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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 99 > Short Stories > A Bond of Friendship

A Bond of Friendship

by ladyariel32

Ellie stared at the beautiful blue daisy bracelet hanging around one of her striped paws. A dreamy smile appeared on her Gelert face and her purple eyes shone like sunlight. Her thoughts seemed to be somewhere else… or maybe, someone…

     "I DON'T WANT TO COME WITH YOU!!!" Ellie shrieked at the top of her lungs. She stamped her four Gelert paws and made a face at Sarah, her owner.

     "YOU'LL COME WITH ME, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!" the fifteen-year old girl screamed back, dark brown eyes blazing.

     The striped Gelert turned around abruptly muttering words under her breath. She looked back at Sarah with a frown. "Why do I have to go, anyway? I don't know anyone there."

     "One of Carol's Neopets is a pink Gelert named Patty. She's just about your age," Sarah answered, crossing her arms.

     "So what?" Ellie grumbled. A sad look came over her face. "She won't like me and I won't like her, either…"

     Sarah sighed wearily. "Why do you always have to be so pessimistic?"

     "I just am," the Gelert replied. "I'll stay here and wait until you come back."

     Her owner glared at her, hands on her hips. Suddenly, she grabbed Ellie by the paws and dragged her out of their NeoHome. While Ellie howled in protest, Sarah hauled her Gelert for about thirty minutes until they reached Carol's (Sarah's friend) house. Without letting go of Ellie, she rang the doorbell.

     "Hi!" Carol, a longhaired girl, greeted them cheerfully. "Come in."

     Sarah gave her a strained smile and proceeded to pull Ellie through the open doorway. The Gelert gritted her teeth and stuck her claws onto the ground. They made an ear-splitting high-pitched sound as Sarah tried to drag her inside. After a few minutes, Ellie began to tire and loosened her hold on the ground. Sarah promptly carried the Gelert in and pushed her onto a nearby chair.

     Carol gazed at them with an amused expression. "I'm glad you dropped by."

     "Ah, yes," Sarah began as she seated herself on the plush sofa. "It's been a long time since I last saw you. How are you and your neopet these days?"

     "We're doing fine," Carol replied with a smile.

     Ellie crossed two of her paws over her chest and pouted.

     Sarah nudged her irritably. "Sorry, Ellie's a little edgy this morning."

     "I don't mind," Carol said merrily. "My Patty's a bit like her, too."

     Ellie continued to pout as the two girls continued talking and seemed to forget she was even there. The striped Gelert stared at a purple door across the room. It was opened slightly and she could see a pair of black eyes just behind it. When the eyes saw that she was looking, they vanished and the door suddenly closed.

     "Who's there?" Ellie asked nervously without realizing that the teenagers were looking at her.

     "Who's where?" Sarah questioned her confusedly.

     "I didn't say anything," the Gelert replied quickly.

     Carol smiled and followed Ellie's gaze. "That's Patty's room. Would you like to meet her?"

     "NO!" Ellie shouted. In a much softer tone, she repeated, "I mean, no."

     "I'll call her for you," Carol said as if she hadn't heard a word Ellie had said. She smiled again, walked towards the purple door, and opened it.

     "HEY!" a feminine voice screeched from inside. "You're invading my PRIVACY!"

     The door opened completely and revealed a pink Gelert whose teeth were bared angrily.

     "Hello, Patty," Carol chirped. "Look what my friend Sarah brought with her today." She gestured at Ellie.

     Patty glared at Ellie disapprovingly. "When are they leaving?"

     "Actually, Sarah and I were about to head to the shops for a while. I'm leaving you in charge of the house, okay?" Carol explained and tugged at Sarah's shirtsleeve. "Come on, Sarah!"

     "DON'T JUST LEAVE ME HERE!" Ellie yelled furiously at Patty's and Sarah's retreating backs.

     The front door slammed, and the two girls were gone. Patty and Ellie eyed each other with obvious disdain.

     "I'm leaving," Ellie declared and began marching away.

     "Go on, then, LEAVE!" Patty exclaimed. "I knew you wouldn't like me, anyway. Well, I don't like you, either!"

     Ellie stopped on her tracks. She sounds exactly like me, the striped Gelert thought to herself. She walked back to Patty in a daze.

     "I'm Ellie," she introduced herself and stuck out a paw for Patty to shake.

     "Huh," Patty scoffed, but her eyes softened just a little. "I'm Patty." She reached for Ellie's paw and shook it roughly.

     "Want some gum?" Ellie offered earnestly. She placed a pack of bubble gum onto the pink Gelert's paw.

     Patty gazed at her suspiciously but she chomped on the gum happily, nonetheless. Ellie just stood there and watched her. For some reason, she felt close to the other Gelert.

     She's just like me, Ellie thought, alone and friendless.

     "Let's play in my room," Patty proposed, looking shy.

     Ellie smiled at Patty hesitantly. She pranced into the pink Gelert's room and stared around. Patty's room was messy. There were empty wrappers of bubble gum everywhere Ellie looked. Her pink, velvety bed was hidden beneath a pile of papers, chocolates, crushed cans of Neocola, and all sorts of other stuff. The whole place smelled like wild flowers, although she couldn't see any sort of flower anywhere.

     "I like your room," Ellie told Patty. "But my room's even more chaotic than yours."

     "Oh yeah?" Patty replied jokingly. "I bet my room's the messiest place in Neopia."

     Ellie and Patty stared into each other's eyes. A few seconds later, they both burst out laughing. Ellie's high-pitched giggle and Patty's melodic chuckle rang throughout the house. The two Gelerts kept on laughing until tears welled up in their eyes and they were holding onto their bellies.

     "My tummy hurts," the pink Gelert chortled and rolled over the floor.

     "I feel wonderful!" Ellie exclaimed happily.

     "You know, I've never had a friend before," Patty told Ellie when they had both quieted down.

     "Me, neither," Ellie replied with a grin.

     They both began laughing again. The rest of the morning was spent talking, giggling, and playing in Patty's room. When their owners came back a while later, Patty and Ellie were already the best of friends.

     For a whole month, the two Gelerts visited each other, spent time at the local park, and made new friends together. Ellie felt like she was the happiest neopet in Neopia.

     But, of course, Patty's probably as happy as I am, she thought with a smile.


One day, the pink Gelert arrived at Ellie's NeoHome, looking sad.

     "What's wrong?" Ellie asked her anxiously.

     Patty stared at Ellie. "We're moving away to Krawk Island."

     The striped Gelert gazed at her, looking like she didn't believe what Patty had said. "B-but… Krawk Island's so far away from N-neopia C-central…"

     "I know," Patty said quietly. "Here." She slipped an ice blue bracelet with a daisy pendant in the middle onto Ellie's paw.

     Ellie's lower lip trembled and without noticing it at first, she started to cry. She hugged Patty tightly. And, even though Ellie didn't say any words, Patty knew that her best friend would miss her and would never forget her.

     Sometimes, words are not enough, Ellie thought to herself.

     She let go of Patty. The pink Gelert gave her a sad farewell smile before walking away.

     Goodbye, my best friend…

     Ellie continued to stare at the blue daisy bracelet and she hugged it to her chest protectively. She smiled dreamily and looked out of her bedroom window, thinking happy thoughts of a best friend she would treasure eternally…a best friend she would most likely never meet again but whom her heart would never forget.

The End

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