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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Short Stories > To Jelly, Or Not To Jelly

To Jelly, Or Not To Jelly

by lilmnm2003

I (lilmnm2003) woke up one morning wondering about 'Jelly World'. Is there really such a land? Or is it some kind of rumor or joke from NeoPets? It had me bewildered ever since yesterday, when lilcandysweet2003 and lildiscoflower2003 were telling their younger brother, lilbabybloop2003, about "Jelly" Land.

     "Yeah, Bloop, it's all made out of jelly!" Candy, my Christmas Acara, yelped.

     "Weally?" asked Bloop, my blue Blumaroo, almost dazedly.

     "Really, really!" DiscoFlower, my Disco Kacheek, had replied.

     "Stop telling your little brother such rubbish," I said just getting back from the Bazaar with a bag full of food.

     "It's not rubbish Mother!" Candy reassured. I ignored her remark.

     "Mmmm.... watcha get me Mommy?" Bloop said digging threw the bag.

     "Bloop, I got you some Chocolate Flakes. Candy, I know you've became a only-health-food-vegitarian so I got you some Green Apples."

     "Organic? I don't want that fake pesticide stuff," said Candy.

     "Yes, Candy. Oh- and DiscoFlower, I got you some Chocolate Chip Cookies. But," I said eyeing them all with the hunger in their eyes, "not 'til after dinner."

     There was a murmur of "Aw Mom!", "Pwease just a lil!", and "Mother!"

     "Not 'til after dinner," I repeated sternly.

     After dinner, I decided to go exploring for some explanations of 'Jelly World'. I left after saying to my oldest child, "Candy, watch your brother and sister. I'll be back in about an hour. And yes Bloop, y'all can eat your sweets now."

     I traveled up to Terror Mountain, which wasn't that far away from my home in Neopia Central. I saw a young girl sitting near the petpet's shop on a bench reading The Neopian Times.

     "Hello," I said. " May I ask you a few questions about your thoughts on 'Jelly World'?"

     "Sure you can," she said sweetly. "I love 'Peanut Butter and Blue World'. I go all the time. By the way I'm littlefirebringer."

     Very confused, I repeated myself, "No, 'Jelly World'. Do you think there really is one?" "And like I said 'I go all the time'. I stayed at a hotel there once but the beds were made of peanut butter and my hair was horrible the next morning!" she exclaimed.

     I stared at her. What was she talking about? "So there is peanut butter in 'Jelly World' ?"

     "Arg! NO!" her politeness had already gone. "There is no jelly in 'Peanut Butter and Blue World'. Just blue peanut butter."

     I politely told her I had to leave and left in mild surprise. Blue Peanut Butter? I thought. Someone surely has walked off the deep end...

     I traveled home but was still determined to find out about this place. So the next morning, I dropped Candy, Bloop, and DiscoFlower off at school and set off to The Neopian Bazaar. I saw someone sitting over by the Chocolate Factory munching on about 15 Milk Chocolate Kyrii. I noticed her from the petpet shop I took Bloop to get his petpet in Mystery Island. "Excuse me ,dreamfaerie78965, can I ask you a few questions about 'Jelly Land' ?"

     "Chocolate. Sure. Chocolate," she said dreamily staring at her fingers which were dripping in melted chocolate.

     "Great! Well, number one, have you ever been to 'Jelly World'?"

     "Chocolate. Chocolate. Nope. Chocolate. Chocolate."

     "Ah-hm," I said interestingly not noticing her sudden glances at the Chocolate Factory like it might attack her and the continuously saying chocolate. "What do you think about the rumors by people claiming to have been to 'Jelly World'?"

     "Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Think... rumors false... chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. " I had started noticing her hunger for more chocolate. "Well--"

     "CHOCOLATE! AAAARRRRGGGG!!!! I NEED CHOCOLATE! YA YA YA! CHOCOLATE!" she yelled, biting someone's leg then running into the Chocolate Factory. The guy she bit yelled and ran away.

     After I looked at the Chocolate Factory blankly for a while, I left home a took a nap. When I awoke I saw Bloop in the Living Room watching 'Blumaroo Ninjas.'

     "Bloop, how did you get home? You're supposed to be at school," I said suspiciously.

