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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 97 > Articles > Pound Top 10

Pound Top 10

by chocoboasylum

NEOPIAN POUND - Even though I already have the maximum allowed number of pets, I do like to spend time at the pound, visiting the poor Neopets whom reside there.
While randomly looking about myself, I kept noticing that a lot of pets at the pound were of certain breeds. This caused for me to make a little mental top 10 of the breeds most often found at the adoption center.

In an attempt to get more people to come and visit (and adopt!) these lovely pets, I decided to write down this top 10, giving people an overview of each pet's good and bad sides. But before I do that, I'd like to list an amount of excuses I've come across in my attempts of getting people to adopt abandoned pets:

"Their names are stupid"
Even though this is often true, you can't hold the pets responsible for this. As long as it is not possible for the people to change the names of their pets, their names will always be stupid, but the ones whom are really to blame will stay anonymous. I think a name's very important, and I really dislike names with "neo" or numbers in it or strange names, but it has never stopped me from adopting a pet before.

"I don't like their colors"
Unlike their names, you can easily change your pet's color by using a paintbrush. I know, most good paintbrushes are always priced 100K and over, but the basic ones are a lot cheaper! My Inuyasha used to be a blue Lupe. I had two blue Lupe's, one green Lupe and a red one. So I went and bought a yellow paint brush (still affordable!) and painted him yellow! True, yellow's nothing compared to fire, cloud, rainbow, etc. But believe me: You can't create pets that have special colors, and whenever a pet with a special color hits the pound, you can almost bet on it that someone else will get it before you do. So having a pet with a normal color is nothing to be ashamed of.

"Adopting costs NP"
Yes, it does. The ones with the higher levels or the special paint jobs cost a lot of NP, as a matter of fact. But like I stated earlier, those are also the pets whom are usually adopted by other people so the chances of you having to pay for one of those are slim as it is. Most regular pets cost somewhere between the 70 to 100 Neopoints to adopt. Play any game reasonably well, send the score and you'll have enough NP to adopt at least one pet.

"I don't want more pets"
A pity, that. Pets are such fun to have. But of course, it's completely up to you how many pets you want. Don't worry, the pets starving for food and attention will understand perfectly that you don't want them.

"They're weak"
Ah yes. Some people create pets, throw them in to the Battledome, watch them lose, and then abandon them. Well, if you really want to train a winner, perhaps you should give them equipment. Even the best trained pet will lose if he doesn't have any items. But there's one more thing I'd like to add here; pets can be created with bad statistics, but they can also be trained by going to Coltzan's shrine, releasing faeries, completing quests or going to schools. Sure you have to invest a little money and time in them, but like I said, the ones whom were already trained will disappear from the pound faster than you could adopt them -- so you might as well start with a basic pet.

Alright then. Now on to the top 10! I'll start at 10, and work my way up to the top of the list!

10. The Gelert
Yes, it is odd. Gelerts are such loyal and lovable Neopets. It's very strange to see so many of them in the pound. They are often described as loyal and courageous and who wouldn't want a loyal and courageous pet? The only explanation I can find is that maybe the previous owners of these pets were/are loyal and courageous as well, and they had to abandon Neopia in order to bravely fight some common foe in some far away place where their Gelerts could not go. Let's hope they're winning!

9. The Meerca
Mischievous, round and bouncy. Besides fitting my uncle Harry perfectly, this description also perfectly describes the Meerca. These little rodents are funny little critters. I'm not sure why they get abandoned so quickly. Perhaps some of their previous owners saw Chuffer Bob and their image of the Meerca was forever soiled. Or maybe the fact that these creatures hardly ever use their feet, but keep bouncing around on those huge tails. Some of them might even have traumas by now! Poor, poor people...

8. The Korbat
Bats. Not many people like bats, especially those with small eyes and pointy teeth. And what did Neopia's Nature give the Korbat? You guessed it. Alright they look friendly and they can fly with their colored wings, but I think their unpopularity lies in their looks and the image most breeds of bats have in the eyes of humans. Perhaps they should redraw these poor, misunderstood Neopets, although I must say it didn't do the Grundo much good...

