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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Hiding, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 98 > Short Stories > The Prize

The Prize

by laurensama

The golden bell tinkled as a burly fire Lupe walked into the quiet shop. He cast his golden eyes around the large, tidy store, as if he was looking for something.

     "Hello Beyaru," a blue Nimmo in a white shopkeeping apron called as he peaked out from a door at the end of the store. Beyaru waved his paw in casual greeting as the Nimmo walked towards a glass display cabinet, taking out a key.

     "I assume your looking for another item for Jhudora's quests," the Nimmo said casually as he inserted the key into a sturdy golden lock, which guarded an impressive display case full of rare weapons and other items from all over Neopia. Beyaru nodded as he walked towards the shopkeeper.

     "Yeah, more of those quests," he grunted in impatience. "This time that overgrown bat wants a Shadow Usul plushie." The Nimmo opened his eyes wide at the request as he reached into the cabinet and carefully pulled out the plush.

     "You must be on a high level if she's asking you for stuff like this," the Nimmo observed as he went behind the counter to ring up the purchase. Beyaru puffed out his fiery chest with pride.

     "Oh yes, level 44 actually," Beyaru boasted. "Iif I get this back to her in time I'll have myself a new Dark Faerie Collar!" The Nimmo took the items Beyaru offered in trade for the plush.

     "Good luck, hope you make it back in time!" the shopkeeper encouraged. Beyaru smirked as he put the plush in his knapsack, and ran off towards Faerieland.


All around Faerieland the sun was shining in the perfect blue sky, not a threatening cloud in the sky. Beyaru barley noticed the change in his surroundings as he drew closer to Jhudora's cloud, the once spotless clouds changing to noxious looking green and purple lumps of filth, the landscape obscured by a hazy mist. Beyaru merrily trotted towards the darker region of the cloud where a twisted and deformed castle stood. The Lupe entered the citadel without fear as he came up towards a golden and purple thrown situated in the center of the castle's main hall. In the malformed throne sat Jhudora, an evil grin on her calm face.

    "Hmm… Beyaru, is that you?" she asked silkily, casting her emotionless eyes over towards the Lupe. Beyaru dropped the plush at the foot of Jhudora's throne and furrowed his brow.

    "Alright Darky, there's your plush, now where my stuff?" the fire Lupe demanded immediately. Jhudora gave a sly chuckle as she slowly got up from her throne.

    "Oh Beyaru, Beyaru," Jhudora clicked her tongue as she walked towards him.

    "Such a tempter… really! You should control it; it might just be your downfall ones of these days," she added darkly. The Lupe rolled his eyes impatiently as Jhudora stood in front of him. She reached behind her neck and undid the silvery clasp on her choker, handing it to Beyaru.

    "Here's a little something for you," Jhudora said as she handed the glowing choker to Beyaru. He snatched it greedily, an odd gleam in his eyes. This was something he had been working at for a while now. The famed choker of Jhudora! All the rumors he had heard about it were swirling around in his brain. Of course, so many people had tried to get this choker, but many failed the difficult quests. Even some who managed to receive her choker never bothered to keep it, but simply gave it back to its owner. Beyaru made a promise with himself, ever since he heard about these odd tales, that he would never return such a lovely prize.

    "Heh, thanks Darky," he replied nastily, still grinning as he walked towards the door but continuing to address the dark Faerie.

    "Honestly Jhudora, I only have to pay you 2 million for an item that I can sell for MILLIONS more? I thought you weren't as DENSE as that!" he cackled before breaking out into a full run out of the castle. Jhudora smiled evilly as she watched the Lupe run off.

    "Hmm, Neopets are such gullible creatures," she hissed to herself as she turned back towards her throne.


Beyaru burst into his home later that evening with his green prize around his neck glowing ominously. On the plush green sofa in the living room was a small yellow Aisha, watching TV with mild interest. However, once Beyaru entered the house her attention was riveted towards him.

