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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 100 > New Series > Legend of the Baby Shoyru: Part One

Legend of the Baby Shoyru: Part One

by neiks3

There I was in the darkness of Sloth's Dungeon. The cries and screams of other prisoners echoed off the walls like the screech of a bat. Sorry. I haven't even introduced myself yet. My name is HeckDragonX and the Neopet in the cell next to me is BurnDragonX. We are brothers. BurnDragonX used to be a Shoyru, but now he is a Yellow Grarrl. I am a Tyrannian Shoyru.

     Our beginning is very different from most Neopets. About a million years ago, BurnDragonX and I were stolen from our nest when we were still eggs. We were hidden in a cave and were forgotten. Then the Caves started to freeze up and we were sealed in our frozen tomb. About a million years later, I was found by a brave explorer when he was doing research at the Ice Caves. He brought the egg home and warmed it up. About a month later, I finally hatched! BurnDragonX was found days later. I grew up as a very nice Shoyru, but I trained very hard. I don't know how Master could afford me.

     Master was very nice to me. He always fed me. BurnDragonX and I would sometimes play NeoQuest with him. We always had fun together. One night when we were playing Invasion of Meridell, the most hideous creatures busted our door down and attacked us. We both tried to protect Master. The mutants were too strong for us to handle and we were brought to our knees. I woke up later here in the most vile place of the Virtupets Space Station.

     A guard came up to me and said it was time. I didn't know what he meant, but he sure said it in an unusual way. I walked into the light which I hadn't seen in weeks. All of a sudden everything went black. I had woken to the sound of a crash. I heard a voice yell out "be careful with that equipment or you will be thrown into the Pit!" I gathered the strength to get up and saw a room I thought could only exist in dreams. Suddenly, a dark shadow fell over me.

     "It's you!" I yelled.

     "I am the one and only Dr. Frank Sloth! Of course you should know that by now," said Sloth.

     "Are you ready to become part of my collection of slaves? This won't hurt a bit," said Sloth. Sloth reached for the handle a shot was fired! Everyone stopped moving and out came a figure from the hole in the ceiling. It's the Space Faerie!

     "Leave him alone Sloth!" said the Space Faerie. The Space Faerie unstrapped me from the chair and we ran for the door.

     "Get them!" said Sloth. The same two creatures came out of nowhere (The ones who kidnapped me). The Space Faerie started to shoot them and she hit one. The other one jumped on the ceiling and pounced the Space Faerie.

     "Run to the launch pad I will handle the guards," said the Faerie. I waited at the launch pad for a minute then I saw guards running towards the launch pad. I had to leave right away. I started the count down. 10, 9, 8. Suddenly the Space Faerie appeared running towards the launch pad. 7, 6, 5. Then I saw Sloth slither out of the darkness and aim a gun at the Space Faerie. 4, 3, 2. At "1" Sloth fired his gun and hit the Space Faerie as soon as she got close to the ship. The shuttle took off leaving the Space Faerie on the floor of the launch pad.

     I have got to go back! I thought. I have to save them, but I must to go back to Neopia first. Wait! What is that sound? I could see the same creature in the front seat that had pounced the Space Faerie. "Him again? I really have got to get out of here. Isn't there any weapons on this thing? Here is one! I can't read their form of code. It is worth a try," I said. I pressed the button. "What did it do?" I asked. The creature tried to shoot me with his laser cannon, but I dodged it. All of a sudden one of the monitors came on. "It's my radar screen! What are those dots on the screen?" I asked myself. The creature is heading toward one. That button must have dropped bombs, I thought. A screen came up in front of me. The same hideous face I hated so much. Sloth! "Why are you doing this?" I asked.

     "To rule Neopia of course," said Sloth. "Now that I have the Space Faerie. I'm going to hold her hostage! I would like to thank you, because if you weren't here I wouldn't have captured her."

     "You monster!" I yelled. "I will be back one day! When I do I will destroy you and your space station."