7. The Buzz
Yes, they’re insects. Yes, they have bug eyes, and yes they do look alien. But, just look at the huge smile on their, um, exoskeletons! And aren’t their wings nice and, err, transparent? They’re not cute and cuddly, I’m afraid. In fact, this seems to be the case with many of the Pound Top 10 occupants. They need love, too. And they can fly!

6. The Grundo
These happy looking aliens have two types, it seems: The old-look Grundos and the new-look Grundos. Still, it seems that makes little difference to the human population of Neopia. Grundos old and new alike appear very frequently at Dr_Death’s counter. Perhaps it’s the fact that many remember Dr Sloth and his army of evil Grundo’s, or maybe people just don’t like Grundos. I think they’d look cute enough the way they’ve been redrawn, but I guess people don’t want pets with antennae.

5. The JubJub
What’s not to like about big balls of fluff with huge eyes and feet? They have a few practical problems: The biggest being that they have no hands, but I’m pretty sure they’d make excellent soccer players! Maybe people aren’t so fond of JubJubs because all they can see of their JubJubs are the soles of their huge feet. Or maybe their previous owners discovered something horrible hidden beneath the JubJub’s fur, which scared them so that they had to put them up for adoption. Nasty...
Alright, let’s just move on now.

4. The Grarrl
The giant lizards with the big maws, the big teeth, and the big appetites, as well. They say that badly trained Grarrls eat inventory items. Well, I used to have a Grarrl that was well trained, but ate inventory items all the same. Even though Grarrls are very primitive creatures, they can still be loyal pets, and they’re certainly strong fighters. Certainly imposing to say the very least. Though I think their item-eating habits have earned them the dubious honor of being number 4 in my little Pound Top 10...

3. The Skeith
Like the Grarrl, they tend to eat things they shouldn’t, even petpets! Still, there must be a better reason why they are so frequently found at the pound. Let’s see, they’re neither cute nor cuddly. They look extremely lazy and they’re overweight. They’re probably strong, but they could certainly do with a makeover. You see, all the popular pets have something about them that make people want them. Most of the popular pets are either cute or fluffy, but the Skeith has only his brute strength and rough exterior to work with. Some people like that, and, well, a lot of people apparently don’t... poor Skeith.

2. The Nimmo
Frogs. There’s an incredible amount of Nimmos in the po(u)nd. Perhaps even more than Skeith! Nimmos are thought to be good at meditating, and perhaps at martial arts (although the master at the school on Mystery Island is a Techo. Go figure). They have an incredibly long tongue, a very wide but flat head, and very long legs and arms. They look very friendly, so I wonder why people don’t want them? Is it the age old “frogs are yucky” that are driving people into abandoning their Nimmo buddies? They don’t eat things you don’t feed them. They’re probably wise because they meditate often, and they can survive in the water as well as on dry land. So why NOT have a Nimmo? Oh well...

1. The Kiko
The number one of the Pound Top 10 is the Kiko. Let’s look at the Kiko for a moment, shall we? Basically it’s a ball with two arms, a set of large eyes, a mouth and a bandage. First of all, why the bandage? Why not a hat? Or hair? I think they should work on a Maraquan Kiko with fins and scales. That would make them look better. Though, remember how I said that painted pets were usually in and out of the pound within a matter of seconds? Well, I once saw a mutant Kiko in the pound, and it stayed there longer than some regular pets did. But then again, it sure did look ugly. I’m afraid a lot of people find Kikos a bit too plain looking. Like a few other pets, it would probably do better with a new look.

I mean, the new look sure did wonders for the Uni, for example. Personally, I found that it used to look, awkward, to say the least. But now it looks revived!

But, in closing, while the previous owners of the Gelerts are fighting hordes of evil JubJubs, many pets reside in the pound awaiting a good home with perhaps some nice siblings to keep them company. So if you DO have a spot available, please visit the Neopian Pound today!

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