    "Beyaru!" Anatell squealed, jumping off the couch and over to her older brother. Anatell adored Beyaru, her older brother. True they were simply related because both were pets of the same owner and were not truly brother and sister (as far as blood went), but she felt a strong bond to Beyaru as did the Lupe to her. All through the day Anatell had sat watch by the door, worrying if her brother would be able to get the choker that he desired for so long from the dark Faerie.

    "I got it! I can't believe it!" Beyaru howled happily as strutted around the living room to show off his collar. His sister giggled happily as she latched on to his leg.

    "Oooo! I knew you could do it, Beyaru!" she smiled, glowing with admiration. Beyaru beamed back and quickly looked around the quiet NeoHome.

    "Where's Tom?" the Lupe inquired as he looked around. Tom was the owner of the two pets, but rarely seen by them. Recently he had been disappearing for long stints of time without any explanation. The few times he had come back to the house he acted distant and moody. For the most part, the two pets were on their own with their owner's massive fortune at their disposal.

    "Still gone…" Anatell frowned, as she looked down. Beyaru narrowed his eyes in anger as he stared at a nearby wall.

    Figures!, the Lupe snored to himself, He's always gone, abandoned us like worthless trash on the side of the road!. His anger rose up inside of him as his fur began to stand on end, his pearly white fangs grinding against each other. He imagined his owner laughing at them, wherever he was. Jhudora's necklace slowly began to emit a stronger green light while Beyaru's mind kept relaying his owner's face laughing over and over.


    Beyaru snapped out of his thoughts and looked over at Anatell. The little Aisha was looking at her brother with a worried expression. The fire Lupe brushed a few strands of fur out of his eyes and smiled at his sister.

    "Are you okay, Beyaru? You looked so sick a minute ago," she asked, concerned. Beyaru cleared his throat and shook his furry head.

    "Naw, I'm okay, really," he said, rather unconvincingly, but Anatell believed it. Beyaru lowered his face down to her level and smiled.

    "It's bedtime for all little yellow Aishas!" he said, allowing the small creature to climb onto his head as he ascended the staircase to put her to bed. His mind kept wandering back to his episode a few minutes ago. He had no idea what that rage was, but it was disturbingly comforting to him.


That night was possibly the worst night Beyaru ever experienced in his life. He stayed up whole night, his mind buzzing about everything that happened in the past few hours. For some reason he was just bitter, bitterness he couldn't explain nor understand. A bitterness that made his blood boil with anger. He kept rubbing Jhudora's collar (he vowed not to remove it, in fear that the Pant Devil might just visit him that night) as thought it were a reassuring toy. Finally, he managed to sink into his soft bed in hopes that he could squelch the relentless thinking that his mind was subjecting him to, but it was no use. His dreams were filled with memories of his owner cruelly making him battle pets far beyond his level and then his verbal abuse when he lost miserably. He dreamt about all the injustices in his life and a cold, mirthless voice, which would always hiss throughout his dream world.

    "Your life is so tragic Beyaru, but I can remove all that fear, and sadness…forever…"

    Beyaru awoke the next morning exhausted, as if the fact that he slept the whole night was worthless. His very nerves were on end with a terror that he didn't understand. A terror that not even the greatest villains of Neopia could install within him.

    Beyaru rubbed the glowing green prize still around his neck. It seemed to glow even brighter today, which made him smile for some bizarre reason. Naturally, this was the only reason that he did all of Jhudora's awful quests, for her necklace, his biggest prize of all. He pondered for a moment why all those who received her necklace returned it without any explanation of why they had done so, but it didn't matter…it was his now!

    But ever since he had gotten the necklace, strange things were happening. He kept thinking about his owner, how he had left them, his mere memory bringing a rage like nothing Beyaru ever had before. He kept dwelling on his worst memories, reliving them over and over even though he tried not to, many times. Sometimes through the mass panic that his mind would produce he would hear a voice in his head, one he never heard before, whisper through his thoughts.

