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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 107 > Short Stories > Neoschool Blues

Neoschool Blues

by beau_lis

Note: Totally Snowflake or Snowflake is a blue Uni, unless it says Ms. Snowflake, which is me.

Oh what a grand time it was for this little blue Uni. Totally Snowflake or Snowflake as she was commonly called, was sitting outside of the Neopian Pound, under the shade of a large tree. In front of her was a jumble of puzzle pieces that she was trying to put together. The pieces were all different shapes and had parts to the picture of Mystery Island. Snowflake, the blue Uni, really loved puzzles and she loved guessing games as well. In fact, anything that she had to try and figure out was one of her most favorite things to do.

     Snowflake looked up at the sky. It was a brilliant blue with the slightest hint of clouds floating by. She moved her gaze toward the branches of the tree she was sitting under. It was as big as ever with green leaves as far up the tree as her eyes could see. Even though the end of summer was near, it was still a beautifully warm day out. The only signs of the coming of autumn were a hint of orange showing on the leaves and a brief chill in the breeze every once in a while.

     Continuing her viewing, she focused her attention on the playground. There were many pets of various species and colors, roaming around there. She could hear the laughter and squeals of delight as the pets engaged themselves in different forms of play. Snowflake watched as two Usuls were playing on the swings. She could also see her friend, a yellow Kacheek named Henrietta, getting ready to take her turn on the slide. Of course, around the playground was a game of tag happening. This seemed to always be the favorite game of the pets in the pound. Still some pets were playing dolls, reading or even just talking under the shade of other trees in the yard. Snowflake liked the way it was now. She wished it would always be this way.

     Oh why do we have to go to Neoschool? Snowflake thought to herself.

     Snowflake knew she needed to focus in order to finish the puzzle. Yet how could she when it was such a nice day out? It may even be the last nice day out she would ever have. Maybe once she starts Neoschool, she would never have a nice day out again!

     Still staring at her puzzle, Snowflake forced her mind away from the idea of Neoschool. She tried anyway. She couldn’t stop her mind from wondering what Neoschool would be like. Would she like it? Would it be hard? Would she make friends? She had heard that other non pound pets would be going to Neoschool as well. Snowflake wondered what pets with owners were like.

     “I hope they have puzzles,” she sighed dreamily as she placed a puzzle piece into its place.

     Snowflake was brought out of her thoughts when Henrietta came and plopped herself down by her. She watched as Henrietta picked up a piece and placed it in the puzzle.

     “So you’re still working this puzzle,” Henrietta said as more of a statement. “I thought you would be finished with it by now.”

     Snowflake laughed as she said, “Naw, it’s just hard to pay attention to anything today.”

     “This afternoon, Ms. Snowflake is taking us shopping to get our Neoschool supplies! Aren’t you excited?” Henrietta exclaimed with a little bounce.

     “Um, yeah. I guess I am,” Snowflake replied with much less enthusiasm than her friend.

     Henrietta looked at her friend. She knew that something was bothering Snowflake, but didn’t say anything. She figured that if her friend wanted to talk about whatever it was, she would. Yet even though Snowflake was feeling a bit down, Henrietta couldn’t help but be excited about starting Neoschool! She thought about all the wonderful things that would happen. She would get to learn different subjects and maybe she would even become friends with pets outside of the pound too. She knew there would be non pound pets going to Neoschool as well. Henrietta was very excited about this because she had been in the pound most of her young life. Henrietta wanted to meet some pets who had owners of their very own.

     “Lunch Time!” came the call of Ms. Snowflake, one of the Neopian Pound Staff.

     Snowflake and Henrietta brought their attention back to the present. Snowflake looked over at Ms. Snowflake. Most others became confused between Totally Snowflake and Ms. Snowflake because of their names being so similar. Personally, Snowflake didn’t see the similarities between herself and Ms. Snowflake. For one thing, she had wings and Ms. Snowflake didn’t. That is a big difference there. Plus, Snowflake was a Uni and Ms. Snowflake was a pound staff member. So how could there be any confusion?

     Looking back down at her puzzle, Snowflake frowned a bit. She had hoped to finish it before lunch. Leaving her puzzle where it was, she rose up and made her way back to the pound with Henrietta. Once entering the dining hall, they took a seat at a table full of girls. Both of these pets weren’t very hungry, but each for their own reason.

     After lunch was over, Ms. Snowflake gathered the pets together for their trip into Neopia. Snowflake and Henrietta entered the bus and chose seats together. Henrietta started to chatter with the other pets. Snowflake just sat in silence. She felt very out of place. Everyone seemed so excited about the Neoschool, except her. She wasn’t excited at all. In fact, she dreaded it very much. She wanted things to stay just as they were.

     The trip on the bus didn’t seem to last long at all. Soon they were standing in the shop of Professor Techo, the Neoschool supplier. Ms. Snowflake and Professor Techo spoke for just a moment before he turned to look at the pets with a great big grin.

