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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Eating, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 104 > Short Stories > Clyde the Aisha Thief

Clyde the Aisha Thief

by immortalmina

Clyde was one of Neopia's best thieves. If he wanted it, he took it. Clyde was a blue Aisha who always wore a tan trench coat and a brown Fedora hat. Clyde had been with the Aisha Thieves as long as he could remember. His mother had been the Aisha Burglar, one of the founders of the Aisha Thieves.

     The rest of the Aisha Thieves didn't like how good Clyde was. What they hated even more was that Clyde now left notes telling the victim that he was the one who took the item. That was against policy. The thieves were a pack not individuals.

     The thieves came up with a plan to get rid of Clyde. The other thieves decided to get him to steal the Emerald Weapon. The Emerald Weapon was an emerald with great power. The thieves knew that the Pant Devil had stolen it. No one knew from who or how. While Clyde went after the Emerald Weapon they would tell Dr_Death where Clyde would be. Then Clyde would get thrown into the pound and adopted. To be an Aisha Thief you can not be owned.

     Clyde walked into the hide-out of the Aisha Thieves and wondered why they were all starring at him. He sat down on the couch next to one of the newer thieves. She looked at Clyde and smiled a worried smile. Clyde smiled back not knowing what was going on.

     The leader looked at Clyde with disdain. Clyde didn’t notice. "Now that Clyde has decided to grace us with his presence we can start. First, I would like someone to steal a Main Codestone from the Tombola Man," the leader said.

     Clyde just looked at the ground. That was too easy for him. The female Aisha sitting beside Clyde said, "I’ll do it."

     "Next, a Races to Riches scratchcard from the Scratchcard Kiosk," the leader went on. Again, Clyde didn’t bother answering. An elder Aisha said he would do it.

     "Okay, now a harder one: Healing Potion XII from the Healing Springs." This time Clyde almost looked up. That potion was one of the more expensive ones. A red Aisha wanted it before Clyde could answer. He decided it was still too easy, anyway.

     "Lastly, I have decided to get the Emerald Weapon from the Pant Devil," the leader told them.

     "I'll get it. Don't worry!" Clyde told the others. He loved a risk. This is what the other thieves counted on. They knew Clyde would want to do the hardest job himself.

     "We will leave it to you then," the leader told him

     Clyde rose from the couch and walked towards the door. He tipped his Fedora hat towards the Aisha he was sitting next to. She blushed and turned away. "I’ll see you all once I get the stone." With that, Clyde left the hide-out.

     Clyde had one problem: he didn’t know where the Pant Devil lived or where he kept his stolen property. "This can’t be that hard," he whispered to himself as he walked down the dark street that lead to the hide-out.

     It took Clyde three days of asking around before he found it. The Pant Devil lived on the outskirts of The Haunted Woods. Clyde went to his place to get prepared. He put together his thief kit. It consisted of tools, weapons and gadgets he would need.

     The next thing Clyde did was case the Pant Devil’s house. Once he did this Clyde learned that the Emerald Weapon was kept in a large glass case in the main room. It must be one of the Pant Devil’s most prized possessions, thought Clyde. He also learned that the Pant Devil left his house at the same time every night. The Pant Devil also didn’t come home for about an hour. Clyde decided that would be that time to go. An hour was plenty of time to get in and out.

     The next day, Clyde decided that it was now or never. Clyde waited until he saw the Pant Devil leave the house. Clyde knew what the Pant Devil did every night. In a way, the same thing he did.

     Clyde put on his black suit and night vision glasses. Once he was ready he went onto the roof. Clyde then went through a sky light in the roof and down into the room. The Emerald Weapon was beautiful Clyde thought. He got out his glass cutters and started to work.

     As Clyde worked his head became covered with sweat. His blue fur had become very damp. Soon Clyde had the gem in his hands. It felt cool and warm at the same time. Clyde wondered what kind of power the gem really held. As he pondered the alarm went off. The Pant Devil was home.

     "No! It is too early," Clyde yelled as he unhooked himself and fell. Clyde hit the ground with a thud. He placed a note that said it was taken by Clyde the Aisha Thief. After that was done Clyde took off running. He had to get out before the Pant Devil found him. There were so many doors and halls he didn't know which way to go. How could he forget to plan an escape route? Clyde thought he must have been in too big of a hurry. After a lot of running he picked a door. He was out.