    "It can be over soon. Simply listen to me…"

    The Lupe woke up one morning to hear an odd rattling in the floors below. He walked down drowsily, but stopped upon the last step as his eyes fell upon his owner. The skinny, dark hair boy sat on in the main room, watching TV lethargically, barley even noting Beyaru was in the room.

    "What do you want, Tom?"

    Tom turned towards Beyaru, a look of deep disgust upon his face, returned by mutual dislike by the owner. The two had been at odds because of Tom's lack of interest in the two pets and Beyaru's hostility at this breaking off. The boy's dark eyes fell to rest on Jhudora's pulsating necklace.

    "So how many points did you waste away on that?" Tom hissed. Beyaru narrowed his eyes at his owner, clenching his trophy quickly.

    He has the nerve to insult ME? Beryaru thought. All Tom ever does anymore is show up once every few weeks, complain and then leave!

    "Feh, I earned it through a quest, got a problem with that?" Beyaru snarled. Tom looked taken aback but then turned back to the TV.

    "Do whatever you want. You guys are just fine without me! Go on. Do whatever. I don't care anymore"

    Beyaru snarled at his owner. He didn't care about him anymore; to the Lupe this thing standing before him was no longer a person or a being. He was an enemy.

    "Don't look at me like that!" the boy hissed, but Beyaru continued to growl, his luminous teeth gleaming as he slowly advanced on his owner. Tom glanced around and grabbed a nearby lamp, sharply prodding it towards the mad Lupe in an attempt to scare him off. Beyaru snagged the lamp with his wolf jaws and flattened the metal pole with a tinny crunch. The boy looked at his Lupe in fear, slowly backing towards the wall.

    "Be-Beyaru! It's ME!" he screamed, almost pleaded to his pet. Beyaru's eyes showed no recognition, inside his head he thought of nothing, except the voice from his dreams whispering almost as if it was next to him.

    "Don't listen, Beyaru. He lies. How could you ever trust what HE says? He left you on your own, left you so he could do 'new' things! Teach him what it's like to feel betrayed…"

    Beyaru smiled at the voice. It was almost comforting to hear, really. Something about it was recognizable, and even thought a voice inside his mind was yelling at him, beseeching him to stop, he didn't dare disobey the other voice. Beyaru lunged at his former owner, knocking him to the ground with his large bulk. The boy managed to quickly recover from the fall and hastily ran towards the door at the end of the room, slamming it shut before the Lupe could continue his barrage of attacks. Tom didn't even bother to look back at his home before running down the gravel sidewalk, vowing never again to darken the doorstep of the place, which he worked so hard to make a home out of.


Tiny little Anatell looked up at the dark house as she slowly made her way home. In her mouth she carried a basket full of fresh fruit from the Lost Desert, one of Beyaru's favorite places in all of Neopia. She saw Tom early in the morning, before Beyaru awoke, and decided to find the fruit for her brother (knowing that he would need something to cheer him up as the more recent meetings of the owner and pet had become nothing more than a shouting match). It took her a while to find all of the fruits that her brother enjoyed, but she knew that he would need cheering up after meeting with Tom. Their owner didn't care much about the two now, heartbreaking as it was. Beyaru adored his owner with all his heart and Anatell wanted to make sure that she could do anything to help Beyaru out seeing as he would have commanded the stars in the sky to stop sparking if it were to please the young Aisha.

    Anatell's intentions were lost when she opened up the wooden door to the NeoHome. Everything which the pair owned had been trashed beyond recognition. The curtains hung lifelessly in torn heaps upon the floor. Her favorite green sofa was marred and ripped, the stuffing mercilessly flung about the room. Even the pillows, which normally sat on the couch were in pieces all around the room (some even managed to find their way on top of the ceiling fan).

