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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Continuing Series > Into the Battle: Wintroq’s Story--Part Four

Into the Battle: Wintroq’s Story--Part Four

by meratocat

Arrows flew into the ranks of both sides, but Wintroq proudly noted that Vernok's side was doing worse then the Laxcornian defenders. Even so, he was not sure how long they could hold out against an all out onslaught. The cries of war sounded across his ears, and Wintroq ran across the battlements shouting out orders as arrows flew past his head.

     "They have ladders!" a solder cried out as several ladders began to be lifted up to the wall with creatures hanging upon the ends.

     "Stop them from getting into our ranks!" Wintroq yelled as he heard Corinth say something close to the same not too far away. Some pets kicked the ladders down as the reached the top, and others flung things at the creatures upon them, but even so, several of Vernok's creatures managed to penetrate Laxcorna's defences, and wreak some havoc before they were done away with.

     "They have fliers!" Corinth yelled pointing up into the night sky where winged Neopets were flying over the walls carrying weapons. "All you with wings get up there and stop them!" Almost immediately, many winged pets on the defending side jumped up to take on the winged forces of Gerake.

     The battle raged on for hours, and Vernok's troops were slowly pushing back the Laxcornian defenders. The sun was just starting to shine over the hope forsaken defenders as Wintroq looked over across the wall, and what he saw made a deep smile spread across him face.

     There marching towards Laxcorna was an army made up of the combined forces of some of the sister cities. He could make out banners of purple, red, blue and white. The colors of four of the eight cities that Laxcorna had asked for help from. "Corinth!" he yelled, "Look over there! Help has come at last!"

     "Thank the stars! You're right!" shouted Corinth as the approaching help blared their trumpets. "Get your weapons together, we shall march out against Vernok too. We cannot let the other cities do all our work for us." And as he yelled that, the shuffles of pet's feet became loud as they all tried to ready themselves.

     Vernok looked up at Laxcorna's defenders as they wildly ran about. "What has gotten into them?" He whispered to himself, but as he heard the blare of a trumpet, he knew why. "Reinforcements! They have help! Troops, watch our tail!"

     His army shuffled to face the opposite direction, and meet the incoming forces of the other cities, but as they did so, Laxcorna's main gates burst open, and the Laxcornian army came out. Vernok cursed, he had become trapped between two forces.

     Wintroq's battle lust took over him as he swung his sword at the various pets that were on Vernok's side with a single goal. He knew that if he could get to Vernok, and destroy the insidious brown Zafara, that the Gerake army would start to break apart, leaderless.

     He tried to push his way foreword, but each step became harder, for Vernok knew enough to surround himself with many creatures. Almost there! He thought as he had Vernok in his view. He could no longer let that Zafara who was once his father to go on and have his evil spread. Vernok's evil would end that day.

     Corinth looked across the battlefields at where Wintroq was making his way towards Vernok. What is he doing! Vernok will murder him! Corinth thought as he saw his friend approach the brown Zafara. He would not watch as Vernok outmatched Wintroq, and so Corinth ran as fast as he could to try and get to the fire Zafara's aid.

     Vernok turned as Wintroq walked up to him. "Prepare to meet your end." Wintroq said as he slowly walked up to face Vernok.

     Vernok laughed as he swung his tail back and forth. "Go ahead and try. You will not last ten minutes." He swung his tail at Wintroq who barely managed to evade the spikes. "Just let them hit you," Vernok said laughing, "Each one is coated with a deadly poison, so even a scratch from one would be fatal!" And he swung his tail again at Wintroq as he unsheathed his sword.

     "I doubt that you will get me," Wintroq said as he moved into position to fight. Vernok lunged, and Wintroq barely had time to avoid his attack as he turned to the side. He prepared for another attack from Vernok, but before that came he saw Corinth running up.


     He watched as his friend ran up, and Vernok begun to swing his tail towards the running form of Corinth. "Watch out!" Wintroq yelled as he jumped into the Zafara warrior general so instead of Vernok's poisoned spikes pushing full force into Corinth's side, it grazed Wintroq's ear.

     Wintroq fell to his knees as he felt his ear go numb. 'Even a scratch from one would be fatal.' He remembered what Vernok had said. He could not go before he had stopped Vernok, and so he lifted his sword to his ear, and sliced. Wintroq yelled with pain, but at least the poison could not spread across him. He stood up just in time to parry a volley of blows from Vernok, who in return had to avoid both Wintroq and Corinth's attacks.

     Vernok pushed up against Wintroq, his weight pushing the younger Zafara down. He quickly moved to the side, and then brought his blade down at Wintroq who managed to jump to the side, but still get a fine graze upon his left shoulder. Wintroq's shield arm hung limp at his side, but even so, his sword arm was still good, so he kept fighting.

