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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hiding, Yr 20
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Articles > Get Those Evil Fuzzles!

Get Those Evil Fuzzles!

by yuki_mikara

GAMES ROOM - Yeah, I know. Evil fuzzle toys are really cute and I know at least one Neopian who collects them. Sure, but what about those reeeeally evil ones in the game "Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars"?

Now, those are the irritating ones because you find it so hard to get a high score on them and you've just about given up! Well, I just want to say don't give up yet!

After playing the game for several months, I have developed a playing strategy, which got me a score high enough to net me a gold trophy! So, if you're hankering for either a trophy or at least a high enough score to get you 1,000 NP per game, read on!

(Note: This guide assumes you already know the basics of playing the game. Also, while these steps work for me, I cannot guarantee that they'll work for everyone!)

Buying Stuff

1. Upgrade your megagun at every stage until the gun is at Level 4, then stop.

(That's because even if you get the best gun, you'll still need two clicks to kill the Fuzzles in the later stages, so that's a waste of credits. The Level 4 gun is just enough to ensure that you never have to click three times to kill any fuzzle.)

2. Buy the side radar right after you complete the second stage.

(Stage 3 will have Fuzzles coming at you from extreme sides, and you'll need the radar to tell you where, so you can go left or right by pressing "B" and "N" to get them as fast as you can.)

3. Buy 5 shields right after Stage 4. That's the last stage in which the shields cost only 10 credits each. The prices will double every 4 stages until it reaches 80 credits.

(More advanced players will also want to stock up on bombs at this point. I usually buy 5 shields, 5 stun bombs and 5 smart bombs at this point because it only costs 150 credits total. But I don't need to use them until sometime after Stage 20, by which time the cost would have gone up to 1,200 credits.)

4. Try to buy at least one repair droid at each stage, but if you do not have enough credits, priority should be given to guns and the radar. But in time, you MUST get the maximum repair droid installed because this is like free auto-heals.

5. Don't bother with hull repairs unless you're absolutely desperate and have credits to spare. These are just too expensive, and you should hold out during the game while letting your repair droids do the work.

Killing Fuzzles

1. Try to kill 10 Fuzzles before you hit the bonus button to get the x3 bonus --anything below that, you only get x2. And always remember to collect the bonus about 3 seconds after it says "Approaching Station".

2. If your radar shows that a fuzzle is approaching from the right, and you press the "N" button till you can't go right anymore, but you still can't see the fuzzle, click outside the screen on the box that says "Droid Repair". That will nail the bugger. If it's coming from the left and you can't see it, click on the grey border of the screen.

3. Fuzzles usually come 2 at a time, sometimes together with a mine. Get into a rhythm of shooting. Bang - bang - rest for a second or shoot a mine. And then again, Bang - bang - rest for a second or shoot a mine. Don't panic when you see 3 things coming at you at once. Relax; shoot a fuzzle at a time, and then a mine.

4. Only mines coming directly at you around the middle will hit you, so only shoot those. Ignore those going off to the sides unless you're a 100% sharpshooter and you have the time. I usually don't because I'd rather use the time to kill Fuzzles fast, because Fuzzles give more points.

5. There's a fixed amount of time per stage, so try to kill as many Fuzzles as fast as possible to get the maximum points. The faster you kill a fuzzle, the faster a new one will appear to replace it. If you take your time about it, you will have killed fewer Fuzzles in total, thus you get fewer points.

Defensive Strategies

1. Shields protect you from Fuzzles but not from mines. On the other hand, Fuzzles hitting you will ruin your bonus, while mines hitting you do not. Make use of this knowledge to plan your strategy.

2. For example, if your hull integrity is 100, you can let the occasional mine hit you. The trick is to not let the mines needlessly distract you so that you either miss or let a fuzzle hit you and ruin your bonus. Of course, if you're in danger of a hull breach, you'd better get those mines and forget about the bonus until your repair droids repair your ship well.

3. Activate a shield only when your hull integrity is about 60 (or 80 for novice players). That's because if the occasional fuzzle hits you, your repair droids will repair the damage in a jiffy, anyway. So don't waste those shields until you actually have a need for them.

4. Say your hull integrity is low and you're trying to maintain your bonus, but this happens: One fuzzle is on your extreme right, one on your extreme left, and you have a mine coming at you in the middle, and you just know you'll never be able to get everything on time.

That's when you hit your spacebar to activate the smart bomb. It will kill the immediate Fuzzles so you have time to nail the mine. Another two will take their place almost immediately but, by then, you should have more time to react.

5. Use stun bombs when you can't take anymore damage and want your repair droids to do their work in peace, but you're not too sure you can cope. Stun bombs will slow down Fuzzles so you can shoot them at an easier pace while your hull is being repaired. But stun bombs have a very short timer, so get ready for the Fuzzles to get un-stunned again.

Going for Gold

Normally, people quit the game after they get 1,000 points because that's enough to earn them the maximum 1,000 NP. The above tips should be enough to get you there. If you want a gold trophy, however, here are a few more tips:

1. I like to play on fullscreen and low quality. I choose fullscreen because bigger Fuzzles are easier to hit accurately, and low quality because the Fuzzles come faster, plus the mouse movement is quicker. This means I can kill more Fuzzles in each stage, earning me more points.

The trade-off is that you need to be a quick shooter! I don't know if this will work for you, but I found that after I played in those settings, I started getting really high scores. You need to experiment yourself which setting you play best in.

2. Getting a high score in Evil Fuzzles is a looooooooong process so be patient and take a break when you can! Between each stage when you're at the store, rest as long as you need. Flex your fingers, rest your eyes, and calm your beating heart.

3. Play the game on the first of the month! That's when Neopets resets the high score tables. They do that roughly between 12.30 am and 1 am NST on the first of each month, so that's the best time to get you in the top three ranks! You'll need to get a high enough score so you can be sure it'll stay there for at least 5 hours (this is a rough gauge), by which time the trophy should have arrived at your user lookup.

On an ending not, this guide does not guarantee that you will achieve results instantly! As always, the keys to playing any game well are experience and practice. Play it every day. Practice lots! Find your own style and develop your own strategy. If you love the game, you'll do well in it!

That's about all the knowledge I can impart. If anyone has better strategies or tips, do share them with me so I can improve my score, too! For the rest of you, go get those evil Fuzzles!

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