    Everything was dark in the house, Anatell noted, due to the fact that something had smashed every light in the house, plunging it into an eerie darkness.

    The yellow Aisha's mind raced. Beyaru? Where was he!? Did her owner possibly do something to him?

    "BEYARU!" Anatell cried as she abandoned her gift on the floor and raced up the stairs. She quickly stopped, her breath catching in her throat as she peered down the hall where a grotesque figure stared at her. A Lupe like creature stared at her with glowing purple eyes. Its fur was matted and tangled, as black as the surrounding shadows with an odd purple and green flame patters, which licked at its tail and feet. Claws the size of gleaming daggers stuck to its feet, and out of its lips protruded teeth that made Anatell panic. But something along the eyes was just…so familiar.

    "B-Beyaru?" Anatell sobbed. It was unmistakable to her; it was her brother, the person who swore that he would always protect her. Anatell rushed towards him, but the twisted Lupe snapped his jaws at her, barley missing her paw by inches. Anatell recoiled in horror as a cold voice laughed behind her.

    "Scared of something, dear little Aisha?"

    Anatell turned to see Jhudora standing in the hall, her wine colored hair flowing across the carpet. The Aisha stared at the Dark Faerie in horror, looking between Jhudora and Beyaru.

    "Wh… wha… WHAT DID YOU DO TO BEYARU?!" Anatell demanded, tears welling up in her eyes. Jhudora smiled, bearing a pair of sharp fangs, and began to cackle in a hardhearted voice.

    "I merely gave him what he wanted," she simpered, pointing at the deformed Lupe, "with that collar around his neck I was merely able to…open his eyes." She smiled darkly at the last words.

    "You did NOT! You just made him… him… evil!" Anatell shrieked. Jhudora scoffed at the Aisha's words and bent down to her level.

    "Evil? Hardly. I made him better than what he was. Five months ago when he started to become my errand boy he was nothing but a simple Lupe. Barley able to give the Pant Devil a bruise! But now I've changed him, he's stronger now… and happier, might I add!" Anatell's ears perked up at these words, she didn't dare believe them.

    "Happier?" Anatell squeaked, unsure of anything. Jhudora nodded and pointed an electric green nail at Beyaru.

    "I was able to look into his pitiful mind while he wore my necklace. His fears, his dreams… I had access to it all. Oh yes, I saw through his mind," Jhudora repeated, seeing the horror-struck look on Anatell's face, "that's why everyone always returned my necklace. They were clever little pets, figuring out that something was seeing more than it was supposed to see. But Beyaru never caught on, pitiful sap!" She hissed with delight looking over at the Lupe.

    "Because he kept that necklace on I saw how he worried that your owner will leave the two of you. How he came to realize that one day the points, which support the both of you will run out and you two will be left desolate. How one day you will grow and you will leave him, like your owner did. But I cleared his mind of all that! All of his fears and insecurities are gone. I merely left with him the knowledge that he can simply tear these problems into shreds, rather than having to deal with them in the conventional matter." She rolled her eyes at the last few words. Before Anatell could pipe up again, Jhudora snapped her fingers and headed towards the stairs.

    "Beyaru. Come," she demanded, walking down the stairs. The deformed Lupe lumbered obediently as Anatell looked in abject horror.

    "WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HIM!?" she bellowed. Jhudora barley turned her head, sending Anatell a look of pure evil.

    "Oh, he's coming with me, my dear. You see he prefers to do my bidding now. I can provide him things that will prevent the awful heartbreaking pain that you and that feeble owner install within him." And without a further word, Jhudora clapped her hands together and disappeared with Beyaru in a puff of smoke.

    Anatell looked at the spot were her brother stood for a while hoping that someone would reveal that this was all a very cruel joke. After an hour of standing at the foot of the stairs, the Aisha walked out of the house. Stopping only when she was outside to cast one final glance at it, before walking the lonely streets of her neighborhood.

The End

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