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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > New Series > The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part One

The Legend of the Island Mystic: Part One

by chulien9922

It was a rainy day. Ashyann waited outside for her pets. After an hour, they arrived drenched in rain and mud. Their notebooks and textbooks were soaked, as well. Ashyann sighed and said, "Dinner's on the table." Vin, her yellow Kyrii, could tell she wasn't happy. Being that Ashyann goes to high school, she doesn't have much time to earn Neopoints. Therefore the pets had a cardboard house and no backpacks for their books. His owner had spent a lot of time getting the Neopoints to buy school supplies. Now she had to buy new ones.

     "Well, at least I won't get burned the next time I write on my Scorchy notebook," Vin said, and his siblings laughed. Even Ashyann let a rare smile.

     "Here's your supper," she said motioning towards the hewn stone table.

     "Omelettes again!" Hillon, the youngest and a blue Bruce, whined.

     "Well, our old textbooks were getting worn out, anyway," Vin lied, changing the subject. Their textbooks had been bought a few weeks ago. "Besides," he continued, "After we get new ones we could have soup every day." That seemed to cheer everyone up. Ashyann sat on the blue beanbag chair and opened The Neopian Times. After a quick supper, Neopets eat as fast as lightning. Ashyann put down her Times and called them all to get some sleep.

     "So how was your day today?" Riddle, the oldest and a Lupe, asked as they got ready for sleep (They didn't have beds)."

     "Oh fine," Ashyann replied. "I won a bowl of lice rice, a stuffed frog, and two hundred and fifty Neopoints and at the Tombola game."

     "That's nice," said Riddle, though Vin didn't think so for some reason, and it wasn't the gross food. He had the same weird feeling he had had for years.

     Once he had the same bad feeling about spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity. It landed on a Dactyl and Ashyann, who didn't know what it meant, accepted it. Hillon got bit because of this and Vin never quite forgave himself for keeping quiet, although he was quite sure it was just a coincidence both things happened at the same time.

     Another time he had this bad feeling when he was heading home from school. The pain just wouldn't stop, and he somehow he remembered that he had left his notebook. It was like as if a voice inside him was telling him what he had forgot. It must be some coincidence Vin assured himself. The pain died out a bit. That's better.


The next day, the pain started up again. Ashyann took Hillon out, just to visit around, she had said. Hillon was Vin's favorite sibling. "Come back soon," Vin and his brothers said, but Ashyann didn't reply. Dern, the third oldest and a Scorchio, suggested a game of cards.

     "Wanta shuffle?" Dern asked.

     "No thanks," Vin replied. He was feeling so bad that he didn't even feel like standing up. Dern and Riddle shrugged.

     Usually, Vin would do just about anything just to shuffle so he could show off his shuffling skills. The game began first with Go Koi. Vin started to shiver uncontrollably. His face was hot and sweaty, and his stomach was beginning to swell. "Vin!"


     "Are you okay?" Dern asked.

     "I'm fine," Vin lied.

     "You sure don't look fine. What's wrong bro?" Riddle asked.

     "Well…"Vin started, "wait a sec; I think it's telling me something."

     "What's telling you something?" asked Riddle impatiently.

     Vin paused a moment in deep concentration. Then he opened his eyes and said, "I think we should find Hillon."

     "Whatever bro, you're definitely weird. Ever since you were little I hinted it," said Dern.

     "I think we should check it out," Riddle said.

     "What! Are you crazy? So Mr. Spirit Boy here claims that Hillon's in trouble just because he's got a bad stomachache, what does that prove!"

     "I watched Vin ever since he was young and you're right about something Dern, he is abnormal, different. Ever since he could talk, weird things have happened to him. I think, now you may not believe me here, he could sense the future."

     Dern's jaw dropped and Vin's eyes widened. "It can't be! It must be some coincidence!" Vin retorted.

     "Maybe, but as for now I think we should go see Hillon. When you started sweating on a perfectly cold day, I thought you might be predicting again, or more so hoped. I'm sure you'd stop sweating once we see Hillon, Vin."

     "You can't do this!" Dern exclaimed." Ashyann told us to never go into the outside world without her unless it's school. She'll kill us if she catches us. Don't you know what's out there? Pant devils and Sl-Sl-Sloth! You can't go."

     "No one said you had to come," Riddle replied calmly.

     "But you can't. What if she finds that you're gone and that I didn't stop you!"

      "Just say you put up a good fight, but we bullied you out of it," Vin replied, "and we'll back you up."

     Dern started stuttering uncontrollably, but Riddle and Vin were already out. Riddle followed Vin all through Neopia Central. Vin followed the path his instincts led him. They visited the Smoothie shop, the Magic shop, and then the Petpet shop. Then they were led to a strange path. Vin's pain had calmed down a bit when he first headed out and was now beginning to trickle up again as he saw a small, strange building before them. "In here," said Vin and started pushing the door. The place was somewhat familiar, like he had been there before; it was at the tip of his head, nearly forgotten…

     "Uh bro, I think someone's following us."

     Vin came back out.

     They were silent for some time, until Dern came. "I'm not going to let you guys out there alone, Ashyann will kill me," he said.

     "Yaw right, you were just afraid," said Riddle.

     "Oh come on you guys, let's go already," Vin cried impatiently.

