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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Articles > Hold Your Breath, Because We Are About To Swan Dive Into the Maraqua Mystery: Part Three

Hold Your Breath, Because We Are About To Swan Dive Into the Maraqua Mystery: Part Three

by stoneman3x

RUINS OF MARAQUA - If you recall, the past two weeks I have been discussing the mystery surrounding the destruction of Maraqua. If you haven't read the past two articles, or you can't remember what you ate for breakfast, let alone what a nutcase said last week, don't sweat it. I'm going to summarize it for you so we can get this thing over with.

The first thing we talked about was pirates. A pirate named Captain Dread was blackmailing KOM, the King of Maraqua. KOM, who suffers from a nervous twitch that makes him blink a lot, decided not to pay the pirates anymore. The pirates were extremely NOT okay with this.

The next thing we examined was the mysterious statue sprouting seaweed on the ocean floor. It seems to look like a Dark Faerie and I nicknamed her "Mysti". She is wearing a stripey amulet that is completely out of place with her stony personality.

The last thing we talked about was Chiazilla, the protector of the Cocos of Mystery Island. The part I find pretty significant in the Neopedia article about him is the bit about "he (the king of the Cocos) had the power to summon the Sea Monster from the depths of the ocean in times of need". Exactly how did the King of the Cocos summon Chiazilla? Hopefully, I have told you enough so far that you can leap ahead of me on this one. I think he used the stripey amulet to do it.

Now that I have spent three weeks talking about all of the interesting bits of information all over Neopia about Maraqua, I will FINALLY put it all together for you. Here is my theory on what happened to Maraqua:

Let's say that there are two stripey amulets. One belongs to king of the Cocos and the other belongs to the king of Maraqua. I don't know who created these amulets or why they gave them to these kings, but they were passed down from generation to generation. In any event, the amulet was used to call forth a sort of guardian sea monster if these kingdoms got into a jam they couldn't get out of. Like if there was a freak blizzard and everybody stuck their tongues to metal poles at the same time.

The Cocos took their amulet pretty seriously. Mystery Island was full of cannibals, bad tempered Kougras and weird fruit festivals. Things were extremely exciting there, but not always very peaceful. They probably got attacked fairly often by the two scourges of Neopia-- pirates and tourists. They buffed up their stripey amulet a LOT to drive these relentless invaders off.

Maraqua, on the other hand, was sitting on the bottom of the ocean and really didn't have a care in the world. The high cost of scuba gear rental must have kept even gawking tourists to a minimum. In fact, they probably had never even seen a pirate before a very bony Kiko calling himself Captain Dread showed up. By the time the stripey amulet was passed down to KOM, nobody could remember what it was for. They still remembered Chiazilla. They just forgot that they could call him up. They sort of lost his phone number, so to speak.

The story basically begins with pirates discovering gold in them there subterranean hills. So Captain Dread got a hold of Greg the Very Angry Programmer to design a submarine for him so he could do a little underwater pillaging. Since KOM, the king of Maraqua, and the rest of the inhabitants of Maraqua were real Newbies in the buccaneer-bucking business, they didn't know that paying these guys would NOT make them go away.

Unfortunately, KOM decided not to pay them anymore after he accidentally gave them that powerful stripey amulet. If it's any consolation to anyone, the keeper of the Royal Maraquan Treasure Vault no longer has a job.

The pirates joined up with a mysterious Dark Faerie I call "Mysti". She wanted the stripey amulet of massive, and sometimes messy, power. Captain Dread wanted to intimidate KOM into paying the pirates to leave Maraqua alone, like in the "good old days". So the pirates gave the stripey amulet to Mysti with the understanding that she would teach Maraqua a lesson they would never forget. Unfortunately, the stripey amulet wound up teaching everybody within a thousand miles of Maraqua a lesson they would never forget. The lesson that they would never forget is, "Don't mess with Chiazilla".

With the stripey amulet in hand, Mysti called forth its dark magic. The look of disgust and surprise on the face of the statue is pretty much a clue that she didn't expect a sea monster to drop in for tea. But that wasn't really her big mistake. Her big mistake was saying to herself, "Okay, whatever" and trying to command Chiazilla to destroy Maraqua. He didn't like that idea very much and swam around in circles trying to break the hold she had over him with the stripey amulet. He must have done the backstroke at supersonic speed, because he created a huge whirlpool.

The force of the swirling water created a sort of backwash. The spell was tossed back at Mysti and turned her into stone. The sad part is, Chiazilla, the protector of the Cocos and the Maraquans, was technically the one who totally trashed Maraqua. I guess that made him feel kind of bad because nobody has seen hide nor scales of him since.

There are a lot of theories floating around about who this Faerie really was. But there is a collector card called "Maelstra The Dark Faerie". The card itself has this little description with it: Lying in wait to tempt those weak of heart, the power granted by these evil imps is great, but at a price. The interesting thing about this is her NAME. The dictionary says a "maelstrom" is a "whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence". Is it a coincidence that the name Maelstra and the word maelstrom are so much alike? I have a feeling that the Maraquans that survived never knew her real name. They called the statue that because it just seemed to suit her and she was too hard and cold at the time to care if they called her the Jelly Chia.

The reason no one has seen the crusted dark Faerie until now is that she was covered with bits and pieces of Maraqua for a long time. So if she was covered up all this time, what happened to shake all of the junk off of her? The Neopedia article about Maraqua has this interesting little blurb of information in it:

Weather : Maraqua occasionally has earthquakes.

I don't know too much about geology and earthquakes and stuff, but I know that if I jump up and down I can make just about everything I own fly out of my pockets. I figure even a small earthquake would have been enough to shake the contents of KOM's wardrobe closet and seashell collection off of Mysti.

There is one final unsolved riddle in this Spyder web of drama. What happened to Captain Dread and his enormous crew of two bloodthirsty cut-throats? My guess is that the instant they saw Chiazilla and the whirlpool swirling around Maraqua, they beat a hasty retreat. There is a whole other side to Neopia that no one has ever seen. That's a lot of space for one skeleton-headed Kiko and two bandana-wearing Neopets to hide out in. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be back. The World Page has this little thing sitting in it trying to look harmless and innocent: "The Pirate Kiko's Revenge".

So, that is my theory on how Maraqua came to be destroyed and how that mysterious statue popped up in Maraqua. Of course, this is just my own personal theory. It's quite possible that something completely different than this happened. All I know is that my research into this mystery has at least answered one important question. But after three weeks of writing this stupid thing, I can't seem to remember what that was.

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