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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Continuing Series > Truth of Faeries: Part Five

Truth of Faeries: Part Five

by shimmering_aurora

There was nothing I could do but watch as Shimmer doubled over coughing and muttering mostly unintelligible words. The only one I could make out was "dying", and I would rather not have.

     I was beginning to think that the potion really was poison, when, suddenly, purple wings sprouted out of Shimmer's back. Shocked, she stopped moving and remained perfectly still as purple fur covered her body. It wasn't even a minute later that a purple Eyrie was standing in front of me. She stared at one of her purple paws and uttered a single word, "Wow".

     "Shimmer," I asked tentatively.

     "Who's Shimmer?"

     I was horrified and on the verge of panicking, all while wondering where had Shimmer gone. This, however, did not last for long, because the purple Eyrie erupted into a fit of laughter.

     "Haha.You should have seen the look on your face. It was so funny! Haha," the Eyrie crowed.

     "Funny Shimmer," I snarled sarcastically.

     "Hehe. Anyhow, we should get going. The potion was supposed to last an hour, but I only drank about half. Is that half an hour?"

     "I don't know. Shimmer, did it hurt?"

     "Did what hurt?"

     "The transformation. You looked like you were in a lot of pain."

     Shimmer shrugged her shoulders. "No, it didn't hurt. The potion just tasted horrible.


Everyone was staring at us. I can't say I blame them. If I were them I would be staring at us too.

     "Shimmer, watch out for the building."

     "I see it."

     I winced as she grazed it with her wing.

     "You're tilting. Now you're tilting the other way. Watch out for the other building. The Healing Springs is right below us. Try not to hit anything while landing."

     She managed not to hit anything, but she missed the Water Faerie herself by what I estimate to have been a centimeter, possibly less.

     The Water Faerie gave Shimmer a concerned look. "Are you hurt?" she asked.


     "Then why were you flying like that? I only see pets fly like that when they have been injured."

     Shimmer's face went blank as she tried to think of a suitable reason for her erratic flying. "I was… um… just morphed into an Eyrie. Haven't quite mastered flying yet..

     The Water Faerie looked confused. "Really? Most pets that are morphed into winged pets catch on to flying pretty quickly. Even pets who are painted Faerie master flying within the first few minutes of being airborne."

     Pets might, I thought to myself, but Shimmer was a human. "Most pets would," I said aloud. "But she is a klutz."

     Shimmer kicked me with one of her hind paws, and I just barely kept from laughing.

     "Oh," said the Water Faerie. "So, what were you before you morphed into an Eyrie?"

     "Clumsy," replied Shimmer innocently.

     "No, I mean what species were you before morphing?"

     "What does 'species' mean?"

     The Water Faerie groaned and muttered something about how Shimmer must have been a Grundo. "Okay now," she said in a sickly sweet voice. "The next time you go to Neopia Central, I want you to nicely ask your owner if he or she will buy you some books. Understand?"


     "Good. Now here are healing potions for both of you. Be gone."

     "Thanks, but what's in them?"

     The Water Faerie looked surprised at the question. "Why do you ask?"


     "It's a secret."


     "Because it is."

     "What do you do with the Neopoints you get from the items you sell?"

     "That is none of your business."

     "Where do you get the snowballs from?"

     "A friend of mine sends them to me."


     "Well, yes, but…"

     Okay. Thanks. Bye!"

     "That wasn't very enlightening," I said when we were away from the Springs and the confused Water Faerie. "Was it?"

     "Actually, it was. I just need to check one more thing." I watched Shimmer as she uncorked the bottle of the Healing Potion V she had just received.

     "Are you sure you want to do that? Remember what happened when you drank a potion about 10 minutes ago? You looked like you were about to die."

     "And then I turned into an Eyrie, which I still am now. Yeah, I remember, but this is different."

     With that, Shimmer took a sip from the bottle. I braced myself for what would happen next.

     "Hm…let me see your potion, Sakura."

     I handed her the Healing Potion X that the Water Faerie gave me, and she took a sip from that bottle also.

     "Just as I suspected."

     "What," I asked, completely lost.

     "Both healing potions are extremely sweet, although the Healing Potion X is much sweeter than the Healing Potion V."


     "I think that Taelia is sending the Water Faerie of the Healing Springs more than just snowballs. I think Taelia is sending her a large amount of sweets."


