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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 100 > New Series > The Return of Aglyco: Part One

The Return of Aglyco: Part One

by peachifruit

Fyora, queen of Faerieland, crossed her legs, the edges of her lips curving into a smile inadvertently. The book presently sitting in her lap was of little amusement to her, however, the very thought of this day forced her into a slightly joyous mien. After she had skimmed through another page of her novel, it turned fairly abruptly.

     Such a convenience got her to thinking about this day. It wasn’t often when she had no bills to review, trials to oversee -- citizens to help. Fyora glanced out the window at the bustling city under her reign. It was a fairly peaceful day with wispy clouds floating across the sunny sky. She frowned for a moment. Perhaps she was able to turn the page in a novel, but keeping the days as serene as this was out of her control.

     Limited as her abilities were, she began to question why her title was so important after all. It didn’t feel as though Fyora did enough for her people, and constantly regretted that without much of a reason. She was known as the perfect ruler by some, and yet a humble part of her refused to place herself in a higher position than anyone else...

     What am I doing, thinking about all this? thought the queen to herself. After all, a day like this only comes once in a long while. I might as well enjoy my novel and stop thinking about what I don’t particularly need to.

     Just as she was returning to her book, however, there was a knock at her door. “Your Majesty, we have urgent news!” a voice at the door exclaimed.

     “Come in,” Fyora murmured, somewhat curiously. The door was opened by an Earth Faerie. She stepped in, followed by a group of faeries, one for each element excluding light and darkness. “Urgent, you say? Iyana, please, do tell.”

     “Very well,” said the Earth Faerie. “We’ve gotten a request from someone to speak to you. She’s an Alien Aisha and in her ship at the moment, so she’s opted to communicate via satellite. It’s a very serious matter, and, as you can see, she’s requested that your entire council is present during the conversation.”

     “I’m not busy,” said Fyora sceptically. “But these are quite the demands for just a conversation.” A screen was slowly brought down from the ceiling and turned on. A blue screen lingered for a moment before the “guest” came into focus.

     She was, indeed, an Alien Aisha. Her hair was long and silver; her suit was blue on her right side and red on her left and the purple triangle just below her two pairs of ears was highly visible and vivid.

     “So, I didn’t think I’d ever get the chance to speak with Her Royal Majesty,” she began. “It was quite kind of you to comply with my request.”

     “Indeed it was,” Fyora replied.

     “It was also very wise,” the Aisha continued. “I think we’ve met before, Fyora. Allow me to reintroduce myself as Aglyco, former captain of The Vanity. I’m not very new to threatening you, really.”

     Fyora’s eyes widened in recollection. “I remember quite well. Last summer, I believe, you threatened to fire an untested ray at the planet. You never succeeded, I also believe.”

     “Oh, I know.” Aglyco didn’t look the least bit offended. “That was a silly threat, don’t you think? The results weren’t definite and the results I expected were petty. But times change. We all have to remember that.”

     “What do you want now, then?” asked Fuhnah impatiently.

     “Simple.” The edges of Aglyco’s lips curved into a menacing smile. “But first, I must tell you what happened to bring us all here today.” The screen showed a picture of a large space ship, reading “FATE” on the side. “This is my new ship -- The Fate. It’s only programmed to do one thing, though, which is to strengthen the gravitational pull of the sun, making me free to pull Neopia around to my heart’s content. That makes your next stop beautiful, picturesque...” The screen diverted to a picture of the sun, glaring vibrantly. The council gasped as the view returned to Aglyco. “...Sun. I don’t know if they have 120,000 SPF sunscreen where you are, but this is your next stop, provided that you refuse to grant me the following demands.”

     “Before my council is overwhelmed,” Fyora interrupted, “I must remind you of a few points. Your ship cannot interfere with the sun’s gravitational pull. That is absolutely preposterous. Not only that, but if it were to be as such, the ship would be destroyed as well as our planet.”

     “That’s where you would be wrong,” Aglyco answered. “Your council can feel free to panic. You also have to remember the extreme difference in technological advancements between our two civilizations. Perhaps pulling this planet towards the sun is difficult for you, but keep your primitive laws to yourself. But you are correct about something. My ship would be destroyed. Although, if you think I didn’t plan ahead and also think I’m actually on it, you’d be insane. The Fate is the ship leading Neopia towards the sun. The Narcissus, however, is the control center for The Fate, and I would be there.”

     “If what you say is true,” Fyora replied, “I imagine that it should be fairly simple to apprehend you and whoever else might be on The Narcissus.”

     “Think what you will,” Aglyco remarked. “But do you honestly believe that?” She leaned back in her seat, satisfied. “I believe this is near the end of our meeting. If you intend to save Neopia, I advise that you make sure that your crown and position are in my hands before we reach the sun.”

     “You wouldn’t demand that--”

     “I would. But I understand that this is a bit of pressure so quickly... tell you what. I estimate that the trip to the sun will take about... a week. You have exactly seven days to decide. If you haven’t come to a decision or I’m not Faerie Queen Aglyco by that time, put on that sunscreen.” Aglyco smiled. “I’ll leave the rest to you. Goodbye, Your Majesty.”

     An uncomfortable silence filled the room as the screen went blank and was drawn back up into the ceiling.

     Fyora, mentally reeling in shock, staggered up and away from her seat. “Your Majesty?” Fuhnah inquired gingerly. Fyora tried to remain collected as she spoke, her arms crossed.

     “This will not happen, you can rest assured,” she confirmed, turning to her council. “There’s honestly little I can do to prevent it, but I must try.” She turned to Iyana. “Send for Oosylla -- tell her it’s urgent. Bring up organizing a fleet to stop The Narcissus as soon as possible. We have to try, everyone.

     “We can’t fall without trying.”

To be continued...

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