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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Continuing Series > The Unusual Usul From the Far East: Part Two

The Unusual Usul From the Far East: Part Two

by unique377

It had been a few days since Miyuko first came to the Neoschool in Mystery Island and things had not improved; especially when Lilac had took to calling her, ‘Odd Usul’ whenever she saw her. Others had imitated Lilac too, and started calling her that name just to see the irritated look cross her face.

     “I don’t understand why people like to call me that … that stupid name!” Miyuko fumed angrily to Deep-Sea during lunch that day. Deep-sea patted her sympathetically on the back and told her that it would probably blow over in a few more days.

     Both of them were extremely good friends and discovered that they had a lot in common. Miyuko was surprised to find out that Deep-sea actually liked writing poetry as not many guys liked even writing at all.

     However, just when Deep-sea finished reciting one of his new poems to Miyuko, a paw banged down hard on the table. Miyuko looked up, startled, and saw Lilac glaring at her with a mad look in her eyes. “

     “So, you little pest … you must be the one who stole my pencil of the Earth Faerie!” she hissed, her eyes narrowing to tiny slits of hard, blue ice, as she glared at a bewildered Miyuko.

     “What are you talking about?” Miyuko asked, clearly having no idea why Lilac was accusing her of something she did not do.

     “Don’t come and lie to me, Odd Usul!” Lilac spat out, grabbing Miyuko by her fur collar roughly. “If I ever catch you red-handed stealing other people’s stuff, I’ll make you pay for this … big time!”

     “I don’t even know what you are talking about!” Miyuko bellowed, her temper rising as she tried to push Lilac away. However, Lilac only tightened her grip.

     “Don’t know? Oh, then why is it then that only when you arrived, things started to disappear into thin air? And it’s not only my pencil of the Earth Faerie that has been stolen … other people’s stuff has been disappearing mysteriously today! Can you explain how did that happen only when you arrived?”

     “Well, I’m just as baffled as you and the rest!” Miyuko shot back heatedly, as she gave one big push and succeeded in pushing Lilac away. Everybody gasped in terror although Miyuko couldn’t understand why.

     “So, you want a fight, eh?” Lilac growled; cracking her knuckles as she slowly started for Miyuko. “Well, get prepared to go to the Neopian hospital because you are bound to lose!”

     “Lilac Low!” It was Miss. Hoff… a very angry Miss. Hoff. “You have caused enough trouble today already! I honestly do not know what to do with you already! Come with me to the staff room… now!”

     Lilac sulked and followed Miss. Hoff grumpily after shooting a nasty look at Miyuko.

     Miyuko sat down, fuming as she angrily bit off part of her sushi roll. How dare Lilac accuse her of something she did not do! And just because she came only a few days ago!

     “Hah! Stealing! Why, I’ve got better things to do than stealing!” she said aloud, stuffing the entire sushi roll into her mouth and chewed angrily. Deep-sea looked rather uncomfortable and seemed to be thinking hard.

     “I think we should find out who this culprit is and clear your name!” he finally declared before taking a deep swig from his carton of chocolate milk. “Mind if I assist you? Umm like … partners?”

     Miyuko grinned happily as she replied, “Partners!” She had finally found a friend at school!

     The minute Miyuko stepped into the school building, Deep-sea suddenly appeared in front of her, looking rather frightened and reluctant as he did so.

     “Hey, Miyuko … I need you to help me with a History problem! It’s urgent!” Deep-sea said frantically, although there was a strange look in his eyes.

     “Huh? Oh … okay …” Miyuko said slowly, wondering whether there was a time when Deep-sea ever asked her a question even when he did not know it.

     “Just leave your bag here …” Deep-sea said as he pulled Miyuko across to his locker forcefully. He seems almost eager to get me away from my bag, Miyuko noted silently as she allowed herself to be dragged to Deep-sea’s locker.

     “Um … how do you do question forty? It’s kind of confusing …” Deep-sea muttered, looking extremely flustered as he kept looking behind Miyuko as though expecting something to happen.

     “But Deep-sea, this question is one of the easiest in the workbook!” Miyuko exclaimed, starting to get confused and suspicious with Deep-sea’s weird behavior today.

     “Oh … really?” Deep-sea peered at the question as though he couldn’t believe his eyes. Then glancing behind Miyuko one last time, he said hurriedly, “Oh my gosh … you are right! Umm … I … uhh … oh, I understand the question already, you can go now!”

     “What strange behavior …” Miyuko murmured to herself thoughtfully, trying to think of a reason to explain Deep-sea’s actions just now. “He acted as though he wanted to distract me from something …”

     Going back to the bench where she had placed her bag earlier, Miyuko hoisted it onto her shoulder, not noticing that her bag was unzipped. She was about to turn to go when some items fell out with a clatter. Bending down, Miyuko picked them up, only upon the realization that these items weren’t hers but those which had been stolen!

     “So … Odd Usul, it was you who has been the thief all along!” Lilac drawled triumphantly, casually strolling past Jade with a look of pure malice on her face. “See… this pencil of nova belongs to Melinda, the Island Shoyru and that Snazzy Moon Comb belonged to Grace, the Striped Uni!”

     “But I wasn’t the one who stole those items! Someone else did!” Miyuko protested loudly and defiantly as she folded her arms and stood her ground, refusing to be frightened by Lilac’s false accusations.

     A curious crowd started to gather around Lilac and Miyuko as both of them started to bicker heatedly.