     Inside it was nice and clean. A Uni was handing an owner who had a blue Blumaroo a Meerca. "Have a good time with her," the Uni called after them.

     "Thanks, we will," the owner called back as the Blumaroo started hopping around with the Meerca.

     "What is this place?" asked Dern, but he was interrupted by a Techo.

     The Techo had sickly yellow skin, crazy hair that looked as if it was from an experiment gone wrong (it probably was), and a stiff lab coat. Its name was "Dr. Death." Vin whispered under his breath.

     "Hello doctor," said a familiar voice.

     "Ashyann!" the pets cried.

     Indeed it was Ashyann with a squealing Hillon under her arm. She dropped him on the table.

     "Noooooo, please don't!" Hillon cried. Next to him was a Buzzer that Ashyann must have bought for Hillon.

     "What's going on?" Dern demanded.

     "I don't know, but it's not good." Vin ran up to Ashyann. "What's going on?" he asked, tugging his owner's sleeve.

     "I know that you love your brother and all, but I can't afford all of you. One of you will have to go. Besides, Hillon will have a brighter future."

     "No, I don't care if I starve, please don't leave me!" Hillon shrieked.

     "I'll leave the Buzzer and elixirs with you, Hillon," Ashyann coaxed.

     Dern and Riddle, now aware of what was going on raced forward. "No, you can't just leave Hillon, you just can't. Please." They pleaded.

     "But, I can't manage the Neopoints."

     "Send me instead," Vin said.

     They all stared. Even Dr. Death, who was just taking the pet of the sixth owner.

     "Have you decided yet?" Dr. Death growled.

     "Yes, I am to go," said Vin.

     Before anyone could speak any more words, Dr. Death smiled and pulled Vin up and into a hallway. He reached a wall at the end, typed in the password on a dial in the wall. The metal door slid out of the way and revealed a chamber with only one light bulb. The smell was enough to make just about any pet puke. The pets growled among themselves very intensely. Dr. Death dropped Vin. "SHUT UP!"

     Immediately, before he had said up, the abandoned Neopets were silent. "Get up, you runt. Walk!"

     Vin walked among the clear, white cages, looking at the abandoned Neopets. One Skeith was biting ferociously at a chicken leg, spreading the meat all over his cage. A Gelert was drooling all over his cage, while the pets near him were trying their best to dodge him. Most of the others were trying to get some sleep. "In here," said Dr. Death calmly and darkly at the same time.

     Vin gulped and headed in headfirst into his cage. He soon regretted that. He couldn't see anything outside. He could only see the boring, white wall on the other side and cold, steel bars. He couldn't move any part of his body, except his head. His knees remained in its knelling position, so he could fit, his back ached from his hunchback position, and his hands were pinned down by his body. Why do I have to be so tall? he wondered, I hope someone will adopt me quick! After the sound of the slamming door that signaled that Dr. Death had left, the pets began howling again and scratching at the bars of their cages. Who am I kidding; no one wants a pet lying in this position.

     "Hey, new guy, too bad you couldn't be a Kiko," came a voice.

     "Who are you?"


     "Okik, right?"

     "Right. How did you know, have we met before?"

     "Er -- no."

     "Well since you're new here, want me to introduce you?"

     "Naw, I probably know everyone's name and story anyway."

     "Really, you're like a fortune teller?"

     "Yeah maybe."

     "Well, once my Cobrall busts out of here, he'll get Dr. Death's keys and we'll all be home-free. And I'll be like a hero or something. You think I'll succeed?"

     "Maybe," Vin replied. He was so sleepy but too uncomfortable to sleep, and the whole place was too loud. After several hours, Vin fell asleep. He was awakened the next day at Dr. Death's yelling, "Get up!" And the casual voice, "So its alive" following after. The sound of the rattling of keys and the click of his cage being open followed. Vin struggled getting out; it was harder to get out then in.

     "Whatever you do, don't trust it," Okik warned. "Rose fainted when it lowered its hood."

     A tall, cloaked figure stood in front of him. Other Neopets were cowering at the sight of it. Vin was still half asleep and said, "You don't fool me Dern, get out from there."

     The Techo turned apologetically at the hooded figure. "As I said before, you wouldn't want him."

     The figure replied gently, "I never had a Kyrii before, I'll take him. Come on boy, I don't have all day."

     "That would be precisely ninety-six Neopoints," Dr. Death added quickly.


     "I said that that will be ninety-six Neop--!" Dr. Death said, louder this time.

     "NO ONE CHARGES DR. FRANK SLOTH!!!" the figure lowered its hood, revealing a sickly, raison shaped head.

     The figure raised his arms and absorbed magnets sparks to his hands and in less then a second later, all the cage doors opened. The figure pointed a long, bony finger at Dr. Death, "Get him."

     Immediately, the pets ran out and tackled Dr. Death down, each one had dark red eyes that hurt when one saw them. "I'm sure you're hungry," Sloth said. He placed a can of Neocola in front of Vin. "Enjoy."

     I must not drink it, Vin told himself. I mustn't. I must resist. But his insides were burning with hunger. I mustn't. I mustn't.

To be continued…

Author's note: Well, that's the first part of my first story, I hoped you enjoyed it. Sorry if one of the names I made up was one of your pet's names, but I didn't copy it. There was no such thing as school at his time. Please do not ever abandon your pets, unless you absolutely need to, like Ashyann. Have a great day.

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