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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Articles > What You Always Wanted to Know… Starting From Scratch

What You Always Wanted to Know… Starting From Scratch

by jamezbfod

MARKETPLACE - Hello, I am JamezBfod here again in suit-and-tie businessman mode to give you advice on starting from nothing, or next to it. Most people new to Neopets — everyone starts out new, including myself a few years ago. They don’t have the means to make a lot of Neopoints, and don’t know how to make more.

That’s where this article comes in. Your Neopets will probably get cranky if you don’t have enough food, toys, etc. for all of them, and I’ve got 4 to handle myself. Anyway, if you don’t have a lot of NP, are new to Neopets, or just want to see if you can find any more ways to make NP, then this article is for you. If you’re a little more advanced, please forgive me and follow along if you wish. You could learn something useful too.

Before I start the meat-and-potatoes of this article, I would like to warn you, if you really are new: Don’t give your password to anyone! Not even someone you think you can trust. The same goes for "lending" items. Keep your eyes open for scams, as they can ruin months of effort on your account. And your Neopets will wonder who that strange fellow clearing them out is. Also, odds are you won’t get anything from the Money Tree. Don’t let that get to you. And if you can actually get items in restocks, well then more power to you. On with the show.

I. First Things First

Okay, so you’re started up on NeoPets. If you’re really new, you might want to check out the tutorial at the top of the help page. You have 200 NP to start with unless Neopets changed the amount, and you’ll get 50 NP for creating your first pet. You can open a bank account free, and open a small shop for a fee. If you don’t have the NP for that right now, you can come back to it later.

The Bank will provide interest on the NP you put into it, it helps out a little, but there are better uses for your NP. The Bank also gives you access to a Safety Deposit Box for those valuable items. Don’t forget to collect your interest daily on what you’ve put into the bank (which should be everything not invested in items or stocks) -- once you have enough to start collecting interest, that is.

Your shop will be useful in selling items you find, buy, or win. For more information on shops, I will refer you to leb388’s articles. Got Stuff? Sell It! and Got Stuff? Sell it! Part II

II. Freebies

Now, get your freebies. I’m talking about the one-time-only Newbie Pack, and the free dailies like Coltzan’s Shrine, The Fruit Machine, or my favorite, The Tombola! The three freebies I linked are my favorites. Once you get your Newbie Pack, you will find a toy (a fuzzle of some sort if memory serves me) and a food item for your neopet, as well as some other nifty, but common, items.

The long-delayed Coltzan’s Shrine can up your pet’s stats for free, or give food, NP (legend has it someone gets a million from time to time), or the usual nothing at all when you pay your respects to the late King Coltzan. The Fruit Machine can give out food items, petpets, and NP(from 50 to 10,000), if one’s slot-machine like pictures of Desert fruits line up. And the Tombola prize depends on your ticket, if it ends in a 0, 2, or 5, you can win a non-booby prize. I like the booby prizes myself, as well as the occasional codestone, but not the icky food that is given out. And even if you don't have a winning ticket, sometimes the Tiki Tack Man will take pity on you and give you a little NP.

Afterward, if you’ve gone around and taken advantage of these daily (except for the Newbie Pack) freebies, and others which I think it would be more fun for you to explore and find for yourself, you may have gotten a little bit of NP. Oh, and I almost forgot, silly me — for free food, nothing beats the Giant Omelette! Once a day freebie as well. Three servings of various kinds of Omelette can go a long way toward keeping your Neopet(s) fed. Make sure you take care of your daily freebies!

III. Games

To begin, you should try to play some games in the Action or puzzle categories first, depending on your preference. Some may be to your liking. Meerca Chase, for example, is a simple, quick, and yet rewarding game. I wouldn’t suggest the games of chance such as The Wheel of Excitement or Turdle Racing (Go, Nutty! Go!) until you are sure that you are pulling in more than enough NP for it. There are many good games out there where NP can be made, so look around. Some games of chance give out items as well. Dice-A-Roo often gave me plenty of food early on, and I’d suggest it to anyone as it only costs 5 NP to play.

Games are going to make up the bulk of your NP earnings early on. Eventually, with a little hard work, perseverance, and luck, playing games will be more for fun than to actually get NP. As long as I don’t go nuts on Battledome equipment, I am usually gaining NP, so, yeah, remember to not overspend. Prices can vary, and I know that rare painted pet looks so cool, but avoid making any major purchases if it’s going to take up more than half your current cash in the bank, especially before you’ve made a few hundred thousand NP. What was I talking about? Ah yes, Games.

Find what games are best for you, since everyone has a different style. I would suggest games that are profitable and fun for you. I personally prefer the action games, when I still play them. But some puzzle and card games interest me as well. A game of Cheat, anyone?

IV. Speculation/Investment

There are two easy ways to become a NeoMillionare that I’m aware of: Stocks and Items. Since buying and selling items isn’t quite my forte, and I’ve already referred you to some of leb388’s articles, and there are many other fine articles out there on it, I will skip to my favorite, the Stocks.

On the stocks page, you will see the ticker floating by in a marquee at the top of the screen. Get used to reading it and understanding what the symbols mean. Your portfolio will be small at first, but if you choose wisely, it will grow. My personal method is to buy my 1000 share limit all in one company, the math is easier for me that way. You may want to start off buying 100 shares at a time. Choose a stock within the 15-20 NP a share range to maximize your profits. You can sell at any time you choose to, but I often wait until the value has at least doubled. Keep in mind that Nigel the Chia charges a 20 NP fee every time you sell, so make sure your profit is far in excess of 20 NP.

A few things to keep in mind when buying stocks: You can only buy 1000 shares of stock total in a Neopian day. Not just per company. So choose wisely. Also, a mistake I made early on was to think I shouldn’t buy more than 1000 shares of a company’s stock. Of course it is good to diversify, by which I mean buy shares from different companies in different industries, but don’t be afraid to put a lot of NP into a stock you know will pay off eventually. Also, you can sell many different stocks at a time, and I would recommend doing so when you have more than one that has increased in value. Wait a few days, weeks, or sometimes even months, and you will be making a lot of NP with stocks. Just be sure to put as much NP as you can into stocks, and have the rest earning interest in the bank or tied up in items you intend to sell for profit.

V. Wait and Enjoy!

While I think the title of this section is self-explanatory, I leave you with some words of caution: Be patient. Don’t spend more than half your money. I could have bought some stocks for cheap that rocketed up to over 200 NP a share had I not blown it all on some item I thought was going to be sold for a lot more than when I bought them in a few weeks. So wait until you have more than enough NP before you start getting all those fancy things.

And remember, use your imagination. NeoPets is about having fun, and although getting rich is one of the major Neopian goals, as well as a major goal in real life, it shouldn’t be all-consuming. Make some friends, join a guild, make a petpage, or even become a Times Author. There is so much more to Neopets than Neopoints. Never forget that.

Well, I hope you liked this guide! And if you’ve got any information that I seem to have missed, then please share it with me. This is JamezBfod, loosening the tie and signing out.

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