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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Articles > NeoSchool Tips and Quips

NeoSchool Tips and Quips

by beau_lis

NEOSCHOOLS - The coming of autumn is close at hand and that can mean only one thing. Well, actually it can mean a lot of things. But for our purposes, we’ll go with it meaning the coming of Neoschool! This has been a long awaited event by many Neopians. Oh the excitement is in the air as pets from all the worlds dash around trying to gain their Neoschool supplies before Neoschool begins.

For those who may have missed the coming excitement, Neoschool will soon be here. The Neoschool will offer your pets a chance to learn new subjects. This term will offer:
Basic Mathematics
Starting Science
Grammar and Language
Learning Art
Simple Spelling
Potion Brewing Basics
Physical Education
Early Neopian History

Your pets can register for up to 3 classes. Plus, your pets can join in after Neoschool activities and try to become the most popular pet in Neoschool

The days of your pets being listed as not so bright have come to an end. No more will we have illiterate pets and pets with little or no skills. Now we can equip our pets to be more educated and develop the ability to gain better Neopian jobs.

“I think Neoschool is totally cool. It promotes camaraderie and awareness among pets and pet owners.” - i_still_rule

“I'm very excited about the Neoschool and have been keeping up with all the updates on the news page, as well as those in the NT's editorial section.” – miafaery

“I think I would like the Neoschool because it's new, pretty exciting and it will keep my pet busy!” - xoxflirty_bbxox

“I reckon that Neoschool could be good, but the school supplies, if you need them for it will be expensive, but it'll keep my pet busy and that’s really what matters.” - golfergirl4eva

“I think the Neoschool is a good idea. It gives Neopia a little change, and I'm definitely looking forward to it…The only thing I don't like, is the popularity contest that seems to be involved.” – angelicnemesis

“Neoschool should be great, I am always excited about my pet learning, gaining stats and I am anxious to see homework and I might just learn a little myself whilst helping my pet…On the personal side of things -- I am slightly worried about popularity contest (more of them) sparking in Neopets.” - slick__3

“I think that Neoschool would be a terrific idea. Especially if pets could become more intelligent by going to them.” - pokemon_obsessed75

“I think Neoschool is great! I have been waiting for them to come out! They will have your pets learn things they never knew. And you get to do a lot more on Neopets!” - diamondangel188

Although many are very excited about the coming of Neoschool, there are many Neopians who aren’t quite sure what to make of the prospect of Neoschool

“Great. Now our pets can suffer the same fate.” - ms_philosopher

“…I'm thinking they are great, but can't you just read the books to your pets to get them smarter?” - wonder_angelic

“…how pointless "to try to be the most popular pet in school" would be…if people went to vote, it would be as annoying as all the people that beg for votes for the BC. All of the school supplies are too expensive as the Back to School Shop only sells 3 items at the most at about 5 times an hour and within seconds it's grabbed up.” – deadstarrr

“I think the Neoschool is going to be boring. At first I thought they were going to be like the training school and stuff, but after seeing all the lessons, I'm not quite sure.” - kaugirl89

“Neopets should be working on updating the rest of the pets and getting rid of all the abandoned accounts that clog the server and make Neopets run slower.” – psycickitten

“I think the Neoschool is kinda strange…but it is nice to see some realism in Neopets, and that it's coming out when most of us are starting school. That’s kinda bad since we won’t be going on Neopets as usual because of that.” - neonic99

“I think that pets will be coming home after school and banging their head against the wall because they can't take the Chemistry homework. Good luck to the fellow owners out there!” - unexpressed

So what, you may ask, would we need to equip our pets with to ensure they are best prepared for Neoschool?

First, you need to make sure your pets have a positive attitude about Neoschool Try not to scare your pets with horror stories of your own school days. Avoid such tales as walking 3 worlds just to make it to school when you were young. For the sake of your pets, do not recall homework stories such as your experiences with Maths Nightmare. Encourage your pets to do their best in Neoschool and even offer them a little treat if they do well. Maybe the treat can be a piece of chocolate, which is always good to stimulate the thought process.

Second, make sure your pets get the proper nutrition for a strong body and healthy mind. They need to begin the day with a good hearty breakfast such as eggs, toast, orange juice and milk. This will not only help with keeping your pets mind focused on their lessons, but it will keep the tummy rumblies away until they can have their lunch.

This brings us to your pet’s afternoon meal. Although breakfast is the considered the most important meal of the day, lunch is also just as important. Without a good lunch your pets may feel a bit slow for the rest of the day. Try a good wholesome packed lunch. Always make sure to include a drink, sandwich and fruit. You can even include some desert in there for your pets. This will also help keep your pets energy levels up for the rest of their Neoschool day.

Third, you need to make sure your pets have all the Neoschool supplies they need. This would include pencils, pens, coloring items, erasers, pencil holders, books, back packs and the list goes on and on. Rather than buying supplies randomly, you may want to find out ahead of time what your pets may need to have for Neoschool This would ensure that you avoid buying items that your pets won’t need, especially when Neoschool supplies are becoming more and more expensive.

Fourth, have your pet look his or her best. Make sure they are well groomed and gleaming for Neoschool Some may even choose to paint their pets for this occasion. Anything is grand as long as your pets look dapper. True, they may get mussed during recess. However, at least you have the knowledge that they looked very good when they left for Neoschool

Fifth, make sure to be supportive of your pets. It is hard to see your little ones go off to Neoschool for the first time. But please, try to hold back your tears and do not grab onto your pet wailing while he or she makes their way to Neoschool They need to learn that this is the next step in their young Neopian lives. Your pets can only enjoy Neoschool if they truly know that mom and dad can get along without them for a little while.

So there you have it. Some extra information about what to expect with Neoschools, how to make your Neoschool experience the best for your pets and the opinions of others regarding Neoschools. Plus, as a bonus, you were able to see the attempt at humor from this author.

Author’s Note: This article is written with humor for a bit of fun. Neoschool will be coming soon. Keep checking the news page for more details. I hope you enjoyed my article. Please feel free to offer comments.

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