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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Continuing Series > Out of Luck: Part Two

Out of Luck: Part Two

by satushi

Zarleon stormed angrily through the forest, the cursed gem still held in his mouth. He growled to himself as he pushed his way through all the overgrown plants that surrounded him. He wasn't on the path, so he didn't really know where he was. That didn't really matter to him though, since all he had in mind was getting away from Kyur and Ari.

     He shoved his way through a few bushes and dwelled on what had just happened. Kyur doesn't know what she's talking about, he thought sourly to himself. She just wants the gem so she can sell it behind my back.

     He growled faintly and blamed everything on his sister, although she had done nothing but try to help him. "I'm not cursed," he told himself. "Kyur is just trying to trick me."

     After about ten minutes of walking, Leon found himself back on the dirt path leading towards his NeoHome. He had walked in a big circle, so he turned and walked down the path away from the house. After a few more minutes, the river came into view.

     Leon turned his gaze towards the churning water. He growled again as he remembered loosing all of his Neopoints in it. As he stomped down the path, his front paws got caught in a long, thick root that lay across it.

     He made a noise of frustration and wrenched away from the root, but it only seemed to tighten around his front paws, binding them together. Leon pulled against it and tried to break free, but the root was unusually firm and thick. He backed up in the hopes of breaking it, but didn't notice that he was back stepping right towards the dangerous river.

     He stood on his hind legs and gave a mighty pull away from the root. With a loud snap, the root broke off of the ground, but the force sent Leon falling backwards. He landed in the rapid water of the river, and in a matter of seconds the rapids were pulling him under, the root still entangling his front paws.

     It had broken away from the ground, but the now unattached root was still binding his paws. Leon desperately tried to swim against the violent water, but it was too strong and he only had two paws to swim with.

     He slowly opened his eyes, but all he could see was the white waves coursing over him, the water dragging him downstream and holding him under. He felt a sudden rush a fear as he ran out of air, still unable to reach the surface.

     Leon's vision blurred and he felt fearfully that this was the end for him, when he suddenly felt a sharp pull against his front paws. He weakly looked up to see himself being pulled towards the surface by the root on his front paws.

     With an abrupt jolt, Leon was dragged onto the shore downstream. He coughed and gasped for air, and his eyes slowly focused on the two figures standing near him. To his joy, Kyur and Ari stood over him, the thick root in their mouths.

     Kyur put it down in the grass and kneeled over Leon. "Are you alright?" she asked in a worried tone.

     Ari dropped the root as well and looked down at his once intimidating brother, who was now laying in a drenched heap on the grass, still gasping for breath.

     Leon slowly nodded. "Yeah… I think so," he replied with a heavy breath. He stared at her in sudden disbelief. "Kyur… Ari… you saved me…"

     Ari beamed proudly at the fact of rescuing Leon. "Yep!" he said Enthusiastically. "After you left the house, we were worried and followed you to the river."

     Kyur nodded. "We saw what happened, so we grabbed the root and used it to pull you out," she explained calmly.

     Leon caught his breath and sat up, his eyes wide with shock. "I-I can't believe you two saved my life… and even after I attacked you back at the house," he said as he looked at them. "Why… why did you do it? I was a real jerk to you guys…"

     Kyur smiled. "Leon… we saved you because… well, because we love you."

     "Yeah, you're our big brother, no matter what happens!" Ari chirped. "And families have to stick together!"

     Leon smiled at them. He knew they were right, and he was extremely grateful to have them. "Thanks. For everything," he said sincerely. "Well… I love you guys too."

     Kyur and Ari both smiled at him, but a glint caught Kyur's eye. She turned her head and said, "Leon, it's the gem!"

     Leon and Ari looked over and saw the dark gem laying on the shore a few feet away. "What?!" Leon yelled in surprise. "But I thought I lost it in the river!"

     Kyur suddenly grinned. "Look at the center!"

     Leon looked at the center of the gem. The once hazy middle was now the same dark purple as the rest of it. "There's no more mist inside," Leon commented.

     "Right!" Kyur cried. "You've broken the curse!"

     "No way!" Leon said with a grin, "How in the world did I do that?"

     She looked at him and smiled. "Well, the only way to overcome a negative emotion is with a positive emotion," Kyur began.

     "And the positive emotion was love!" Ari finished proudly. "When you said you loved us, the curse went away!"

     Kyur nodded and smiled. "That's right, Ari."

     Ari beamed at her, and then turned towards Leon. "So now you're not cursed anymore!"

     Leon smiled. "Wow! Thanks a million! You two are the greatest!"

     Leon tried to get up from his laying place on the ground, but fell over again. His front paws were still bound by the root. He looked at his siblings. "A little help here!" he laughed.

     Kyur and Ari laughed too, and then broke the root off of Leon. He stood up and shook some of the water from his pelt, then sighed. "I'm sure glade this is all over," Leon said.

     "Me too," Kyur agreed, then she looked back at the gem. "You know Leon, I bet you could still sell that gem for a profit," she smirked.

     Leon stared at it for a moment. "No…" he said slowly, "I think this is for the best."

     He grabbed the gem and threw it into the river. All three pets watched as it quickly vanished into the rapids.

     "Now let's go home," Leon said as he turned back towards them.

     Ari smiled. "Okay!" He turned and bounded off down the path.

     Leon and Kyur followed a few feet behind, walking a little slower then their energetic brother. Kyur grinned at Leon. "You did the right thing, Leon," she said happily, "I'm proud of you."

     Leon grinned back. "Yeah, but I couldn't have done it without you and Ari," he answered truthfully.

     She smiled at him for a moment. "You're a great brother Leon, even if we aren't blood related," she said softly, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. She smiled and ran after Ari, who was now far ahead of them.

     "Come on, Leon!" she called to him over her shoulder.

     He just stood their blushing with his mouth hanging open. He grinned broadly and chased after her. "Coming!"

     Leon had never been happier. His family may be a little strange, but he loved them all. That was a lesson worth learning.

The End

Authors Note: Thanks for reading my story! Any feedback would be appreciated, so feel free to send me a Neomail and tell me what you thought of it!

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