     Corinth ran at Vernok's back, but with a quick twist, Vernok turned, and with a strong sweep of his blade, threw Corinth's sword from his hands. Corinth jumped to the side as Vernok swung at him, and was able to get out of the way when Wintroq brought up his sword to parry Vernok's attack on Corinth.

     Vernok brought up his knee into Wintroq's stomach, and as Wintroq staggered back he charged. Wintroq was only saved by his quick recovery, because as he stood back up and took a steep back, Vernok's attack missed, and he stumbled foreword, giving Wintroq just enough time to slash his sword down upon Vernok. "You poor excuse for a son…" Were Vernok's last words as he fell into the grass, staining its green a red.

     "As you were for a father…" Wintroq said, and then he too collapsed in a faint.


Wintroq opened his eyes up to see an array of faces looking down at him. "Ugh…" He said, and then as Corinth came into view he asked. "The war… did we win? The last thing I remember was the fight, and then…"

     "We won, because of you. Gerake gave up after their leader was destroyed." Corinth said interrupting. "You almost got yourself killed out there." He said. "All of your injuries made you black out. You have been laying here for a couple of weeks. When we first got to you down on the ground next to Vernok, we though that you were dead. You were close enough though, but we have managed to revive you." Corinth smiled. "You are now officially reckoned a Laxcornian hero." Wintroq started to turn, but winced as a pain shot through him from his wounds.

     "Get out of here, he needs his rest!" a Gelert healer yelled at Corinth as she shoved him out the door.

     "You had better heal up Wintroq. Laiondite wants to see you, and if you're asleep, it won't work." Then Corinth walked out the door with a laugh before the healer could give him a shove.

     "Humph!" she grunted, and then handed Wintroq a bottle of liquid. "Drink it up. It will help you get to sleep." Wintroq nodded, and drank up the stuff, which smelt like morning roses. He was quickly asleep once again.

     He woke up the next day feeling none the worse for wear. Having no one in the room, he stood up, and rested a hand on the bed as his legs wobbled. His ear and shoulder will still sore, and he had a dozen bruises, but he could live. So putting on a tunic that was hung over the wall, he started to make his way out of the healing home before anyone caught him, and send him back to his bed.

     Before walking out, Wintroq put a hand up to the spot where his ear used to be, and sighed. At least he was still alive, but even so, he still wished that he did not have to loose an ear.

     Wintroq was soon walking down the streets of Laxcorna up towards the palace. If Queen Laiondite wanted to see him, he would appear to her, and not let the healers make her wait. As he walked up to the main gate, Corinth stopped him. "I didn't expect you out of the healers house for another week at least Wintroq!"

     "I didn't want to keep the queen waiting," Wintroq said as he started to walk into the castle.

     Corinth shook his head, and then made a motion for Wintroq to follow. "This way. Queen Laiondite will be a bit surprised that you're here already, but it is good nonetheless." Wintroq just nodded, and followed him through the halls towards Laiondite.

     "You are out of the healing house already!" Laiondite exclaimed when she saw Wintroq. "I was sure that they would not allow you out for another five days at least. She looked down at Wintroq, and then laughed when she saw his expression. "They didn't let you out, did they?" she laughed. "Well, at least you're here. I have to give you something for what you did for Laxcorna." She looked a little sad. "I know how hard it must have been… he was your father after all."

     "I would prefer that that is never mentioned," Wintroq said with a bit of anger in his voice.

     "Yes, and I can see why," Laiondite said, and then she smiled. "Well, anyway the main reason that I called you here is this. She placed a medallion over his head. "You hold the respect of the army, and you are battle-wise, and yet fair. You are now second in charge of the army, bested only by Corinth."

     Wintroq smiled. "Thank you your majesty."

     "Just Laiondite will be fine," the queen said with a smile. "You have proved yourself worthy of my friendship Wintroq. I am glad that you came here to Laxcorna." And then as an afterthought she turned to face him. "Don't worry, your relation to Vernok and Zarrel Charmain will be kept secret. That secret is safe with us, we will never tell." And then she motioned Wintroq and Corinth outside.

     "She really is kind…" Wintroq said to Corinth as he fingered the medallion over his neck.

     Corinth smiled, "She is how she must be. She is the best leader Laxcorna has had since Tolohoma of two hundred years ago. Come on, let's go and get you something to eat before the healers come looking for you."

     Wintroq looked at his friend. "How'd you know that I snuck out of there?"

     "It is plastered all over your face friend." With a laugh, Corinth led Wintroq to the main marketplace. The battle was over, and Laxcorna had prevailed.

The End

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