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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > The Guide to Petpetpets

The Guide to Petpetpets

by glowing_dreamz

YOUR PETPETS FUR - Have you ever wondered what Petpetpets are? Do you want to learn more about these fascinating and rare creatures? Well, in this article that I have written, the readers and I will be taking a detailed look at the new Petpetpets that have appeared in Neopia to how to attach them to your Petpets, we will be covering everything you need to know about Petpetpets in this one article! Enjoy, and I hope that it does help anyone that is slightly confused about these mysterious creatures.

First of all, what is a Petpetpet?

Well, the name of these creatures will probably portray its already obvious meaning. As Petpets were made to be the pets of Neopets, these Petpetpets are basically creatures, which do resemble more like insects, were created to be the pets of your Petpets. That is why this creature is specifically called a "Petpetpet", not a Petpet, because this Petpetpet acts as a pet for your Petpet, which is the pet of your Neopet. You can see an example of a Petpetpet when you check out my main pet, GLoWiNgDrEaMz, and his Petpet and its Petpetpet.

How do you acquire a Petpetpet?

There are many ways to acquire a rare Petpetpet of your own. Because of the high rarity of these Petpetpets, it is unlikely that you will be able to get one on your own, without buying it from someone else. Unlike the Petpets that we are also so fond of, Petpetpets do not stock in any stores at all.

In fact, there are only three ways to currently get a Petpetpet. The first way to acquire a Petpetpet, which is also the most common way, is to purchase a Petpetpet from some other user that is willing to sell his/her Petpetpet.

The second way to acquire a Petpetpet would be by shear luck, if you can receive the special and highly rare event that allows your Petpet to find a Petpetpet of its own. Unfortunately, with this method, you can't choose what Petpetpet you will receive, but at least you don't have to pay anything for it.

The last way to acquire a Petpetpet would be if you had previously won the Lenny Conundrum puzzle a couple of weeks ago, when the prize was an ultra-rare Petpetpet called a Mootix.

How do you attach a Petpetpet to your Petpet?

Unlike the Petpets that many are used to, the Petpetpet can't be attached just by just clicking the Petpetpet in your inventory, and sending it to your designated spot. Instead, you must go through the tiring and boring trial of attaching the Petpetpet yourself.

Before you start to attach your Petpetpet, I advise that anyone who is trying this should fill up his/her inventory with as many junk items as possible, so that the Pant Devil will have a less chance of stealing your precious Petpetpet while you are trying to attach it to your Petpet.

After you have filled your inventory with worthless items, make sure that your Petpetpet is in your inventory as well, and that it is not currently in the middle of Auctions, Trading, etc.

Once you have made sure that you have checked your Petpetpet, go to the Quick References section, and switch your active Neopet to the one that has the Petpet that you want the Petpetpet to attach to, if you haven't done so already.

After you have double checked that you have correctly followed the previous instructions, go back to your inventory and keep on refreshing there, with your Petpetpet and your junk items still there. As you keep on refreshing in your inventory, you must wait until your Petpetpet mysteriously disappears, excluding the use of a random event. Once your Petpetpet has suddenly disappeared from your inventory, it will finally be attached to the active Neopet's Petpet.

Unfortunately, this process of refreshing will take an average of at least 30+ minutes. In my case, I timed myself, and it took me a total of 42 minutes to just attach my Petpetpet to my Petpet. Be patient though, because this tedious process is well-worth its effort and time at the end!

What are the differences between Petpets and Petpetpets?

The first difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that Petpets can be attached without the use of the refreshing process, while the Petpetpets take a much longer time to attach, which is based on pure luck.

The second difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that all Petpetpets are rarity 99, while Petpets range in many rarities of all sorts, including rarity 99.

The third difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that Petpets can be stocked in any of the Neopian shops around Neopia, while Petpetpets can currently only be found through random events.

The fourth difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that all of the Petpetpets take their form as fleas, which are small, wingless leaping bloodsucking insects. On the other hand, Petpets can come in many forms, other than those of fleas or insects.

The fifth difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that Petpets can not be found in any random events currently known, while Petpetpet distribution depends on random events.

The sixth difference between Petpets and Petpetpets is that Petpets can personally be named, while Petpetpets cannot acquire a personal name of their own.

Why are all of the Petpetpets so expensive?

The Petpetpets are so expensive because their rarity is very high, therefore, the Petpetpets are hard to acquire or find in random events. As a result, it is logical that Petpetpets would tend to be expensive on their first few weeks of release.

If you really want a Petpetpet, but currently cannot afford its high prices, I suggest that you wait for a couple of more weeks. As you can see, the Petpetpets are steadily decreasing in price, since more people have found these Petpets, resulting in more Petpetpets for sale and more competition of during these sales.

How many Petpetpets currently exist?

There are currently 7 different Petpetpets that exist: Mootix, Breebly, Cooty, Vernax, Veespa, Zytch, and Moach.

What are the current Petpetpet prices in the Trading Post, Auctions, or Shop Wizard?

Most of these Petpetpets sell for about 125,000-150,000 NP each, or sometimes a little more, depending on how strong the demand of each of these Petpetpets are.

I do hope that this article has satisfied most or all of your curious hunger about Petpetpets, one of the most interesting and bizarre creatures of Neopia. If you have any questions that I have currently not answered in my article, feel free to Neomail me your questions, if they are reasonable. Well, I hoped you enjoyed this article! Until next timeā€¦ farewell!

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