     "Why did he come home now? He always takes an hour to steal," Clyde whispered to himself.

     The Neopian Moon was shining as the blue Aisha took off his suit and glasses. Clyde gazed up at it. Clyde’s mother had told him that an Aisha goddess lived on that moon. As Clyde stared, he thought he could see her. She was white and beautiful. Clyde didn’t notice someone watching him.

     "Thought you could go without an owner did you?" Clyde heard in the dark. He turned around and saw Dr_Death.

     "I have an owner," Clyde lied.

     "Yeah, who?" Dr_Death asked.


     "That's what I thought. Come with me. What is your name?"

     After some thought, Clyde came up with "Emerald__Weapon."

     Dr_Death took Clyde to the pound to be adopted. Clyde knew he would just bide his time before he was out and could go back to the Aisha Thieves. They would want the gem. Clyde hid it just before he was caught.

     After waiting a long time, two people came into the pound. It was Immortalmina and her white Aisha, Artemisluv. Artemisluv was lonely for another Aisha to play with. The purple Grundo, Methos5, was always by himself and just wanted to watch others.

     "What are we looking for?" questioned the pound worker.

     "We want to get a male Aisha," Immortalmina said. The pound worker smiled at Artemisluv and went to the back. He came back with a small very sad blue Aisha. The Aisha looked up at them and sighed.

     "Would you like to come home with us?" asked Immortalmina. Clyde shook his head yes. This was his chance for freedom.

     "What's your name?" asked Artemisluv. He looked at her and smiled. He had never seen such a beautiful Aisha. No, wait, he had. This Aisha looked just like that Aisha he saw in the Neopian Moon. Emerald__Weapon thought that this Aisha’s fur was as white as the moon itself. Clyde was immediately awestruck.

     "My name in Emerald__Weapon," he whispered. He hated the name, but he couldn't tell them the truth. It was a good enough alias for the time being.

     "We'll call you EW for short!" Artemisluv said.

     "Okay!" Clyde agreed. He didn't care what she called him. He just loved to hear her talk to him.

     Once Clyde was at Immortalmina's NeoHome he just couldn't stop starring at Artemisluv. He didn't know what to say to her. She was just too lovely to talk to. Instead he went and talked with Methos5. Methos5 could tell right away that EW really admired Artemisluv.

     "Why not talk to her? Trust me she doesn't bite." Methos5 tried to encourage him.

     "No, that's okay," Clyde whispered back. For some reason as Emerald__Weapon Clyde could not talk to her. He had lost his nerve. Clyde knew he would get it back once he was himself again.

     That night after they were asleep, Clyde headed out. It didn’t take him too long before he was where he had hid the Emerald Weapon. "Ah ha, there you are!" he shouted as he grabbed the stone. Clyde heard someone coming so he hid in the bushes.

     "I can’t believe Clyde took it! It was my precious. I hate him, I hate him forever! That thief!" the Pant Devil said to himself. That sounded familiar to Clyde. Clyde then headed for the Aisha Thieves’ hide-out.

     "Someone adopted you?" the leader said.

     "Yes, but that couldn’t be helped. Here is the Emerald Weapon." Clyde said as he handed the gem to the leader.

     The leader took the gem and said, "You can no longer stay here. You are now owned." Clyde slunk to the ground and frowned.

     "You sent him didn’t you?" Clyde asked angrily.

     "What do you mean?" the leader pretended not to know.

     Clyde smiled. "Dr_Death was sent by you. I should have known. Well, don’t think this will stop Clyde the Aisha Thief!" he yelled. Without knowing what their answer was, he left the hide-out. As Clyde left he laughed to himself. He took out the real Emerald Weapon from under his hat. He would never have given it up after all the mess it got him in. Clyde kept laughing as he placed it back under his hat.

     Clyde went back to the NeoHome of Immortalmina, Artemisluv and Methos5. He didn’t have anywhere else to go. He decided having an owner maybe be the best thing that happened to him. Immortalmina would be a great alibi. Clyde also wanted to stay close to Artemisluv. He couldn’t talk to her as Emerald__Weapon, but maybe in time he would be able to.

The End

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