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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Sleeping, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 97 > Continuing Series > Gallery of Evil: Part Three

Gallery of Evil: Part Three

by wonderful_aishas

Also by adoriblelapin

“Eep,” squeaked Miff, looking around her.

     The room was brightly lit by Faerie magic, a large table in the center of the room. Chairs lined up at the sides, allowing the guests to seat themselves.

     The Faerie Queen walked in swiftly, the rim of her purple dress trailing behind her. She spoke firmly and importantly, “We have just received the news that The Book is located somewhere in Maraqua.”

     She paused, looked around the room and asked, “Who brought the Pant Devil?!”

     Blizzy raised her fin. “He’s gonna be a good Pant Devil for the time being. I’ll take full responsibility for his actions if he’s not.”

     The Faerie Queen eyed the Pant Devil suspiciously and continued speaking. “As Maraqua is several hundred square meters, I will be dividing the area up between all of you. You will be split into pairs of one water Neopet and one land Neopet.” For the first time, Blizzy noticed that there was the same amount of water dwellers as there were land dwellers. Fyora continued, “My assistants are handing out your assignments as I speak.” Some Chias were walking around handing out pieces of paper to each Neopet.

     “Whoever finds the book is to radio back to me immediately. No one is to touch it. Understand? NO ONE.” She stared at everyone of the pets sitting at the table. They nodded.


Down Near Maraqua, all the pets were getting ready to split up.

     “Okay Miff, here’s how it’s gonna go down. You’re going to stand right here and I’m gonna dive down. You’ll hold on to this end of the rope and the other end attached to me. I’ll pull on it if I’ve found the book. When I pull on it, that’s your cue to radio Fyora that we’ve found it.”

     Miff shivered. “But what if you don’t come back up? What if you get too close to the book or touch it? What if the radio runs out of batteries? What if—”

     The Pant Devil rolled his eyes. “Is she always like this?” he asked.

     “Only when she’s breathing,” Blizzy laughed.


Blizzy dived in. The water was a bit murky at the top, but after she got about 5 feet down, Blizzy could see almost perfectly. It was wonderful down here. She’d forgotten how much she loved the ocean. She did a couple of twirls is the clear, cool water. The she remembered that she had a mission. She could just barely see the bottom of the water. The Flotsam flapped her fins wildly trying to glide to the bottom.

     As she got closer and closer to the bottom, she could see the ruins of Maraqua. The view became clearer and clearer the closer she got. After what seemed an eternity she hit the bottom. Some little fish were swimming around what looked like the ruins of an old building. Blizzy began searching for the book. She shifted the old ruins around.

     Around an hour and a half later, Blizzy sat down. “It’s not here,” she said to a small black and blue spotted fish swimming by. The fish seemed to frown at her.

     “Hmm… what’s that?” Blizzy saw an eerie green glow coming from a tall patch of seaweed. She swam over to it to see what was there. Moving away the seaweed she noticed a stone figure. It was a statue, but it wasn’t glowing. So where was the glow coming from? Blizzy walked around the base of the statue, which was enormous in size. The glow got stronger.

     Squinting her eyes tightly, Blizzy neared the light cautiously. She swam closer to the statue, near enough for it to be in her reach. The statue was of a Faerie, an infuriated stone, just glaring at her.

     The Flotsam retreated back, before she noticed a red amulet floating in front of the statue.

     Touch it, touch it. Hold it, hold it. Take it, take it, a voice hissed at her. Blizzy shook her head wildly. A shiver ran down her spine, as she sensed something creeping behind her. She whirled around quickly, only the find the Chiazilla standing in front of her.

     “Roar!” it raged, stomping on the sea floor.

     Blizzy squeaked and swan swiftly toward shore. She arrived, panting heavily, trying to explain what had just happened between her gasps of air. “Chi – a – zill – a,” she stammered. “In – the – water.”

     “Oh no! I should have guessed as much!” fretted Miff fearfully. “What if he comes up and eats us? Worse, what if he rips up The Book so that the magic bind is broken and the evil creatures can rampage around Neopia and—”

     The Pant Devil glanced at Miff. “That’s supposed to be a good thing for me,” he stated. She gave him a pleading look, then he sighed. “Alright, alright! I’ll get him!”