     "Good thing I planned ahead and put a bomb in the shuttle you are in," said Sloth. "Good by HeckDragonX!" I rammed my fist right threw the screen which made glass fall to the floor. I used Bubble Shield and opened the hatch. I started floating towards the planet. While I was far enough from the ship it exploded. The explosion sent me and what was left of the ship hurtling towards Neopia. I had awoken in the middle of Krawk Island and decided to visit the academy while I was there.

     "Hello, Captain Threelegs!" I greeted. The Captain turned around.

     "Hello, HeckDragonX!" said the Captain. "I haven't seen you for a while. How have you been lately?"

     "Horrible!" I said. "I was captured by Sloth! The Space Faerie saved me! She was captured instead! I forgot to free my brother!

     "Wait!" said the Captain. "I haven't met your brother yet. What is his name?"

     "His name is BurnDragonX," I said. I told him the rest of the story.

     "Looks like you have been busy," said the Captain. "How about some training?"

     "I don't have any Dubloons," I said.

     "That's alright," said the Captain. "I will charge you nothing this time."

     "Really?" asked HeckDragonX.

     "Of course, anything to help get rid of Dr. Sloth. I will let you go three times. What will it be?" asked the Captain.

     "I think I will take endurance," I said. I took endurance the second time and strength the third time. I got a bonus two levels on strength. When I was about to leave the Captain called me over.

     "Here! You can have these," said the Captain. The Captain gave me five blue clockwork Grundos.

     "Thank you Captain!" I said. I went up to the ocean. I used the famous Shoyru Hover. I've got to get back to Tyrannia," I thought. I was on my way to Tyrannia until I noticed strange pottery they were selling in the Lost Desert. I stopped for a moment and went in to buy one. I bought a clay made vase for my NeoHome. I was just outside the shop when I saw a figure run by real fast. Where is my vase? I thought. I looked at the figure a little closer and gasped. The Pant Devil! He had my vase. "I have got to catch him!" I said. I used Flight. "I'm not going to make it at this rate," I thought. I used Haste. I was right over him so I used Dive. I slammed right into the Pant Devil and he dropped some items. My vase fell to the ground and shattered to pieces. "Your not getting away after what you did!" I said as I used Shoyru Dive. The Pant Devil was out like a light. The town saw everything. I gave back the items to whom they belonged to. The items that no one claimed I kept for myself. A strange old man approached me.

     "If you report to the Defenders of Neopia agency you will be rewarded a trophy," said the old man.

     "Thanks," I said. The items left over were the Wand of Nova, a Balthazar Plushie, and a Geometry level three book. I read the Geometry level three book and equipped the Wand of Nova. I was back on my way to Tyrannia. I arrived in Tyrannia the next day. On my way I saw lots of weird things flying in the air. I also saw some kinds of Grarrls I had never seen before. When I got to the Town Hall, I told them about these creatures.

     "There are a lot of creatures coming around here. I have a terrible feeling that a war is about to start!" said the leader.

     "Run!" said one of the soldiers. There was an explosion in the distance.

     "Get to the safe house," said Grarrg. "Sabre-X and I will take it from here. These enemies are too strong for you." I ran to the safe house as soon as I could. I heard explosions and cries of pain all around me.

     The next day, I heard even more yelling than usual. The ground started shaking. I looked outside the safe house and saw one of the most evil creatures alive. The Monoceraptor! It came right up to the village and started destroying buildings.

     All of a sudden, a bunch of the remaining warriors attacked at once. I could see that Grarrg was having a really hard time taking the monster down. It was coming right towards the safe house I was in. I abandoned the safe house and ran for my life! The Monoceraptor rammed right into the building totally demolishing it. Half the warriors remained standing after just one minute in the battle. Just then, a Lupe appeared behind the Monoceraptor. He rammed into the Monoceraptor and started attacking him over and over. The mysterious Lupe made his last fierce attack and the Monoceraptor fell to the ground.

     That night I could here groans of pain all around me, and morning came very slowly. The leader of the village was giving out metals to Neopets who fought in the war. Grarrg called my name. "I remember that you though a bunch of Novas at that group of Fire Grarrls that were ganging up on me," said Grarrg. "I probably wouldn't have made it through the whole war with out you, and I thank you for being brave. Even when I told you to go to the safe house, you still wanted to fight. As a reward you can have this." Grarrg gave me a main codestone and a grand lightning beam.

