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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 100 > New Series > Dragonsky: Part One

Dragonsky: Part One

by too_kule

Also by adoriblelapin

The two Shoyrus looked up into the sky. It was a clear night; no clouds to stop the millions of twinkling stars up in the heavens above from shining down upon the forest. The crescent moon hung in the sky, proving an eerie glow for the denizens of the forest. The two Shoyrus sat on opposite sides of the crackling fire. It was a picturesque sight until...

     "AHH! MY MARSHMALLOW, MY MARSHMALLOW!" SilverEmerald the Tyrannian Shoyru squealed as she made a vain attempt to blow the marshmallow, which had burst into flames.

     "What happened!?!" cried the Tyrannian Shoyru's companion, a cloud Shoyru by the name of Lappiny.

     "WHAT DO YOU THINK?" she yelled in response as she nearly shoved the flaming marshmallow in Lappiny's face.

     He tried to blow it out too, but it didn't work. Finally, Lappiny flapped his periwinkle blue wings to blow the fire out. The ignited marshmallow blew off the stick and onto SilverEmerald's forehead.

     "OW! OW! OW!" she screamed as she ran around in circles.

     "The stream," Lappiny said urgently as he grabbed SilverEmerald by the arm and ran to the stream. The Tyrannian Shoyru shoved he head in the water. When she pulled her head out, the marshmallow was still stuck to it. Lappiny laughed and pulled it off of her forehead. The once white piece of food was now black and soggy. "Want some?" he laughed.

     "Oh yeah," SilverEmerald replied sarcastically as she grabbed the marshmallow from the cloud Shoyru's hand and tossed it into the water. She sighed and slumped onto the grass. "I'm sure glad we decided to get away from our families and go camping. GoldenRhino was running around screaming and yelling."

     Lappiny laughed. "Lappinny was flying around banging pots and pans. Honestly, that has to be the most hyper Pteri that has ever been placed on Neopia. I have to admit though, he’s pretty nice at times, when he’s not busy wrecking the house."

     The two friends looked up into the sky. No sound could be heard but the faint sound of insects, chirping the night away. All of a sudden, the silence was broken. They could hear some rustling in the bushes behind them. The two Shoyrus looked around and gasped when they say two fierce looking sinister looking Scorchios holding nets. They threw the nets at SilverEmerald and Lappiny.

     "YIKES!" SilverEmerald cried as she rolled away from the net. Lappiny did the same. But his leg was caught in the mesh of the net. SilverEmerald grabbed a twig off the ground and sliced through the net. But as she was helping Lappiny, another net tossed by one of the Scorchios caught SilverEmerald.

     "This is an excellent specimen," one of the Scorchios snickered as he hoisted the caught Shoyru over his head and flew off with her.

     Lappiny tried to chase after them but he was caught in the net. By the time he managed to free his foot, the Scorchio duo had taken off with SilverEmerald.

     “No! Wait!” Lappiny cried after them, picking himself up to his feet as swiftly as he could.

     As much as the cloud Shoyru attempted to run after them, he could not do so, being both exhausted and shocked at the recent occurrences. Flapping his wings energetically, Lappiny began to soar toward the midnight sky, looking toward the navy blue ceiling above him.

     “What just happened?” he asked himself, fluttering his wings rhythmically. Lappiny searched around at the ground and spotted a group of rustling bushes behind him. Turning around and preparing himself, he looked carefully.

     “Toothpaste, toothpaste, where’s the toothpaste?” came a familiar voice. From behind the bushes a cloud Draik appeared, looking around curiously. It was JadePaw, SilverEmerald’s sister. “Lappiny? Oh hi! I came all the way from home because TK wants to know where the toothpaste is." She seemed slightly angry at the fact she had to travel miles to find out the toothpaste's location. "Hey, where's SilverEmerald?”

     Looking tense, Lapinny frowned. JadePaw must have noticed this, for not long after she inquired again, “What’s wrong? And where is SilverEmerald?”

     Landing upon the ground, the cloud Shoyru descended stealthily. Lappiny took a minute himself to discover an answer to JadePaw’s question and shook his head. “I don’t know,” he confessed sadly. He began to explain the happenings, JadePaw nodding after each sentence he made.

     “Maybe we should go back to camp,” suggested JadePaw thoughtfully, only to see the Shoyru shaking his head.

     Lappiny sighed. “We can’t. I let the poachers get away with SilverEmerald and I’m responsible for all of this. I’m sure she’ll be all right for a while, but the sooner we'd better find her.”

     Shrugging slightly as his words, the cloud Draik looked around as though a reply lay somewhere in the plants surrounding them. Tilting her head slightly, she concentrated on Lappiny’s deep, blue eyes. Finally, she responded. "Let's go."


"...And that was when the Scorchios flew off with my sister?" the cloud Draik recapped after Lappiny had told her the previous events of the evening. The Shoyru responded with a rueful nod. They had been flying above the forest in the direction Lappiny had said he was sure the Scorchios. But it had been too long, and the Scorchios were way too far away to be seen. Plus they may have changed direction, and the two pets weren't sure where to.

     "What did they say, anything that could lead us somewhere?" JadePaw asked.

     "Uh... they said something about SilverEmerald being a good specimen or something," Lappiny muttered. His memory was hazy and he wasn't exactly sure what they had said. He could see the colour draining from the Draik's face. "JadePaw, are you OK?"

     She shook her head. "Well, if they're talking about my sister being a good specimen... then maybe they'll be conducting experiments on her?"

     "I don't--"

     Suddenly, the two pets hit something. They came spiraling down to the ground and hit the dirt hard. JadePaw and Lappiny sat up with an incredible amount of pain and looked at what they hit. A Korbat, who didn't seem to be too much better off than they were.

     "I'm sorry!" the Korbat squealed. "Please forgive me, I was in a hurry to get away!"

     "Get away from where?" Lappiny asked as he held JadePaw to her feet.

     "The zoo! There's a zoo not too far off. It's in the forest. There's two Scorchios who run it... they caught me!" he cried. "But I managed to escape."

     "That must be where they took SilverEmerald!" JadePaw gasped. "Come on Lappiny, let's go!"

     The two dragons ran through the night. Those Scorchios must have taken SilverEmerald to some sort of zoo... but they knew what they had to do, they had to free her!

To be continued...

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