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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Short Stories > Memories of the Dark Lupe

Memories of the Dark Lupe

by zelestia

Dargonis surveyed himself in the mirror. A black cloak swirled around him with a silver nametag clasp around his throat. The Lupe smiled, his cinnamon colored eyes glowing. He had a dark, sinister look about him, with his midnight blue fur without the cream markings most Lupes sported.

     “Dargonis, you’re going to be late!!!” His owner’s cry rang out from the middle of the NeoHome. It was his first day of Neoschool, and he wanted to make an impression his classmates would remember. He glared in the mirror one last time.

     Picking up his backpack he noticed a small green tail poking through, “Fork, what are you doing there? You know you are not allowed to come!!” He scooped up the crestfallen Carma, and lay it on his bed, “Look, I won't be gone that long so don’t worry!”

     The chameleon-like petpet looked up at him with sad eyes. Dargonis gave a slight sigh, how things had changed since he had come to his new home. He slowly walked out of his room to get some breakfast.

Fifteen Minutes Later

Dargonis sat in the back of the classroom scowling at everyone. Many of the pets chatted excitedly with each other, since most were from the same neighborhood. A few faces were familiar to him, but he never really bothered to meet anyone, and no one bothered to meet him, which was all well.

     The class quieted down as a tall, blue, vaguely familiar, Kougra strode in, “Settle down now, I’m your Neopian History teacher Neal, er… this is my first year teaching so… uh… I’m not sure if you should call me Neal or Mr. Neal.”

     The whole class stared at him blankly; this was not what one expected from a teacher. Ignoring their stares he wrote Mr. Neal on the board, “Okay class, let's get started, our first order of business is the seating chart,” the silence was broken by a few random moans. Disregarding them he continued, “Now could you all line up by the wall? I will tell you where to sit.”

     “First seat, front row…Nikoli76.”Dargonis lifted his head at the sound of the name, it seemed so familiar, and then it dawned on him, Nikoli76 was his name! His owner had respected that he wanted to be called Dargonis and he rarely heard it any more.

     He stalked over to his desk, how could he get such a bad spot?!?! Not even close to a window! The sound of Mr. Neal’s throat clearing caught his attention, “So what do you like to be called? Nik… Nikoli … 76?” Most students smiled at the joke, some even let out a small laugh, Dargonis almost let himself admit it was humorous… almost.

     “Call me Dargonis,” he commanded coldly. His teacher looked startled and seemed to want to say something but thought better of it.

     Dargonis stared menacingly at those passing him to get to their seats, they hurried past, not wanting to be noticed. A blue Uni sat down next to him, she smiled, “Hey Dargonis!”

     “Hello…” his curt reply was cut short as he searched for a name. Dark faeries! Where was this girls name pendant? Every pet was supposed to wear one.

     “Animara,” she supplied the name and held out a hoof with a name pendant bracelet, an answer to his silent query. He shook the hoof once and slipped his paw away, this was getting to close to being friendly as far as he was concerned. He gave a slight snarl; she should learn that he was someone not to be messed with.

     “Okay class, now what I have here,” Mr. Neal held up a large pile of papers, “is a quiz.” Again a few people moaned but he cut them off. “Don’t worry, this is a personality quiz, so I can get to know you better. And you can put completely wrong answers, because that’s part of who you are.”

     Dargonis skimmed through the quiz, how would telling if he liked asparagus determine his personality?!?! He took out a pen and started filling in the blanks.

     After a few minutes he became board, what was the point of this stupid quiz? Frowning he looked toward the next question:

  27. When you first were born what was it like?

     …"Hey there Nik! I’m your owner!”

     The blue Lupe gave a doggy smile, his nose wide, receiving all the new scents in the air. He looked toward the human in front of him, “Hi!!! Hi!!! Hi!!! I’m Dargonis!!!!” He let his tongue hang loose in canine joy.

     The human blinked, “Noooo, your Nikoli76, Nik for short.” He pointed to the medallion around Dargonis’s neck. “See it says right there.”