     Thanks, Grarrg!" I said.

     "Would you like to stay with us for a couple days?" asked Grarrg.

     "Sorry, I have to keep going. This codestone will help a lot," I said.

     I saw many things in Tyrannia, but I needed to start towards Mystery Island right away. I had reached the Ice Caves by the next day.

     I heard a cry in the distance. I rushed to see where the crying was coming from. In the cave, I saw a Baby Shoyru laid on a blanket on the floor of the cave.

     "Where did you come from?" I asked. I suddenly stopped when I saw a dark figure coming towards me. "Who are you?" I asked with a startled voice. The creature roared as it came out of the shadows. As it ran out I knew who it was. The Frost Beast! I ran out of the cave as fast as I could. I tripped and flew right into another part of the Ice Caves. It was there that the Snowager slept, guarding his collection of rare and exotic items.

     I spotted the Pant Devil sneaking up to the Snowager. That pest is always getting himself in trouble. He must have picked the Ice Caves as his next target. The Pant Devil grabbed an item and started running. "Wake up!" I yelled. "The Pant Devil is getting away!" The Snowager woke up alarmed from my yelling. He spotted the Pant Devil just as he was at the exit and went underground. I started to chase after the Pant Devil just like last time, but something else happened. The Snowager came right out of the snow right in front of the Pant Devil and blasted him away.

     Even though the item was destroyed in the blast, I think he will never steal from the Snowager again. I headed back to the place I saw the baby Shoyru. He laid in the same spot I saw him earlier. I entered the cave very slowly. I was ten steps away from the baby, until the Frost Beast jumped out of nowhere and was about to tackle me. All of a sudden, the Snowager came out of the ground and grabbed the Frost Beast in his mouth. The Snowager went back into the ground, carrying the Frost Beast with him (the Frost Beast was never seen again from that day on). Minutes later, he came out of his hole right in front of me.

     "I would like to thank you for helping me with my Pant Devil problem," said the Snowager. "He has been stealing my stuff for about a week, but thanks to you he has finally stopped. I will help you whenever you need it -- as long as I stay in these caves to do it." I waved goodbye as the Snowager went back down the tunnel.

     "Where did you come from?" I asked. "What's this?" There was a tag tied by a string on his arm. "It says Barry," I exclaimed. "Why are you out here all alone?" Barry shivered. "I should bring you with me and you can rest at my NeoHome," I said. I picked up Barry with two hands and started carrying him out of the cave. I flew the rest of the way to my NeoHome. When I got home, I was about to fall asleep. I entered the forbidden lounge and sat in one of the chairs. On the way in, I noticed Master added a few knew rooms to the NeoHome.

     "Who is there," asked a voice from another room.

     "Master Neiks!" I said.

     "HeckDragonX!" said Neiks3. "You're finally home!" Later that night, Master asked me where I found Barry and what happened to me when I was kidnapped. I explained the whole story.

     It has been a month since my return home. I have been teaching Barry how to do things. Barry now knows how to talk. He also knows how to walk. Best of all, he knows how to fight. I told Master that it was time for us to leave.

     "Wait!," said Neiks3. "I have something for you. If you can beat the Clown Chia, it is yours."

     "That will be easy," I said. "Even Barry could probably beat him. Where is he right now?"

     "The circus is in town and he is waiting to fight anyone who is brave enough," said Neiks3. "I will take you there. Master Neiks took us to the circus. I could see clowns all over the place. Clowns of every species. The only one that wanted to fight was the Clown Chia.


"I have come to fight you," I said. The Clown Chia started laughing.

     "You? Beat me?" asked the clown. He started laughing again.

     "Enjoy laughing while you still can, because when I'm done, you won't be able to even get up," I said. I finally made the Clown Chia mad enough to fight me. We were in the ring. The Clown Chia used some sort of Rainbow Beam. I defended and used the Shoyru Grappling Hook. I took one of the clown's items temporarily. The Chia Clown used Downsize plus and attacked me with his clown car. I defended again because I couldn't hit him when he uses downsize plus.