     "Candy picked me up. School is already out, Mommy. Oh and guess what!?"

     "What?" I said walking into the kitchen to see Candy making a supper but still half-listening to Bloop.

     "My frien' Archie said his Momma took him to Jelly World this mornin' right a'fore school."

     "Did he now?" I said interested.

     "Ah-huh," he repeated.

     I said, "Well, what else did he s--" but was cut off by Bloop yelling 'Shhhh' because his show came back on. I turned over to Candy to ask her what she was making.

     "I made veggie hot dogs, organic broccoli, and some potato wedges," she said before I could ask. "I didn't want to wake you."

     After dinner that night, I decided to get on my computer and got in a chat board called 'Jelly'. To my great relief, a few people were talking about 'Jelly World'.

appplehead2000: there is a jelly world! ive been there

niveina: Dare is not! neopets would have told us!

pizpals1223: there is 1! i would tell u where it is but it would say 'link-blocked' or sumfin

     I read on, but it just led to more argueing. Nothing I could use.

     "Yay! Mommy wake up! Today is Saturday and yew know what dat means!" Bloop yelled excitedly the next morning.

     "Yay!" I laughed. "Pancake and Waffle Day!" I picked him up and we ran down to the kitchen. Candy, as usual, was reading a book and DiscoFlower sat at the table as excited as Bloop.

     After breakfast, I scuttled off to the door, but I was stuck by Bloop pulling on my shirt. "Mommy! I weally wanna go wif yew!"

     "But Bloop, you have to stay here," I said. "Mom, can you bring me to Carlee's house?" DiscoFlower said walking over to the door.

     "Er, yes DiscoFlower I'll drop you off on my way to the bank. And for you, Bloop --" I started.

     "Pwease!" Bloop pleadingly interrupted.

     "I... well... fine. Get in the car," I said giving up. I didn't want Bloop to throw a tantrum.

     I dropped DiscoFlower off and took 2,000 Neopoints from the bank. "Here Bloop," I said handing Bloop 300 NPs, "go to the Food Shop and get some lunch. I'll be waiting in the Book Shop buying your sister a new book." Bloop wandered into the Food Shop and 5 minutes later was at the Book Store.

     I stuck the sandwich Bloop bought into my silver backpack. Then, I said, "I had a few extra Neopoints so I bought you this book about Blumaroo Ninjas, you know, that show you watch."

     "Aw, cool! Tanks Mommy," he said looking at the book. I stuffed that, too, into my bag.

     "Come on. I have some interviews I have to do at the Space Station," I said grabbing his hand so I wouldn't lose him in the crowd.

     When we got to the Space Station, we went to Grundo's to sit and eat. I handed Bloop his sandwich and told him to sit and wait while I ordered a coffee.

     "Firs' time at Grundo's, eh?" said a large, green Grundo.

     "Yes, I'm looking for answer and can't find them any-anywhere," I said depressingly. "Coffee, please," I added thoughtfully.

     "Hey," he said," I gotta few minutes off. I can answer a few. Question one?"

     "What do you think about 'Jelly World' ?"

     "I dunno," he said. I sighed disappointingly. "But, you never know. I mean, who knew about Roo Island? Very few people, right?"

     "Well, yeah I s'pose," I said meekly.

     "Then they proved everyone right when on came the news and there it was! Roo Island right next to Meridell. And what about Maraqua? That was only discovered while back, eh?"

     "Yeah! So your saying there is a 'Jelly World' ?" I said excitedly.

     "Nope," he said calmly.

     "Then your saying there isn't one?" I said. But unfortunately he shook his head. "Well then what are you saying?"

     "I'm saying," he said slowly, "you never know."

The End

Authors Note: I am happy to say, I know the answer to my question (Is there really a 'Jelly World?') Thank you dreamfaerie78965, littlefirebringer, appplehead2000, niveina, and pizpals1223 for letting me use your usernames as people in my story. dreamfaerie78965 is my best friend and she was hysterical when she read the part about her. : ) She really is a chocolate-aholic or choc-aholic, how ever you say it. All the neopets used in this story are mine except Carlee and Archie. Those are just random names I chose so I'm sorry if that's your pets name/nickname. I hoped you liked my story! Neomails of compliments or criticism are acceptable : ) Thanx!

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