     Dargonis looked down, sure it said that his name was Nikoli76 but then the medallion could be wrong couldn’t it?

     The human hooked a leash on the collar, “Why are you such a weird color? Most Lupes are light blue with a whiteish colored stomach, and they have yellow eyes, not red.” Dargonis looked at his midnight blue fur, it seemed fine to him.

     “Well anyway,” his owner continued, “I got a Lupe ‘cause your a lot like a dog but smarter so you’ll be easier to train. So heel!”

     Dargonis looked at his new owner strangely, “But I haven’t been blessed by a Faerie, I can’t heal on my own yet.” He pondered for a moment, how did he know this?

     His owner looked mad, “Not that kind of heal! You have to go and sit by my heels.”

     “No!” Dargonis narrowed his eyes in anger, no one was his master.


     “Did you not hear me correctly, I said no.”

     His owner glared at him and started pulling the leash. Dargonis sat on the ground, this owner might make him do things but sure as Fyora he wasn’t going to make it easy.

     They came, or more accurately Dargonis’s owner came and he was dragged, to the NeoHome. Dargonis was flung inside and the door locked behind him. He looked around, the one piece of furniture in the NeoHome was a ripped beanbag chair. This was the start of his long months alone…

     Dargonis shook his head, he didn’t quite remember whether his first owner was male or female, but he only saw them twice. It wouldn’t have been to bad had he been able to roam around like most pets whose owners forgot them, but he was locked in a room without food. It was strange that Neopets couldn’t die of hunger…

     Now, what to write down, he definitely couldn’t write about what really happened, that was a private thing to only him. He thought for a moment then wrote It was different. Not the most interesting response but it suited his purposes very well.

     He went on to the next question, 28. Were you ever in the pound? If so, what was your experience like?

     …The Lupe’s eyes burned from his gaunt face, he gave a snarl toward the figure in the doorway, they shrank back in terror. This person was what one called an owner, but no one owned him, he was darkness, he was terror, he was Dargonis!

     The Lupe charged, ripping past his owner he ran into the darkness of the night, which he blended in quite well. But there was one thing on his mind, FOOD! His hunger ate through him more powerful than his rage, for the moment.

     Dashing though the darkness he sped towards Neopian Central. Froth streaming from his jaws he closed them on someone’s shopping bag quickly devouring the contents. He gave a sinister grin at those screaming in terror, running away from him. He laughed maniacally, nothing could stop him!

     His laugh was abruptly cut off as a muzzle fastened around his jaws. A few large Scorchios and a bunch of yellow Chias with police badges surrounded him. His heart filled with dread, NO! They would never lock him up. Unfortunately he didn’t have much say about it as a club came crashing down, sending him into oblivion.

     Dargonis woke to find himself in a small, cramped chamber. Metal walls surrounded him except for a glass door, then he noticed a small bowl of food, he lunged toward it practically eating the bowl itself. The pink Uni on the other side of the glass slowly backed away, “Nice Lupe, good Lupe, I am so glad that glass door is shatterproof.” With those words she bolted.

     A blue Kougra looked across toward him, “She’s right you know, and you can’t pick the lock either, but dark faeries I’ve tried.”…

     Dargonis shot out of his memories and stared at his teacher, that was the Kougra from the pound, krawk3993842036jwjgq4qgj. At least that used to be his name, now he was Mr. Neal. He looked at his teacher a moment longer before diving back into his memories.

     Dargonis growled and glared at any owners passing by, almost closing time at the pound and yet again he wasn’t adopted. He had stayed there for a week, but that was only due to the fact that he scared away anyone near him. Not that he wanted to leave; regular meals were something worth staying here for the rest of his life.

     Suddenly, a hush came over every pet and owner in the pound. A group of people walk over, the Neopets Staff!!!! Everyone knew that they only came to the pound when some pet was needed for a job. Dargonis’s snarl pierced the silence; they weren’t going to take him!