     "Want a balloon animal?" asked the clown. The Clown Chia fired his Rainbow Beam at me again. I fired back and did a fierce attack. The Clown Chia fell to the floor. The battle is over. We were leaving the circus tent until Barry went up to the Clown Chia and challenged him. Barry and the Clown Chia fought each other. It was a close battle, but Barry won with one hit point left. Master used a healing potion on Barry. We noticed somebody beating up some punching bag. It was Punch Bag Bob. People were standing in line to beat him up.

     "Stop picking on him!" I yelled.

     "What are you going to do about it?" asked a mutant. It's a mutant Grundo.

     "I was just going to do this!" I yelled. I jumped and attacked. The mutant fell to the ground. Everybody else ran away. "Are you alright?" I asked.

     "Yes," said Punchbag Bob. "I have been being abused for hours. Can you take me to your home?"

     We were home again, and we took Punchbag Bob with us. He thanked me by telling me where he hide an item.

     "You won fair and square," said Neiks3. Master gave both of us a weapon. I got a fire gem and Barry got a Wand of Supernova. We waved good bye and headed for the Lost Desert to get the item Punch Bag Bob had hidden. He said that it was behind a rock. There it was. I moved the rock revealing a Tyrannian Shoyru Plushie and a Lost Desert Dagger. The plushie looked just like me. I gave it to Barry and he loved it. While we were there, we bought a Scroll for each of us.

     "What if the Pant Devil comes?" said Barry.

     "Don't worry about him," I said. "I drove him out of this desert and he won't be back for a long time."

     "Everybody run!" a man yelled. "It's the Rock Beast!" It has been a week since we arrived in the Lost Desert. A war has been going on since the morning of the second day. The war boss has shown up in the desert and has weakened the Lost Desert's army. Barry and I are helping keep the invaders out of the area. The last of the Desert's Forces eventually stopped the Rock Beast and the invaders retreated. King Coltzan III told me to bring to him the fire scepter in the volcano, a gem from a beast, and a piece of the giant omelette. In return, he would give me a hundred codestones. I accepted the deal. That is why I am heading for the Tyrannian Plateau. Every time I try going to Mystery Island, I get stuck going back to Tyrannia. The best part is that I will be getting a hundred codestones. "Here we are," I said. "Lets go to the cave first."

     Barry was scared. We entered the cave. The farther we went, the darker it got. There was a weird sound that I had never heard before. Suddenly, a creature came out of no where and grabbed Barry. Barry made some kind of flash light. The creature dropped to the floor. The weird thing is that Barry didn't know the ability Flash. He is one mysterious Shoyru. "Look, Barry," I yelled. "It's the gem!" Barry grabbed the gem and we ran for our lives. Next, we stopped at the giant omelette and grabbed a slice.

     "There are plenty of poor saps just waiting for me to steal their stuff around here," thought the Pant Devil. "Wait, isn't that HeckDragonX?"

     "I can't believe that Coltzan has a hundred codestones," I said.

     "King Coltzan III has a hundred codestones?" thought the Pant Devil. "Perfect! Revenge is so sweet. I'd better hurry!"

     We were at the volcano. "There is a platform in the volcano," I said. Barry approached the platform. It started sinking into the ground. I flew after the platform as it descended into the darkness. The platform traveled a long way down. I saw magma at the bottom. "We are almost there," I said. The platform stopped ten yards away from the magma.

     A figure appeared in front of me, suddenly -- another in front of Barry. They was Magnus the Torch and a Flaming Meerca. The two creatures charged toward us. Barry made a flash of light. The Flaming Meerca fell over and got back up. I used the Fire Gem and the ability, Water Jet. Magnus used Lava Spit. The Fire Gem reflected the attack and Water Jet hit Magnus. Barry made another flash of light and hit the Flaming Meerca. The Flaming Meerca used a Fire Ball, but it missed the baby Shoyru. Barry used Quench and the Flaming Meerca fell to the floor. Quench also hit Magnus the Torch. Magnus fell into the magma. A few seconds later, Magnus flew out of the magma and it started to rise. The Flaming Meerca ran for his life. He tripped and fell into the magma. The Meerca dropped a fire weapon when he fell in and I grabbed it. The platform was about to be covered by magma when I grabbed Barry and flew up towards the top of the volcano. Magnus kept flying after us. Barry threw a Supernova at Magnus. Magnus fainted and sank back into the magma. We flew out of the volcano. Lava started flowing over the top of the volcano. I flew all the way to Coltzan's Shrine.