     A piercing sound of a whistle escaped the Pant Devil’s mouth, and from the sea the Chiazilla emerged. He roared angrily and swapped at the air in front of him. The air punches missed the trio by a long shot, and so, none of them but Miff was worried.

     “I’ll distract him,” said the Pant Devil as bravely as he could, although his voice shook as he said it. “You guys just go down there and get the book.”


“Pantyyy!” cried the fearful Miff, as Blizzy dragged her in the water. “Blizzy! Blizzy!” she said, trying to swim. “I can’t swim! And the Pant Devil was hit! He was hit! What if Chiazilla goes after us and hits us too—”

     “Oh borovan! That’s right, you can’t swim!” Blizzy cursed. She pulled Miff back to land. “Good thing I brought this along.” The Flotsam pulled a scuba suit out of her bag.

     “It looks a little small…” Miff griped. She put it on anyway. “It’s squishing my taaaail!” she moaned.

     “Come on!” Blizzy said, jumping in and pulling her underwater.

     The two swam around, as Blizzy searched for the statue again. Miff held her hand; afraid she might drown. Blizzy definitely heard a voice… but perhaps her mind was just playing with her. She decided not to mention any of this to Miff, just in case she brainstormed some possible causes for it.

     The sea was a deep aqua blue, the seaweed rushing back and forth, flowing in the water. Coral filled much of the ground, as underwater Petpets swam through the deep blue sea.

     Miff pointed suddenly, for in front of them was the statue. By her feet was what they were searching for.

     “Arg! We can’t touch it, remember?” Blizzy said. “Oh piffle, as Al the Chia would say. So what now?”

     The two pets thought for a few minutes. “Can you stay here for about five minutes?” Blizzy said. Miff nodded unsure. Blizzy swam to the surface.

     At the top of the water the battle was still raging. Blizzy crawled along the land back to their bag. She pulled the radio out and hit that ‘Talk’ button. “Attention! Attention! I’ve found the book! I repeat, I’ve found the book! Send reinforcements, because we’ve got a problem! Chiazilla!”


Back in Faerieland, Fyora was getting the troops ready. “Okay, the book has been located. We’re going in! You all are going to get rid of Chiazilla, while I retrieve the book.” She led her army of faeries to Maraqua while she spoke. “You will have to use your powers to stun him or something,” Fyora sounded unsure of herself for once.

     Fyora and the rest of the faeries got to Maraqua and found Blizzy. “Where is it?” Fyora asked, referring to the book.

     “Down near a statue which is stuck in some seaweed. I’ve had Miff guarding it.”

     “Watch out,” Fyora warned and she waved her arm. In a whirl of her arm a fog filled the air and she glowed with a purple tint. A bubble seemed to envelop her and she descended to the bottom of the sea. Blizzy jumped in after her.

     The bubble kept Fyora dry and allowed her to speak to Blizzy without drowning. They found Miff, who was all curled up next to the statue looking very nervous.

     “Are you oka--” began Blizzy, when Fyora motioned for them to be quiet. She raised her arm and bubbled the book. She started to float toward the surface and motioned for the two pets to follow her.

     The two followed her, reaching the surface. Fyora used her magic, and a sweet-smelling powder came from her hands, as Blizzy and Miff fell into a deep sleep. The last thing they saw was the Pant Devil hovering proudly above them.

Several Months Later…

     “Pant Devil!” shouted Blizzy, summoning him. “Here are the new Battledome items I promised you.” She handed him a set of weapons, and he grinned mischievously before leaving their backyard.

     Blizzy went back inside her NeoHome, sighing. Miff was propped at the dining table, deeply interested in a book.

     “Can you believe it?” Blizzy began slowly, sitting herself on a chair of the table. Miff looked up from her book. “Just a few months ago, we were living outside, afraid of everything.”

     Miff nodded in response. There was a soft rap at the door and unfamiliar whispers. Miff fell off her chair. Blizzy smiled. “I wonder who that could be...”

The End

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