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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 96 > Short Stories > Midnight in Jelly World

Midnight in Jelly World

by smudgeoffudge

"Oh, I'm a blue Krawk, and I have the blues. Oh, I'm a blue Krawk, and I have the blues. I don't have a harmonica, so I play the kazoo!" sang Mrkrawk, and he gave a toot on his fire kazoo.

     "Yeah yeah," squealed BabySmacks the Tonu. "Sing again!"

     "Aren't you sleepy yet?" said Mrkrawk.

     "No. I wanna play some more!"

     Mrkrawk often had to entertain his little sister when their owner was away. BabySmacks was a baby Tonu. She would get into trouble if she wasn't watched carefully. It was better to try to amuse her than to let her seek out her own fun. Her idea of fun always ended in a big mess, like mud pies, drawing on the walls or eating everything in the fridge. Something would almost always get broken as well. She often got the midnight crazies. If a pet doesn't get enough exercise during the day, their energy level peaks at midnight and then they have to do something.

     Mrkrawk looked around desperately for something to entertain his sister. He spotted a Cybunny plushie that they hadn't played with yet.

     "Look here, it's a cute little Cybunny plushie. Won't you give it a hug?"

     "Those are sooo BORING!" said BabySmacks.

     "You are cute when you are angry," said Mrkrawk.

     "Spppttt!" said BabySmacks, sticking out her tongue.

     "Oh yeah, I forgot you don't like those. Well, what do you want to do now, we already played with everything?"

     "Let's have a midnight snack," suggested BabySmacks.

     "Okay, how about some jelly. I think we have a glowing one."

     "Glowing Jelly? I don't think we should eat it. It is glowing. That is just not right. Something weird will happen if you eat it. I'll have another flavor."

     "Oh well, it never made me sick. Sure it glows, but that is what makes it fun." So Mrkrawk ate some glowing jelly, but BabySmacks had strawberry.

     "Sing another song!" demanded BabySmacks.

     Mrkrawk scanned the room for anything that might offer a bit of inspiration. He spotted a jelly stamp. On the stamp's description it said, It's midnight in Jelly World and not a soul is around.

     "Oh, it's midnight in Jelly World and not a soul is around. Yeah, it's midnight in Jelly World, you know, not a soul is around. When the lights go down, we've got to get out of town!" sang Mrkrawk.

     "Yeah! I like that!" said BabySmacks and she began to laugh. Suddenly, she looked confused.

     "Uh oh," said Mrkrawk. He knew what was coming next and there was no way to avoid it.

     "WHY? Why does no one go to Jelly World at night?" "Um... because... it is dangerous!" sputtered Mrkrawk.

     "But why?"

     Mrkrawk knew he'd better just make something up or this could last all night.

     "Um, because there is a monster!"

     "Ooh! What kind of a monster?" asked BabySmacks.

     "A um... gelatin... a gelatin skeleton!"

     "Haha! I'm not afraid of a skeleton. Let's go."

     "But it's the middle of the night!" said Mrkrawk.

     "Well duh, that is when the Gelatin Skeleton comes out. I want to see it!"

     "But I just made that up!" said Mrkrawk.

     "Let's go anyway. You never let me go on adventures with you."

* * *

So Mrkrawk and BabySmacks left for Jelly World, but it was kind of tricky to get there. That is why not many pets went. Some pets refused to believe it even existed. BabySmacks sang as they bounced down the road. Arriving at Jelly World at night, they noticed that everything looked purple, just like on the Midnight Jelly World Stamp.

     "I wonder if everything tastes differently at night?" asked BabySmacks and she took a bite of the jelly. "Mmm... grape! Jelly World turns into grape at night!"

     "Are you sure that it isn't still orange jelly, but just looks purple at night?" said Mrkrawk.

     "It really is grape," said BabySmacks.

     Suddenly, everything began to shake... or at least wobble. And something big was moving around in Jelly World.

     Then they saw a sign appear in the air that said "Something has happened!!! The Giant Jelly Monster is Coming!!!" "Hide," whispered Mrkrawk, but there really is nowhere to hide in Jelly World, because everything is transparent.

     "Fe Fi Fo Felly! I smell something, but it's not jelly!" And a giant blob of jelly came blubbering towards them. It formed two legs and two arms and swelled up enormously.

     "I thought you said a Gelatin Skeleton came out at night," said BabySmacks.

     "Gelatin Skeleton? I can be that. I can be anything, I am made of jelly!" said the monster, and with a slurping sucking sound, it reformed itself into a skeleton shape.

     "Eeek!" they screamed.

     "And now I am going to teach you freeloaders not to eat my jelly!" it blubbered.

     "The jelly isn't yours! The Jelly Wocky said we could take one a day," said Mrkrawk.

     "Jelly Wocky? I've never heard of him! The sign says 'Giant Jelly.' I am the Giant and that is MY jelly! I'll get you for this!"

     "Run away!" squealed BabySmacks and they ran from the Giant Jelly Monster who now looked like a Skeleton.

     As they ran, everything wobbled around them, making it hard to walk. As they ran, the monster began to throw pieces of himself at them. He also pulled chunks off of the buildings to throw at them. Splat Splat! They were covered with jelly, but it didn't hurt.

     "This is fun!" said BabySmacks. She liked getting messy.

     "Thank goodness this is Jelly World and not Stone World!" said Mrkrawk

     "Dodge around!" said BabySmacks and they zigzagged. The monster kept throwing chunks of itself at them.

     "I think it is getting a little smaller each time!" said Mrkrawk.

     "Wait a minute, what flavor jelly is it?" asked BabySmacks.

     "Well, it's not glowing..."

     "That works for me!" said BabySmacks and she turned towards the monster. By now it wasn't much bigger than her. She gave out a squeal and charged forward.

     "Rrrraaar! I wanted a midnight snack, and now I will have one!" Glomp, Gulp! And with that, the monster was gone.

     "Mmm... coconut! Now I am so bloated!" she said.

     "Well, you've seen the skeleton and now you've eaten him. Aren't you sleepy yet?"

     "No," said BabySmacks, "but let's go home anyway. I'm getting bored."

     "Arrrgh!" roared Mrkrawk.

     They began to squish their way home, passing some of the destroyed buildings that the monster had pulled chunks off of. Suddenly one of the buildings started to collapse. Mrkrawk felt as if he was being buried in jelly and cried out.

     Then he awoke and he was on the couch, the covers and cushions piled on top of him. It took a minute just to dig out.

     "Wake up," squeaked BabySmacks, tossing another cushion at him. "You fell asleep right in the middle of the story! You didn't tell me what happens when it is midnight in Jelly World."

     "Ugh, I don't want to know. I dreamed it... I think.... are you sure it was a dream?" he groaned.

     "You were having a nightmare. That's why you shouldn't eat glowing jelly! I told you something weird would happen. You should stick to eating strawberry jelly, like me."

     "Ugh... whatever you do, don't say jelly!" said Mrkrawk.

     "Jelly... jelly... jelly!" said BabySmacks.

The End

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