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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 100 > Short Stories > Fallen: Fyora

Fallen: Fyora

by oily106

Angels can still fall…

I crouched, numb and petrified, on that narrow ledge outside the Uber Light Faerie’s tower, still clutching the glass feather she had given me. My tears dropped down to Neopia beneath, many miles below. I don’t know how long I spent there but it felt like hours. Suddenly, I felt soothed and safe. I held up my Cybunny paw and noted with wonder that it was bathed in a soft purple glow. My fears dissipated and the ledge and Neopia seemed to spin away from me. I was lost in purple light…

     When I could see again, I found myself in a room made of a curious marble-like material that seemed to be warm and soft. This material covered the walls, floor and ceiling equally and was tinted purple. I saw a tall, purple Faerie who I knew to be the Faerie Queen, Fyora, and her face was filled with concern for me.

     "I’m sorry," she said.

     I felt dazed. "What?" I said stupidly. Why was the Faerie Queen apologising to me?

     "Sorry for your treatment at the hands of one of my Uber Faeries. I know what she said to you. She spoke at least one word of truth – I cannot control the Uber Faeries. I apologise."

     "Do I get a complimentary fruit basket?" I asked and then winced. My poor sense of humour seemed to choose odd moments to appear.

     Fyora smiled. "No – but you get some information, if you want. I can help you with your questions about the one you call Angel."

     "Tell me," I said, suddenly alert.

     "Angel was an Uber Faerie pet – and thus, she cannot lead a normal life. She will fail and the Angel you know will be forever lost – she will become listless and lifeless, dead to the world around her. When her first feather falls, you will know it’s begun…"

     My eyes widened. "Angel…" I breathed.

     Suddenly, everything seemed to hit me. The terror of my time on the ledge; the joy of life with Angel that was to be snatched away; my inevitable failure to save her. I collapsed, borne down by my fears and sadness, nearly crying again.

     "Help me, Fyora! I cannot do it!" I wept. "I am an average pet and I cannot win against Uber Faeries. I don’t even know where to start!"

     Fyora knelt down beside me and lifted me up again.

     "In this I am powerless. But you are anything but average, Dreamer. There can be no average when everyone is so different."

     "You’re the Faerie Queen – can’t you help?" I asked.

     "My job is simply to balance the elements. The Uber Faeries are chosen on power alone but power is not finite. When Uber Faeries become too powerful, they move on from Neopia. When they become too weak, they fall – or they are pushed. These current Uber Faeries are cunning – they balance their magic well, so I cannot interfere with their games. They are all ambitious and greedy but they are clever too. I have no excuse to exercise my power over them. Not all Faeries have to be nice…"

     "I must do what I can do alone then?"

     "Yes…but you will have Angel to inspire you."

     "I don’t know what to do…"

     "I cannot say much. Do not trust your eyes, for they will lie to you; do not trust your heart, for it will lead you astray. Do not trust your friends, for they will turn on you. But, again, trust what you see, what you think and those who care for you. For your trust may be betrayed, but it will play out right again. The Uber Light Faerie you spoke to – she seemed so perfect, that your eyes and your heart alone cannot see through her. But when she mentioned Angel as bad, you knew something was wrong. You can only love and cherish those who you care for and hope that your heart will lead you right in the end…"

     She looked grave. "Your path is a hard one – much is yet to come…"

     She bent down and plucked from my paws the glass feather bequeathed to me by the Uber Faerie, that I had held for so long. She twirled it thoughtfully, watching its reflections cast a harsh light on the soft, purple room.

     "I don’t know what to say. Perhaps, if this was a story, I would give you some mystical power or strong weapon. Instead, I must give you words – I only hope that will be enough."

     I dried my eyes quickly on the back of my paw.

     "Then give me your words, Fyora, for they will guide me."

     She smiled suddenly, like the sun breaking through the clouds.

     "Seek out the fallen Faerie. Your Angel must decide for herself."

     I reached out my paw and accepted back the glass feather.

     "Will I lose Angel forever?" I asked quietly and levelly.

     "I don’t know…" said Fyora. She trailed her hand across the floor.

     I nodded and began to rise. I stopped.

     "How will I find the Faerie?"

     "Your Angel has a link to her Faerie, even if it is now broken. Use it… if you must…"

     There was a lot Fyora was not telling me – possibilities she had seen but would not say. Her purple eyes looked compassionately into mine.

     I raised my paw in a farewell and she raised her hand also. Soft purple light again filled my vision and, once it had cleared, I found myself on the back of a Uni, departing from Faerieland. I enjoyed the flight down – the wind streaming through my fur, the clean taste of air filling my lungs. I had always wanted to fly. I landed, thanked the Uni and hurried home to Angel.


I let myself in quietly. I expected to find Angel still enwrapped in NeoQuest but the games system showed that she had completed it. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and looked through the house. I could not find her anywhere. I called and she came hurrying in from the garden, her eyes alight. I smiled, forgetting my day, my worries and cares. She hugged me tightly around my middle and danced around the kitchen, twirling in giddy joy. I laughed easily. I held the glass feather loosely in my paw, forgotten.

     But then I saw it. A single, pure white feather lay starkly on the bare stone floor. It rocked slightly in the draught from the open garden door, its brilliance making the floor dull. I felt my heart turn to ice and then fill with lead. I reached down very slowly and tenderly picked up that one feather.

     "Oh, Angel…" I murmured. I laid two feathers on the counter, side by side – one real, one glass, the glass one a cruel mimicry of the other. Through the glass, I could see Angel’s distorted face, perplexed and confused.

     The feather skittered off the surface and stuck to my fur, trapped where it should not be. Its purity made my fur seem a dingy grey and it seemed a cruel injustice to both of us: I had no wings, and the feather clung to my fur in mockery; Angel was now to lose hers, too. I pulled the feather off quickly and replaced it on the counter, heavily. Angel had already fallen from the Faeries; now, she must also fall from Neopia…

     Dreams cannot make you fly…

The End

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