     “Well I’m guessing that all you young pets need your Neoschool supplies,” came Professor Techo’s deep voice. “Just look around the shop and if you need any help, come see me.”

     Professor Techo watched as the pets spread out through the shop, excitement evident in their faces and movements. He decided to walk around offering assistance when his attention was caught up by a lone Uni. He noticed that she was back in a corner watching what was going on around her. Moving quickly, Professor Techo stepped up in front of her.

     “Can I help you find something?” Professor Techo inquired.

     “No, no, I’m alright. Thank you,” came the soft response from Snowflake.

     This was the new plan Snowflake came up with. If she didn’t get any Neoschool supplies, then she couldn’t go to Neoschool She would have to remain at the pound, where she knew everyone and what to expect.

     “Come now, we can’t have you going off to Neoschool without supplies,” Professor Techo said with a grin.

     With that, he ushered her around the shop, picking out items Snowflake would need in Neoschool Snowflake had to admit that it was kind of fun getting new things, even if it was for Neoschool She got things to write, color, draw and erase with as well as holders for them. She also got a calculator, scissors, stencils, ruler and everything she could ever need in Neoschool Plus she got her very own lunch box and she received her most favorite item of all! It was an Angelpuss backpack! There were lots of back packs to choose from, but Professor Techo brought this back pack out from behind the counter. He told Snowflake that it was hard to keep them in stock because they were so new and so rare. But if she would like, she may have the Angelpuss back pack.

     Snowflake now had everything she needed for Neoschool Plus, she was even starting to feel a little excited about going. She wanted to show off her new found treasures. She was still a little worried, too. What if she wasn’t smart enough to be in Neoschool? What if she didn’t have the right things? What if no one liked her? What if she didn’t make any friends? Snowflake already had many friends at the pound. But she was worried about that all changing if she went to Neoschool

     When everyone had chosen what they needed for Neoschool, Ms. Snowflake paid Professor Techo and soon the pets were on their way back to the pound. While on the bus, many admired each other’s new supplies, including Snowflake’s new Angelpuss back pack. She was the only pet in the whole pound to have this back pack.

     All too soon, the night before Neoschool came. Most of the pets were excited and it was difficult to get them to stay in bed. They all had their things ready for the morning. Mr. Pickles was to make a special breakfast for the new students. The Neoschool bus was to come and get them in the morning to bring them to Neoschool and then return them in the afternoon. It was all planned out right down to the last moment. Yet, Snowflake lay awake in her bed, wondering what the next day would bring. She had all her things ready for Neoschool, but she wasn’t ready to go. Without knowing what else to do, Snowflake began to cry. She didn’t want things to change and she didn’t want to go to Neoschool She wanted to stay here with her friends and the staff.

     “Snowflake?” came the soft whisper of Ms. Snowflake. “Snowflake, are you crying?”

     “Nooo,” Snowflake answered with a hiccup.

     Ms. Snowflake went and sat on her bed. Speaking softly so as to not wake anyone else, she asked why Snowflake was crying. Snowflake proceeded to tell her.

     “I don’t want to go to Neoschool because I won’t know anything and no one will be my friend and I’ll be all alone. Can’t I stay here with you? Pleeeease?”

     Ms. Snowflake heard the pleading in Snowflake’s voice and saw tears welling up in her eyes, by the shine of the hall light.

     “You will love being in Neoschool,” Ms. Snowflake encouraged. “The other pets will be there to learn as well. You won’t be the only one who will be learning new things.”

     “So I take it that means no, I can’t stay home?” Snowflake commented with another hiccup.

     “You need to go to Neoschool But you’ll have fun. You’ll see,” Ms. Snowflake continued on with encouragement.

     Snowflake sighed and agreed to give it a try. But she decided that if she didn’t like it, she wasn’t going to go ever again!

     The next day, was bright and sunny. The pets had all eaten their special breakfast and they now stood outside waiting for the Neoschool bus. Snowflake was among them, carrying her new Angelpuss back pack with all her new supplies, waiting to embark on her new adventure.

     Totally Snowflake had her first day of Neoschool where she discovered that it wasn’t so bad. It was just very different than what she was used to. She also discovered that all the things she was afraid of happening didn’t happen. She did make new friends and so did Henrietta. Snowflake also learned that she had a lot to learn, but that was okay because everyone else was in the same spot she was. While it was true that Neoschool may not be her favorite place to be, she did have fun there and she was able to do her puzzles as well. Plus, the puzzles she was doing became more and more challenging.
     Currently, Totally Snowflake is living on Mystery Island with her mom, Totally Wicked. They spend their time playing games and combing the beaches.

The End

Author’s Note: Special thanks to totally_wicked_ for allowing me to use her pet, totally_snowflake in my story. I hope you enjoyed my short story. Please feel free to offer comments.

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