     One of the staff came and looked at him, Dargonis frothed at the mouth a bit, that should dissuade him. The staff member rolled his eyes and beckoned someone over. He whispered something to a tall girl with dark blonde hair.

     “Er, I’ll think about it.” She looked at Dargonis nervously. The staff member shrugged and went on to the blue Kougra across from Dargonis. They opened the door and he walked out. The whole group exited, leaving everyone in the pound chatting excitedly, except of course Dargonis.

     Unbeknownst to him at that time the girl the staff member had talked to would be his new owner. She had walked over to his cage and was looking at him thoughtfully. He started barking madly at her, yet for some reason she still started depositing Neopoints into the adoption slot. His barks became more frantic, No! She couldn’t adopt him, he didn’t want an owner!!!

     The cage door swung open, he blinked, then stared at her. What in Jhudora’s Cloud had possessed this girl to adopt him???

     “Uh, don’t you want to get out of there?” She stood there, just stood there, for some reason this stood out to Dargonis as very odd. He slowly stepped out; waiting for a leash to attach itself to his collar…yet none came. She slowly smiled at him, “So… er... what do you want me to call you?”

     He narrowed his eyes, “Dargonis.”

     “Okay, let's go get you some food, and if you want a petpet, one of those too.” He followed her from the pound reluctantly, wondering what this new turn of events would mean….

     Diiiiiiiiing! Dargonis looked up at the sound of the bell. Mr. Neal stood, “Alright you can go to your next class, leave your quizzes on my desk.” As Dargonis was about to leave Mr. Neal beckoned him over. “Dargonis could I talk to you?”

     He sighed and walked over to Mr. Neal’s desk. He hadn’t done anything! Mr. Neal looked at him with genuine concern, “ Is everything okay?”

     Dargonis looked at him, and before he could stop himself the words tumbled out, “You were to Kougra across from me, the one that the Neopets Staff took!”

     Mr. Neal nodded, “Yeah, I had a really bad name so no one wanted me, if a pet is in the pound long enough the Neopets Staff take them for whatever jobs are needed. I was one of those pets, and to tell you the truth I was expecting a new Gallery of Evil entry.”


     “I was expecting you to be one of those pets that made it to the Gallery, you were so dark colored and sinister looking. That was why no one adopted you,” He gave a slight laugh, “But part of it might have been the growling.”

     “Well, the Staff asked someone to adopt me.”

     “Is your new owner good to you?”

     “Yeah, she’s a lot better than my first one.”

     Mr. Neal gave a sad smile, “That good to hear.” He handed Dargonis a slip of paper, “Here’s a pass in case you’re late for your next class.”

     Dargonis walked into the hall with a lot of food for thought. He might have ended up in the Gallery of Evil if he hadn’t been adopted. The more he thought about it the stranger it seemed, and the more likely. He wrestled with his thoughts, he wasn’t evil, but then again he liked to give off the impression of darkness, and darkness was considered… evil...

     The rest of the day flew past him. Some of his new classmates sat by him at lunch but he didn’t really talk to them. He kept going over his conversation with Mr. Neal, and slowly realizing that Mr. Neal was right. If he hadn’t been adopted he would have been put into the Gallery of Evil. When he got loose he was fierce, he wanted to steal, to destroy. On first day at his new home he had smashed all the furniture in his room. But his owner hadn’t done anything except replace it. She had been so good to him and he never thanked her or anything.

     After school he slowly walked home, still mulling over what had happened that day. He opened the door and his owner looked up at him, “Did you have a good day at school?”

     He nodded, and looking up at her, he gave his first true smile.

The End

Author’s Note: This was my first story, I hope you liked it. If you didn’t…well I never made you read it, did I? Oh and before I forget, I want to thank my good friend akkiko for the use of Animara2000 (I shortened the name to Animara if anyone didn’t get that). At the time of writing a pet named krawk3993842036jwjgq4qgj did not exist. If you wish to name your pet that, I have no problem with it.

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