     “Don’t you dare deny it! Those items were found in your bag … that can be used as evidence and prove that you have been the one stealing all along!”

     “I told you Lilac, I did not steal!” Miyuko said in a weary voice, tired of always having to protest her innocence.


     “Stop it!” Miss. Hoff emerged from the crowd looking extremely ruffled and irritated. “You two, come with me to the staff room!”

     The seemingly never-ending argument continued there as Miss. Hoff tried to settle the matter as decently as possible.

     “Okay, Miyuko … I’m sorry but evidence is evidence and these items were found in your bag … I’m afraid that unless that mysterious person owns up to stealing, you’ll have to be suspended for two months and we’ll have to put a black mark on your permanent record!” Miss. Hoff stated gently as she looked at Miyuko sadly.

     Miyuko gasped in fright and shock. A black mark on her permanent record meant that if she finished junior high, she would have a hard time going to the next level as no high school would probably want her.

     “But I really didn’t steal … honest! What do I have to do to make you believe me?” Miyuko pleaded, throwing up her paws helplessly.

     “I believe that you didn’t steal … it’s just that unless we can’t find the real thief, you’ll have to be punished according to the rules … we’ll be giving that person three days to own up and during that three days, you’ll have to try and find out who is this culprit by yourself … we’ll be helping too … although I fear the chances are very slim …” Miss. Hoff said, shaking her head in resignation as she turned to mark a few papers. “You two may go now … and Lilac, please don’t go around accusing people just like that … even when there’s evidence!”

     “Yeah, yeah …” Lilac rolled her eyes and left before Miss. Hoff could say another word.

     On her way to her English class, Miyuko walked in a daze. She simply could not believe that she had gotten into trouble so soon after only a few days! Just then, Deep-sea dashed in front of her, panting heavily.

     “What did Miss. Hoff say?” he asked, looking extremely guilty as he stopped and shifted from one foot to another uneasily.

     “She said that unless I can find the real culprit, I’ll get suspension for two months and a black mark on my permanent record!” Miyuko replied in an icy voice as she stared at Deep-sea pointedly. She was beginning to distrust Deep-sea, especially after the incident that morning.

     “Oh dear …” Deep-sea looked even guiltier as he stared at the ground. “Look… I…”

     Just then the bell rang, indicating the start of a new lesson. Miyuko started walking briskly, leaving Deep-sea behind who was still at a loss of words. Although she was extremely suspicious of Deep-sea and felt very sure that he must have played a role in the stealing, she didn’t want to hear whatever confession he wanted to make.

     She was tired of always being jeered at, mocked at and made fun at. Maybe being suspended from school would be the best even though she wasn’t so sure about the black mark in her permanent record.

     I think it’s time for a trip to the Island Mystic for his advice! she thought to herself when the bell indicating the end of another long school day rang.


“I know why you are here and what you are seeking for …” a cracked voice said the minute Miyuko stepped into the dilapidated hut of the Island Mystic.

     “Well … what do you think I should do? How am I ever going to capture that thief?” Miyuko wailed, covering her face with her paws in sheer exasperation.

     “Your guess had been correct, I’m afraid…” the Island Mystic murmured as he fiddled around with a chain of beads he held in his paws. “And the only way you’ll be able to capture that thief is through his heart …”

     “You mean, like talk to Deep-sea and convince him to own up? I doubt he’d ever listen to me!” Miyuko said, staring at the Island Mystic in disbelief. “I can’t believe he actually deliberately asked to become partners with me in order to prevent me from finding out!”

     “Ah … but he’s already feeling guilty … the reason why he didn’t tell you he was the culprit is because he didn’t want to lose such a good friend like you!” the Island Mystic explained before closing his eyes and started mumbling some chants to himself. “Well, if you really think he won’t own up … you can catch him red-handed with this potion … wait, let me go and search for it … ah, here it is …”

     The Island Mystic carefully took out a vial of liquid from a dusty wooden cabinet that held many other vials full of strange-looking potions and handed it to Miyuko who took it and stared at it with fascination.

     “Whoa … what is this … potion?” Miyuko asked, squinting at the potion closely as she shook the vial slightly just to see what the potion would do. The thick, purplish liquid bubbled and frothed and the Island Mystic smiled in mild amusement at Miyuko’s plain curiosity.

     “This potion can stain things easily once it touches something,” he replied before settling down on his rickety wooden chair again. “Just pour it onto one of your valuables or somebody’s valuable … the potion colour wouldn’t show until somebody touches that item. Whoever who touches that item will have that potion colour stained on his or her paws or feathers and would not be able to wash it off unless they know how to make the removing solution that consists of Lemwarts, a Glass Negg and a couple of Thornberries.”

     “But I doubt Deep-sea would want to steal anymore if everybody suspects me to be the culprit already,” Miyuko said doubtfully as she gazed at the potion sadly.

     “Ah, but he didn’t want to do this in the first place … anyway; you need to find this out yourself. He will definitely be forced to steal one last time,” the Island Mystic added casually before fixing his gaze on the scenery outside.

     “So he is being controlled by someone … but who?” Miyuko said aloud. The Island Mystic laughed and shook his head at his own blunder.

     “You are indeed a bright child … now, go on your way! I shall not reveal anything more!” The Island Mystic waved his paw at the exit before closing his eyes to meditate.

     “Thank you, Island Mystic!” Miyuko managed to muster a forced smile before turning to go.

To be continued …

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