, chests, and even the magical square boxes. But you must avoid those scurvy err, 'brutes' as they call it, at all costs. Unless you want to end your game quick smart, but even that's a no-no, because why would you want to quit the game quickly! There's absolutely no reason at all, unless it's to grab a Blueberry Pizza and a Smoothie, but apart from that, nothing at all.

Swashbuckling Academy

Welcome to Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy, where you can get your pet trained for the Battledome, or for whatever reason that you desire. There are just two rules; all courses are paid in dubloons and Cap'n Threelegs sees the colour of your money before any training starts. So once that's cleared up your away.

The Academy is in a way similar to the Mystery Island training school, yet again so diverse, in it's own ways. The Krawk Island Academy only takes Neopets with levels up to 40, anything over that is, well I mean your pet must be pretty good to be already up to level 40!

But in every other way this place is outstanding, and you will be guaranteed that when your pet leaves this place, it'll be up an extra notch, no doubt.

Your pet can take courses for strength, defense, agility, endurance, and level upgrades. There are also different course types, and each needs the pet to be up to a certain amount of levels in order to complete it, or start it rather.

And for any queries just contact Cap'n Threelegs himself, as I'm sure he'll be delighted to tell you everything that you need to know.

Dubloon Disaster

In this game, you take the role of 'Dorak' and have to row about and collect as much treasure as you can (in the sea that is), but of course making sure that you avoid the homing mines. The mines are fired from the 'Black Pawkeet' and you must make sure that it doesn't hit you, because if it does your fate is chosen. But it's only a game so don't kick yourself is you get blown to smithereens on your first try…


Krawps is played in a small dingy room, just underneath the 'Golden Dubloon' restaurant. This is the only game that is played here, and this room is used for that purpose, and that alone. 'Krawps' is possibly the most confusing game ever to be played on Krawk Island, and probably the whole of Neopia actually.

As there are simply not enough dubloons for the winnings in this game, the pirates that run and play it gladly accept Neopoints. And of course you are allowed to participate, but make sure you've got a handful of your cash left afterwards, as this game eats up a lot of it.

Krawps is a dice game, and you have to place different bets on different areas of the table, and of course hope that the dice turn on the side you want it to!

The game is so complicated that you must read the rules beforehand and they are pinned up on a musty board, just inside of the room.

The Golden Dubloon

Ahoy me hearties and welcome to the most famous restaurant in Krawk Island! And possibly the only one too. This restaurant is one of the best known, and is run by the fabled Captain Hackett. So come along in, have a bite to eat, and please note that there are some rules, and guidelines I suppose, that are used in here.

Firstly Occupancy, and as this is a rather small restaurant there is a limit on the number of people that are allowed in. And also, if you are found to not be eating for about 15 minutes then you get kicked out, sorry!

Secondly Buying Food, well to buy food you have to go to the menus and then just select what you want. But remember, 'The Golden Dubloon' only accepts dubloons, so please make sure that you've got enough.

And that's about it; so once you're in, just go to the meals. There's 'Starters', 'Main Courses', 'Desserts' and 'Cocktails'. Oh and one more thing, once you've piled your plate make sure you go to 'eat', as that helps you to actually devour the food. So other than that, enjoy!


Armada is a very interesting game. It involves a board with a fleet of wooden ships… I wonder how it's played? Well you'll just have to find out.

The game, 'Armada', is played in a small red building on the coastline of Krawk Island, a little bit south of 'Little Nippers'. As we know it originated on board a ship, but now contestants prefer the land. And that is because the sea often wobbles the pieces around, and that once turned into an awful brawl, and nobody wants to see that again!

Food Club

The 'Food Club' is a current competition where pirates battle it out, no! Not with swords and cutlasses, humph, just read the title.

Actually, it's quite a nice place to go and visit, if you like eating though… food flying everywhere, nah, not really the place for me.


Err, I didn't say that, but it seems like we're back at our ship now. And that must mean that the tour, or guide I suppose, has finished.

Anyway, after all that I reckon I feel like a good game of Deckswabber, or perhaps a little game of Krawps. Care to join? Well if you want to, I'll be around, so I hope to see you in Krawk Island!

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