      I approached Coltzan. "I brought the items," I said.

     "The Pant Devil stole all the codestones!" said Coltzan. "He was here an hour ago. But I can give you something else." I gave him the items. He handed me a NeoQuest Cave Lupe Plushie.

     "This time the Pant Devil has gone too far," I said. "I have to find him!"

     "There he is!" I yelled. The Pant Devil ran across the Ice Caves as we flew after him. The Snowager popped out of the ground in front of the Pant Devil.

     "Not again!" yelled the Pant Devil. The Snowager made an Icy Blast. The Pant Devil fainted.

     "Where are those codestones?" I demanded.

     "What are you going to do about it," said the Pant Devil.

     "I will tell the Snowager to blast you again!" I said.

     "Okay, I will tell you!" said the Pant Devil. I sold them to some guy from Virtupets. His name was..." The Pant Devil fainted again as I noticed a dart stuck on him.

     "A sleeping dart!" I yelled. I looked around to find out where the dart came from. I looked the direction the dart came from and spotted foot prints. "Follow the foot prints!" I hollered. The Snowager followed along with us.

     "This is where the tracks end," I said. "This is the same place I found you." I used Flash. A Shoyru fell out of nowhere. It was a gray Shoyru and it had a Neobot. "Who are you?" I asked.

     "I am Chameleon!" said the Shoyru. "My code name is v2Biohazard. So you must be HeckDragonX. Sloth told me about you."

     "Why are you here?" I asked.

     "You will find out soon enough," said Chameleon. "But I can tell you that I am watching you."

     "Give me those stolen codestones," I demanded. Chameleon pulled a remote out of nowhere and pressed a button.

     "The Snowager is now under my power," said Chameleon. The Snowager blasted me and I fell to the ground. I watched as the Snowager blasted Barry. Barry was blocking the blast from the Snowager. When the Snowager stopped, Barry blasted the Snowager with the same move. Barry made a huge flash of light and the remote exploded. As Chameleon ran away, everything went black.

     I woke up in a strange NeoHome I never had seen before. Barry was missing. I started hearing sounds behind me and I turned around. I quickly turned the other way and saw the Ghost Lupe. "Get out now!" moaned the Ghost Lupe.

     "Why should I?" I asked.

     "Get out now or suffer the consequences!" moaned the Ghost Lupe. "You had your chance... now you are doomed!" The Ghost Lupe vanished. I ran for the door. The doors slammed shut. The candles slowly went out. An organ started to play somewhere in the building. I could hear moaning and howling echoing off the walls. I used Night Vision. I went up the stairway.

     "I could have sworn that picture's eyes were moving," I said. I continued going up the stairway. "Show yourself!" I yelled. The Ghost Lupe suddenly appeared again. He started to laugh. "Laugh at this!" I yelled. I used Lava Spit and hit the Ghost Lupe. Next, I used a Clockwork Grundo. It walked right into the Ghost Lupe and exploded. The Ghost Lupe fell to the floor.

     "You just got lucky!" said the Ghost Lupe. The Ghost Lupe vanished one more time. The lights went back on. I heard a creak down stairs. The door was opening. I went back to Tyrannia. Everything was quiet now that the Monoceraptor and his minions are gone. I have the feeling that Dr. Sloth had something to do with the wars lately. One of the last things the Monoceraptor said was that his puny creature had failed. I know that I will see the Monoceraptor again some day. "HeckDragonX!" said a figure that looked familiar. It was the Ghost Lupe. "You have proven yourself worthy of staying alive," said the Ghost Lupe. "Go to Maraqua. There you will find Prototype_Barry."

     "Who?" I asked.

     "The baby Shoyru!" said the Ghost Lupe as he vanished.

To be continued...

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