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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Short Stories > Fisherman’s Delight

Fisherman’s Delight

by apparent

It was a weekday, which meant loads of homework after a full day of Neoschool for Krawker_oth, as well as heading to bed early that night. However, the sun brilliantly shined overhead and there wasn't a cloud in sight, the atmosphere enjoyably warm and the feel of the spring air crisp was on the surface his skin. Due to these several factors, the Krawk was secretively on his way to the ocean near Mystery Isle to enjoy the thought of being alone for a while, which would allow him to enjoy his favorite thing of all: swimming!

     Traveling to his destination was quite easy since the weather outside made time seem as if it would never end. With his claws patting in a rhythmic beat on the surface of the cemented pathway below, Krawker exclaimed, "A day at the beach is going to be great! I'll be able to clear my mind of some things and get some exercise.."

     The Neopet exaggerated a little, as usual, thinking that the small amount of work he had to do in a day was life threatening, however Krawker became relaxed all the same. Since he was born, Krawker_oth loved swimming, he was able to explore a side of him that he loved to feel -- a sensation that he received from only being submerged in the water was quite relaxing to him and he often liked to experience this due to the joy it brought forth.

     At last! After a few minutes of excited travel on claw, Krawker found himself at the shore of his favorite body of water that gracefully lapped upon the edges of the rather large island. He moved forwards, allowing the cool components to relieve the lower portion of his stubby limbs.

     There wasn't much need for words at this point. Blissfully the Krawk removed the cap from his head, and splashed right into the water. He felt a sudden surge of energy, as he often did while swimming, and began to flop around crazily on his back, and continued to dive under the surface. After a few seconds, Krawker would tiredly resurface, only to charge himself back up again, similar to a battery, and then continue his routine over and over again. For this young Neopet - it was quite fun! However, for the average Neopian, the process could easily become boring, not to mention tiring.

     Fortunately, something happened to make this ordinary visit to the beach quite interesting.

     As Krawker swam beneath the water, he closed his eyes while envisioning himself as a super Krawk, flying in the sky while wearing a pair of black spandex that were quite charming, in his view. For the second time within the month, a strange sort of hallucination overcame Krawker. Except this time, he was present within ocean water. He felt lightheaded while lying underneath the water, and constantly drifted in and out of consciousness every few moments. As before, Krawker felt as if what was happening in his dream was a reality, or would become one, soon..

     Krawker found himself in a small, rugged sailboat -- most likely made from some sort of metal, tinted a white color, although now it was graced with a coat of disgusting rust here and there. The wind carried the boat in the direction of the setting sun - out farther and farther from the shore of the sea, out to face whatever treacherous obstacles ahead.

     Krawker, of course, found himself rather frightened by the whole thing and began to squawk surprisingly at his sudden change of occupation, and scenery as well. He didn't expect to be hauled along the ocean by some unknown force at full speed, when all he wanted to do was get a swim at Mystery Isle. However, the Krawk found that he had had an experience similar to this before, and hoped that the "dream" would be over soon enough.

     "This is just ridiculous," Krawker_oth proclaimed with an exasperated hint within his youthful voice, while peering around at where he was. The sky was eerily painted with a lime green color, storm clouds gathering overhead. The palm trees that could still be seen behind the moving boat swayed angrily, sending bits of leaves sending in every which way.

     The ride was soon over. The boat suddenly halted in its sailing tracks. Krawker released a gasp of relief as he clung to the side of the boat, looking at the surface of the water below. "Now, maybe I can find a way outta here. I just can't seem to figure out why I keep having these terrible dreams."

     He'd apparently spoken too soon for another eccentric event began to take place. The sailboat's rusty bottom began to slowly drop into the water, as if sinking, except no evidence of this happening was visible. The mechanical device continued to sink almost blissfully, with the screaming Krawker clinging to its side, until it was completely submerged.

     Krawker found that he could breathe while underwater again, in this same vulnerable as he was in before. His black eyes widened to their fullest positioning as he peered around. Nothing was to be seen. A few strands of seaweed randomly drifted here and there, other then that, not much was visible.

     Now, how am I supposed to get back onto the shore? Krawker wondered while squinting his eyes as the salty water helped itself into his gaze. While thinking to himself, the sailboat began to dive further downward, as it had did in his past dream, but this time with extreme force and a track that went directly towards the bottom of the ocean with a vicious speed.

     Unable to find the strength to speak, Krawker simply held onto the side of the boat. After a five-minute drive, the boat stopped, and floated aimlessly around a large hole in the water. Krawker gasped, and peered with interest towards what seemed to be a pit, thousands upon thousands of perfectly rounded bubbles drifting upwards from below.

     "Wha--?" he inquired while observing the scenery around him. Where in Neopia would a bubbling pit be located? All of the strings of bubbles blissfully followed the same pattern, rising into the air and then popping, to be followed by a dozen more. When everything seemed perfectly normal, the fishing boat steered itself towards the edge of the pit. There, in the dense layer of seaweed, lied the most unfamiliar creature Krawker had ever seen in his whole entire life. A green, slimy creature floated upwards among the bubbling mass of water, with glowing yellow eyes and Cobrall-like tentacles. It grinned, the thick hair-like structures atop its green head covering most of its face.

     "Wait a minute! What exactly are you?" Krawker asked, trying to reach out for the slimy creature. In return, the green being simply smiled and dived back into the bubbling pit. The Krawk wined as a large surge of curiosity prodded at his swirling stomach.

     As if on queue, the boat steered itself away from the pit, and began to ascend towards the surface of the water.

     When Krawker reached the surface, or rather awoke from his consciousness, he was embedded under a thin layer of sand.

     A dream? Again?

The End?

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