     I think that the healing potions are made of sweets mixed with spring water. The stronger the healing potion, the higher concentration of sugar. Taelia may be spying for the Faerie Queen, but I think she is also fencing sugary things to the Water Faerie. She asks for other items to throw people off. She then sells those items on the Neopian Underground Market to earn Neopoints, which she uses to buy rewards for her quests. She sends the sweets to the Water Faerie in crates of snowballs. The Water Faerie sends the Neopoints from her sales to Taelia as payment. This way both faeries can interact with Neopians (i.e. spy for Fyora), and the Water Faerie can keep the ingredients for her healing potions secret."

     "That seems a little overcomplicated to me."

     "But it makes sense."

     "So you say, but can you prove it?"

     "Maybe later. First we have to visit the Faerie Queen


Shimmer and I were walking up the many, many steps to the top of the Hidden Tower, when Shimmer suddenly stopped.

     "Did you hear that, Sakura?"

     "Hear what?"

     "That noise… it sounds as though it is coming from under the stairs."

     Unable to hear it, I got down on the floor and put my head to a step. I could then hear a faint tapping and the clang of metal.

     "What do you think it is?" I asked.

     "Maybe the Night Faeries that disappeared are down there. Do you think Fyora would build this tower to hold them prisoner in and then sell really expensive stuff as a cover-up?"

     "I don't know. Maybe it is just petpets."

     I put my head down to listen again. This time I heard a faint rumble. Each time it grew louder and louder. Suddenly, I sensed Shimmer stiffen beside me.

     "Exactly what do you think you are doing?"

     I jerked my head up and swirled around to find Fyora herself staring at me.


     "Is there something wrong with taking a nap!"

     Fyora turned to Shimmer. "A nap?" Then she groaned and continued up the stairs. "All I do is go out for lunch. What do I find when I come back? Pets napping on my stairs. Why are some owners so cheap? Why can't they just buy their pets a NeoHome? Ugh."

     "Did you just say that you went out to lunch?" Shimmer called out.

     "Yes, I did. Why?"

     "Why didn't you leave a sign saying so?"

     "I did. It's at the top."

     "Wow," Shimmer muttered under her breath. "She really is cruel."

     At that moment, Shimmer's wings disappeared.

     "Shimmer," I hissed. "You're changing back!"

     "Well at least now we know for sure that it is just temporary," Shimmer replied in a very matter-of-fact way.


I waited for Shimmer in the bushes outside the Hidden Tower. The sun beat down on my wings as I gazed at the entrance. We had decided that if Fyora saw me without a purple Eyrie, she might become suspicious. It was about 10 minutes later that Shimmer literally came tumbling down the stairs, the bag held tightly in her arms.

     "Shimmer," I cried as I rushed towards her. "Are you okay?"

     "Sure," she muttered sarcastically. "Besides the fact that I fell down just about all the steps in the Hidden Tower and my foot hurts, I'm perfectly fine."


Once again, people were staring at us. This time, however, it had nothing to do with flying. Instead, it was because of Shimmer's extremely conspicuous hopping.

     "Come on," I muttered to her as she hopped on one foot through the streets of Faerieland. "We're almost at the Healing Springs. I'm not gong to be able to go to the Water Faerie though. She might ask too many questions."

     I was deliberating on how to get Shimmer all the way to the Healing Springs safely while still not being seen by the Water Faerie, when I walked straight into a crate that two delivery Skeiths were holding. It fell to the ground with a crash and snowballs rolled out of it. More surprising, however, were the dozen or so milk, dark, and white chocolate Neopets that followed them.

     One of the Skeiths gasped. "That was for the Water Faerie of Healing Springs!

     "Told you so," said Shimmer from behind me.

     After what couldn't have been more than a couple of seconds, we heard a loud shriek coming from the direction of the Healing Springs. It was most definitely the Water Faerie who stayed there. "WHAT happened? Find whoever did it and bring them to me. I'll have their heads for this."

     "I don't think I should visit her now," Shimmer declared. When I turned around, she was already hopping away. The Skeiths were busy putting things back in the crate under the watchful eye of the crowd that had gathered, so I followed her. It did not take long to catch up.

     "Shimmer, get on my back. We'll fly out of here."

     "Do you think you can carry me?"

     "Do you think you can run?"

     "Good point."


To be continued…

Author's Note: Hehe. A special thanks to frostcrystal for the inspiration!

Warning: Shimmering_aurora will not take any responsibility for any harm that may come to anyone who asks frostcrystal how she was an inspiration. ;)

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