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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Short Stories > What Fuzzles Call Revenge

What Fuzzles Call Revenge

by covergirl_tanemura

"Your owner is going to be so mad."

     Libby's Usul lips curved into a smile as she paced around the Lab in a spotless white lab coat. Her oval glasses stayed perched on her nose as her paw lingered over the 'shoot' button.

     "You've got to be kidding me, Angelica. My owner loves me." Libby's eyes narrowed at the lifeless stuffed evil Fuzzle in front of her and grinned. "It's just a Fuzzle, and we're not shooting my little brother... again."

     Angelica shook her head at the stubborn Usul. "Whatever you say, don't be crawling to me if she disowns you, though," Angelica scoffed, her piercing Aisha eyes watching Libby's every shift and squirm of nervousness. Before another word could be uttered, Libby pushed the button down and light flooded the room leaving a tingly feeling remaining in the air. Libby was the first to speak.

     "Awww!" Libby cried as her shoulders drooped. "Nothing happened."

     Angelica grabbed the poor gray evil Fuzzle and cuddled it against her. "Poor abused little thing," she cooed into its ear, while rubbing the top of its head.

     Libby rolled her eyes and got an ashamed look on her face. "It's not real, Angelica," Libby pointed out in an 'I-know-everything' way while she peeled the lab coat off of her and hung it by the door.

     "That's what you think."

     Libby tore the evil Fuzzle from Angelica's grasp and shoved it into her book bag,

     "You think too much," Libby replied quickly, before running outside into the cool crisp lobby air.


"Good night Libby!"

     Libby stretched out her exhausted limbs as she slipped into her beauty bed. Millions of thoughts entered and left her head about the day as she nodded off. Little did she know, pushed away in the corner, sat the gray evil Fuzzle. His red eyes staring at the sleeping Usul, an evil smile pursed upon his lips. "Pay back," it grumbled in a low gravely voice.



     Libby slowly opened her eyes open and wiped away the sleep, dazed as ever she looked up into the face of a sobbing blue Kacheek.

     "Huh?" Libby inquired, as she let out a long yawn.

     The Kacheek was still in complete hysterics as Libby shoved him off of her stomach. She was getting more and more confused by the very second and all she wanted was for her brother to stop whining.

     "You... did... this," he said in-between sobs as he clutched onto a decapitated Aisha plushie. Stuffing poked its way out of the top where a proud fuzzy head used to be. What was this Kacheek talking about?

     "Oh please, I've been sleeping all night." Libby shook off her brother and left him crying in her room as she jogged down the stairs to the strong scent of bacon and eggs. Her mouth watered at even the thought of a nice warm breakfast. Not a sobbing Kacheek.

     "Have a nice night?" cooed her owner as Libby sat down and waited patiently for her food.

     "Yes, it was very enjoyable," Libby answered while her owner set a plate in front of the three chairs neatly arranged around the table. One chair was obviously for her sobbing brother. Of course, Libby could always eat his while he sobbed. Libby's thoughts drifted slowly as she stuffed a piece of Streaky Bacon into her mouth.

     "Libby, we all know you ruined your brother's doll," her owner started slowly while the dazed Usul peered at her in awe. "It's okay. You can admit it. You knew it was getting old, anyway."

     The Usul cocked an eyebrow, and tilted her head to the side. "But I didn't," Libby said slowly. Sometimes she wondered if the people in her family understood her at all.

     Libby's owner completely dismissed her, but gave her fifty Neopoints. "Your brother and I are going to go find a new Aisha plushie. You and Angelica can go shopping. I want you back by 5:00, missy."


"It was so cute!" Libby giggled as Angelica drawled on about a petpet she'd seen.

     "The Snorkle was much cuter," Libby confirmed as they turned down to her street. Angelica shook her head in response, then turned to Libby. A confused look had plastered itself onto Angelica's features.

     "Is your owner redoing your NeoHome?" she asked, her head titled to the side. Libby let out a snort. Where did Angelica come up with these things?

     "Of course not!" Libby said as she turned around to see nothing but grass and her gray Fuzzle sitting in the middle of the space. It was deserted, no NeoHome in sight. Before Angelica or Libby could entwine their thoughts Libby's owner was behind them. She looked like she was about to faint.

     "L-L-Libby... how could you?" she cried, looking at the deserted plot of land. "I knew you wanted attention when you ruined your brother's Plushie. But this?"

     Libby's mouth hung open, she turned to the place were Angelica was standing but Angelica was gone. There was nobody. Nothing at all. Libby felt a hand clasp onto her paw. It was her owner's. All Libby wanted to do was lay in her beauty bed and eat bacon. Why was this happening to her?

     "This is the last straw. I warned you, Libby. I warned you.."

     As Libby was dragged away from her plot of land she could see the gray Fuzzle in the distance. Red eyes gleaming with happiness and that same evil smile on its lips.


In the pound a day later, Libby huddled in her cold damp cage. She had pushed aside a rotten apple and it was stinking up the cage. It wasn't like she had friends in the Pound either. All of the pets basically hated her for they had been in the pound for a long time, but she was still new. A cold rush of wind pierced the air. Through the thin cage bars Libby could see her past owner rushing around the halls, trying to find her cage she assumed.

     "Oh, there you are," Libby's owner said happily. A bit of excitement fired up inside Libby. Could her owner want her back? Of course she did. Why would she come all this way otherwise?

     "I forgot to give you this before you left. You always loved it, right?"

     With that, her owner shoved the gray evil Fuzzle into Libby's paws. Libby wouldn't cry. She couldn't. However, as her owner left Libby could feel tears falling. In her paws was the evil Fuzzle. Libby could feel it moving on her paw as it coiled around like a snake. It opened up its mouth and uttered its last words:

     "That's what Fuzzles call revenge."

The End

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